Captured by Belle: Tristan at 3 Months

IMG_4274.w IMG_4290.wLook how handsome my nephew Tristan is looking these days!

He’s such a little character at 3 months, and that flirty smile that he does, ugh.. I’m in love!


Never Made Its

Here’s another “Never Made Its” for you guys, those random pictures that just simply haven’t made the cut for their own post. These random pics that can usually be found on my instagram, so please don’t be shy and follow me —> @2minxinx  !

My messy set up while I get ready for more painting, another sleepless night.

Rainy days in the city during my lunch break, yes, I got a new job, which explains my lack of new posts lately..sorry guys, don’t think I have forgotten about you, because I haven’t. But I know I’m so eager for this opportunity to work out. I’ve been working my ass off, coming home with back pains and limping hahaha… I think I’m starting to get used to it though =]

While, on yet, another lunchbreak I bumped into this beautiful old vintage cash register in a window…. Omg, my heart skipped with joy!

I swear, rainy days have been here to stay, headed to the art shop with the bestfriend for more supplies.

Munchkin giving  me those puppy dog eyes because he wants some of my oreos. No Munch, no.

Headed to the Bronx for a few and from the train I saw me, I can’t believe this was the first time I ever climbed on to a roof to do graffiti. Five years ago and it’s still rocking!

Digital sketching on a night in. Stay posted for this one, she’s already done!

The bestfriend spoils me with beer and sandwiches and expects me not to be happy =]

Testing markers while hitting Nover’s canvas.

What I’m currently reading, the infamous graffiti artist Dondi White and many classic pinups.

The beautiful vision of The Silver Surfer in Jim Hanley’s comic shop on 33rd.

The bestfriend. Ari posing for me while I worked on a canvas. lmfaooooo