Early Halloween at Chris’


Aaaaaah! Let the Halloween festivities begin!2After work, I rushed home to “supposedly” get dressed. And after thinking sooo hard of what I could possible dress up as, (and I had some pretty cool ideas at that) I ended up playing it safe, for some strange stupid reason and did my makeup as a sugar skull and called it a day.  3Hey, at least I was comfortable the whole night. I can’t say the same thing for the train ride over there, I had everyone staring at me!

Pssssh, like they’ve never seen a real skeleton before, the nerve!

4I met up with Misha, after skipping my stop (fell asleep) and we decided to meet in front of Chris’s House instead.

I haven’t seen him in almost forever and I missed him. His family is amazing, and since I known them for about 13 years or so, I was so happy to see them!5One of the newest attachments to Chris’s living room is the bar that was installed about a year ago, and it has definitely gone to good use.

They named it “MCM’s Home Bar” which is short for Matt, Chris and Marc, all three brothers.

6I also go to catch up with familiar friendly faces from my Art & Design High School days, like Nikki, JB and others.

Ramon doesn’t count, I see him all the time!

🙂7I got some great videos from this night, but that will come in due time.

Especially since there was some karaoke involved and Ramon is the star of the show.8Chris was, like always, a great host to his house parties and always made sure everyone’s drink was filled to the very top!9Misha caught this awesome pic of him with the balloon!10Misha also decided to play bartender and ended up spilling liquor all over the place!
Bad Mish! 11 It’s been a while, but gnome is traditional to get some loving whenever visiting Chris. He’s just so cute, and neon green..my favorite!121314It was a great night, with really fun people, so I have no complaints.

After all the craziness, Ramon’s dancing, the drinks the laughs, we made it into a sleepover and some of us ended up staying the night. Which is never really first whenever I end up over there.15Look how cute Matt looks!16I drew a butterfly on Nikki’s face ♥17I hope you guys enjoy the pics and stay posted for another Halloween adventure.

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Red Bull Curates: Canvas Cooler NYC Art Competition

38890cadce36221a2a180969fabc703a7fcf8111f74f364b027cf7916d6d97698b0998057f98edcff27085bc136b751dDSC05339 I met up with Q to start off a good night. Red bull was curating a competition where artists participatee in by painting a cooler shaped as a cube. At the end of the night, a winner and two runner ups were chosen. The loft was super grungy yet pretty. Which I admired, I had so many ideas as of how to design it if I was ever to use that space for a wedding.
DSC05289 Hahaha… can you blame me, every since Q proposed ive kept my eyes opened for cute little ideas. Even though I want something tiny, he insists in having something a littke bigger. But lets not get off topic, back to the show. . . DSC05291 We bumped into Philartiste, my awesome, cool ass home skillet. We wandered around looking at all the cool coolers and had a good night. DSC05292 I’ll let you guys enjoy the pics, so you can see some good works from artist like MRS, Indie 184, Cope 2, Phetus, Sofia Maldonado, Ur New York, Jerkface, Zimad, Icy & Sot, David M. Cook, Toofly Nyc and many many more. DSC05293DSC05323DSC05297DSC05295DSC05355DSC05299 DSC05300DSC05328 DSC05301DSC05304 DSC05305 DSC05306DSC05352 DSC05307DSC05331 DSC05308 DSC05309 DSC05310DSC05359 DSC05311 DSC05312 DSC05314 DSC05315 DSC05348 DSC05316DSC05349 DSC05357While having a nice walk w Q, I couldn’t help but to fall in love with the moon. It was so bright and beautiful. My camera with its awesome zoom feauture let me take these two shots. AH, I love it! DSC05367 DSC05369