1,000th Post! New Body Art: Horned Crys

Cheers! This is officially 2minxinx's 1,000th Blog Post!  I think that calls for a celebration (pours wine glass) Credits:    |  Photographer: David Zayas Jr.  |  Body Artist: 2Minxinx  |  Makeup Artist: Rachell Ventura  |  Model: Crystal  |  As you all know, I spend a  lot of my time painting hot women on hot women. What … Continue reading 1,000th Post! New Body Art: Horned Crys

New Body Art: Cyn City

You guys know exactly what I'm good for... and painting on boobs has always been one of my best qualities. ha! How many people can say that? I got to finally meet and add some pigment on the cutesy Cynthia, she started off a bit shy but was ready and willing for whatever. Just like … Continue reading New Body Art: Cyn City