Holidays at Home


I’ve been busting my butt, making my tiny apartment cozy for the holidays. I’m such of fan of seeing holiday decorations, it just melts my heart. I’m not too crazy about red and green put together unless it’s done in a nice tasteful way. Over kill can be just as the name describes, death. I’ll stick to soft neutral metallics and whites. I think it’s soft, classic and just what I wanted. I add some mint green and my purple wall made my white tree simply stand out. I’m in love.2

I wrapped all (not shown above, because this pic was the early stages) the presents in either gold or silver wrapping paper, used dark purple ribbon or white ribbon with black polka dots. (I’m addicted to black and white prints)
3I also added picture frames of loved ones. That’s me and my sister Jula.

The best friend Misha and I below, as well as my Mr.Minx.

And of course no tree is complete without my Jasmine there. Doesn’t she look pretty?

What do your trees look like?

Ps.I hope all of your homes are filled with joy this season, I’ll speak to you guys soon.

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Anniversary at Spa Castle

21d8d63e1211015b47f41b0be5881f2c9 a42371716ac07d135f51fe45a0e0d51f c446ca4c635afd5a9b643cdd871fda96 3It seems way longer than it is, but when does it ever seem short?

Q, my very own Mr.Minx and I have officially celebrated our relationship’s first birthday.

Yes, yes, our anniversary! 4We really didn’t have specific plans, and since I have been complaining about back pains, and have never been to a spa.. Spa Castle it was.6

I was so excited, I kept jumping like a little kid.

As soon as you walk in they split you up into two. by gender so you can head into the locker rooms. They hand you uniforms , pink for the ladies and blue for the men. Pretty basic.

First off, it is an Asian-theme inspired spa. That means you have to be fully NAKED in a few parts of the castle which includes the locker room, So that being said, you must be comfortable in your own skin. Which you should because you see all shapes and sizes

(and I do mean ALL)

7I thought about going into the full nude hot tubs and sauna, but I don’t think I was ready for that type of commitment just yet. I still have some body issues I need to work through, and I know I shouldn’t be self conscious, but all in due time my friends.8

Overall the saunas, spa pools, waterfalls, jacuzzi,  were all great.

the Saunas were so pretty and each one had a different theme and purpose.

Q’s favorite was the only one that was cold, of course… he loves chilly weather.

It was like walking into a freezer on a hot summer day.

Just, aaaaah!

9I have a thing for amethyst, stones I think they are absolutely beautiful.

This spa definitely had a lot of them, and knowing me, I couldn’t stop touching them.
10Q and I really needed this getaway to rekindle our fire.

And it worked enormously.

We couldn’t get our hands off each other.

It was great to see him relaxed and enjoying himself. 11After the spa, we got some food and headed home.

Hmmm…. you already know what happened next.

Bom chicka wah wah!

12See you guys next time my lovies!

Hope you guys enjoyed the pics 🙂13


Happy anniversary my handsome hunk of a devil. I hope the future holds great times and memories for us. Stay your considerate and sexy self.

“Pow” that’s how I say I love you in punch.



Red Bull Curates: Canvas Cooler NYC Art Competition

38890cadce36221a2a180969fabc703a7fcf8111f74f364b027cf7916d6d97698b0998057f98edcff27085bc136b751dDSC05339 I met up with Q to start off a good night. Red bull was curating a competition where artists participatee in by painting a cooler shaped as a cube. At the end of the night, a winner and two runner ups were chosen. The loft was super grungy yet pretty. Which I admired, I had so many ideas as of how to design it if I was ever to use that space for a wedding.
DSC05289 Hahaha… can you blame me, every since Q proposed ive kept my eyes opened for cute little ideas. Even though I want something tiny, he insists in having something a littke bigger. But lets not get off topic, back to the show. . . DSC05291 We bumped into Philartiste, my awesome, cool ass home skillet. We wandered around looking at all the cool coolers and had a good night. DSC05292 I’ll let you guys enjoy the pics, so you can see some good works from artist like MRS, Indie 184, Cope 2, Phetus, Sofia Maldonado, Ur New York, Jerkface, Zimad, Icy & Sot, David M. Cook, Toofly Nyc and many many more. DSC05293DSC05323DSC05297DSC05295DSC05355DSC05299 DSC05300DSC05328 DSC05301DSC05304 DSC05305 DSC05306DSC05352 DSC05307DSC05331 DSC05308 DSC05309 DSC05310DSC05359 DSC05311 DSC05312 DSC05314 DSC05315 DSC05348 DSC05316DSC05349 DSC05357While having a nice walk w Q, I couldn’t help but to fall in love with the moon. It was so bright and beautiful. My camera with its awesome zoom feauture let me take these two shots. AH, I love it! DSC05367 DSC05369

Brownsville Anti-Violence Project

b91b695fd3e210ca365b366edea6591d6ba00b5e7b24e4d721f0beeac7e874b63773ce21c467db0612560b034c0b4abf1The Arts against Violence: Changing the Narrative of Brownsville community-wide project
 at the Van Dyke Community Center on Friday, August 30, 2013 at 8pm, the Brownsville Anti-Violence Project (BAVP) and its’ advisory boards have planned a grand summer finale.
Tatu from Xmental inc invited me to join in on the opportunity to help.
Many kids now a days, don’t have an outlet to escape from their harsh surroundings,
Art is one of the ways you can express yourself in a positive manner.


