Never Made Its: Video Edition

You Guys are aware of my random ” Never Made It’s ” post… Those pictures that just have never it into their post of their own.

For this “Never Made It’s” I decided to switch things up. Instead of posting pictures that have never made it to the site, I decided to do videos instead!

Now I know it seems liek a lot, but I promise you, none of them are more than a minute long..  so just sit back and enjoy!

And if you’re a friend of mine, see if you made the cut and are in any of these!

Qu’ality Progression

You guys Remember Quentin. One of my lovely friends from Art & Design. I recently went to one of his shows in Brooklyn. ( read that post here )
Well he’s back with another one!
“#PROGRESSION” New single from the project “GOLD” by QU’ality & Mikextra
“GOLD” dropping this April.