Xmental is a coalition of community organizers, artists, and teachers committed to mentoring and educating urban youth.

We are an organization devoted to creating a safe space for our youth to practice creative self-expression and develop positive mindsets, self confidence, and self awareness.

3I arrived with my photographer for the day, My Mr.Minx 🙂 and got to work right away.4I loved how all the staff and the kids of the community center were all representing wearing purple for anti violence.

It made me think of my cousin Jasmine, but for some reason, I smiled instead of getting all down on the dumps.

She would be proud of all the work that’s being into put into the awareness of anti-violence.

Anti-violence from not only a domestic standpoint, but from bullying, gang related incidents etc.5This was my colorful palette, I couldn’t resist taking the camera from Q and snapping a quick pic.6

There was speakers, raising awareness, poets, photographers. kids displaying work, dancers….

like these cute girls from a local church.

I loved how graceful they will spin, plus no vulgar dancing!!!

Just like girls their age should be dancing, no twerking please!


This pretty lady here is also a talented poet, and though I failed to get her name( booooo me),  I made sure I complimented her on her great hair.

I thought she was simply beautiful.


Patty Eljaiek ‘s canvas. She’s so talented. Her watercolors are on tissue, like bounty tissue paper! Who even thinks of that?

She also used picture clippings, markers and others…talk about mixed media.

Plus her faces turn out amazing!10

↑This baby right here will be made into a mural soon, I can’t wait to see the end result.11Now, this ↑ wall right here, what a story.

I had the pleasure of falling in awe with these works by an 8 year old talented little girl.

8 years old, can you imagine?

The use of space is on point, she covers everything, and has a great eye for color.

If her age isn’t enough for you, she is also diagnosed with autism.

I’ve never had the chance of meeting a future artist, let alone in her early years.

She seemed really shy, but I couldn’t help but give her compliments.

Her mother explained, they barely can afford art materials, but no worries because  Xmental inc. will make sure she has supplies to keep the art coming!


This gorgeous little beauty, and noooo I’m not talking about Q…haha ( you cute too boo) blew my mind away.

This 11 year old mc by the name of Tayahna is waaaaaaay too talented for her own good.

Not only did she have bars, writing her own songs, she captivated the audience like I never expected.

The crowd was clapping to her beat, singing along with her, and to top it all off, she burst into some killer dance moves and had everybody on their feet.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I see her on t.v. or hear her in the radio in years to come.

I was lucky to meet her and I wish her nothing but success in her future endeavors.

You can find her on Youtube here.15

↑ Photographs that were displayed.

↓These awesome fellas displayed their colorful work and were all smiles =]


It was a great event and I was so happy to be part of something good.

Not but not least, here is my canvas, which I had no idea on what I wanted to do, but then again, when is that new?



Dirty Laundry

Dirty Laundry 


Q and I went to do laundry, like we have gotten used to doing together. He pretty much helps me with mine, I have yet to help him with his.

Since I’m always busy at work, painting or have some gig of one thing or another, we tend to make our time together whenever we can, doing whatever it is we are doing.

This particular day was one to remember. He’s helping me fold my “delicates” and comes across a black lingerie skin tight top looking thing and his reaction, priceless.

He breaks his neck to the side, with an eyebrow arched, and blankly stares at me with that smirk of his

“What the hell is this?”

I look at him, with a hidden smile and say “noooothing” and go to grab it out of his hands.

He pulls back and says “No, I’m keeping it!” and puts it inside his shirt!

I’m cracking up telling him to give me back my underwear and when he wasn’t looking, I snatched it away from him!

He looks at me in shock and starts laughing.

“Yo, I don’t care what you say, I’m keeping this”

“No your’e not!”

and chases me around the laundromat.

I’m cracking up and after about 2 minutes, he snatches it out of my hands and puts it his pants.

At this point everyone is already staring at us, we were super hella loud!

DSC01541Our dryers have just finished and we go and grab the carts to unload all the clothes and we settled down at this point, when in comes in some chick wearing a fur vest, skin tight jeans and tall 6 inch heels with her boyfriend.

Where are you going homie? We’re in a laundromat in the hood.

Q and I just look at each other , same time and both gave each other a raise of an eyebrow and continued to fold our clothes. (yes, our clothes. Q has his own drawer in my apartment that seems to be over flowing)

We mind our own business, and continue to do what we came here to do until we notice the other couple  bickering back and forth.

All we hear is, “Well, do we need to separate the clothes? What about this, is this colored? Can we use this soap? I dont know, I’ve never done this before”

Q and I look at each other again and it’s like we shared one brain.

(Discovery Channel narrator voice) White rich kids who have been cut out from mommy and daddy’s trust fund go out into the wild for the first time. We watched as the pair looked around in confusion. How much soap would they use? Would they remove that red sock from their whites? We watched in amusement when they discovered where the quarters go, they asked us…

“Does the change dispenser take credit card?”

lol!  Let me stop being mean… we ended up giving them some laundry advice, Q looks at me and tells  me he loves us.

I love us too Q.