Independence Day 2016

Six the morning, that’s that time I gave for all us to get our asses up and get it moving. I say 6am, because knowing us, we will probably end up hitting the road an hour later. Exactly what ended up happening. Am I good or what!? I’m only trying to avoid the rush and mess from what Independence Day brings brings to traffic. It wasn’t too bad of a drive to High Tor State Park either, especially since we were destined to stay awake, so music was blasting from the speakers.

Rather than meet us at home, my sister Julissa was determined to grab a good spot for us at the park. Which was pretty good, when we got there it wasn’t as packed as we anticipated. Where are the crowds of people, the  hassle of trying to find a parking spot? None. Even better.

But not for long. It was only about 830am and one of the park Rangers decides to spoil our fun. “You’re going to have to lower right your music, we’re getting complaints”. Fine, no problem. We lowered it.

Mami got to grilling, Chris and I set up the tent, while the boys started to play dominoes. We’re dominican, what else did you expect?

I was still in sleepy mode, so once that tent was up, I was grateful that Julissa brung along some quilts and pillows. I took a much needed nap. Next thing I know she’s hovering outside the tent, snap chatting me about cute I look when I’m sleeping. Hahaha. Time to wake up, I made a couple of sandwiches for everybody. And they looked like they came straight from the deli. Damn, I’m good. There was everything from honey turkey, ham, salami, honey maple, provolone cheese, white American and lettuce and tomatoes. (DONT drool on your keyboards people) I grabbed a big ol’ chicken thigh from the grill and paired it up. Delicious. 

The beers were being passed around and my father snuck a little grown up juice for all of us to get excited quicker. His great advice “if you’re doing something sneaky, do it quick” fit in perfectly while we served rum into our plastic cups. Cheers!

The park Ranger decided to make another lap towards our way and this time she told us to turn the music off. “You mean lower the music?” I said. “No, turn it off, this is your second warning” she responds with an attitude. Both Kiki and I reply at the same time, with the equally hot tempered way about us that we have.”Fuck her”. I can understand if at 8 in the morning is too loud, people are still waking up late. The pool isn’t even technically open yet. But now, at 12pm when everyone is hyper, the place is crowded, and EVERYONE ELSE has music on, some even louder than ours. That’s not happening. Our music stayed on, and both Kiki and I wanted her to come back a third time so we could get kicked out with a reason. She never did.

Jeremy was ready to swim, the pool opened up and we waited a while to get wet. We were all too busy drinking and eating to worry about that now. However after a few more minutes we all stripped down to our suits and decided to join the party. 

What’s the point in dipping your toes if you’re going to get wet anyway? We headed straight to the deep end and right on to the diving board. Jeremy was up first, and let me tell you, we are all horrible divers. That beautiful form of the Olympics, none of us are that blessed. It was straight up canon balls for all us, especially Kiki with shiny bald head glowing in the sun ♡I for one, can’t swim to save my life. I know how to paddle just enough to get to the ledge, and that’s exactly what I ended up doing. I do a little underwater swimming, and yes I have to pinch my nose. And when I can’t anymore I doggy paddle my way to the stairs, just enough to keep me alive. Maybe it’s time I learned how to swim. (And I’ve recently made a deal with a coworker, she teaches me how to swim, I will dye and do hair) Hey, we all have our strengths, and colors just happen to be one of mine.

Fernando and Kenia came to join us, which was super cute. I’ve known them for about 10 years or so when I used to date someone else, and they have grown to be family. Nando came along with his hookah and we were all blowing smoke once he set it up. The pool was “Everyone man for himself”. We are aggressive, and I’m not exaggerating on that. We were all jumping on top of each other, dunking each other, kicking knees so you would wobble and sinking you down. If you don’t know how to hold your breath, I feel sorry for you.

Even my dad, Fon got in on the action. And my brother Kiki is really strong. We all had to gang up on him, piled on, just to attempt to get him underwater. We only got him about twice. Text messages after (we have a sibling group chat) had me cracking up, some had bruises and scratches just from the pool and our debacle. Oops. My sister’s sister, Gianna came through with her hubby and kiddies. I noticed Jula doing Gialin hair after the pool and poor baby, she looked like she was in so much pain. She has kinky curly hair, and reminded me so much of myself when I younger.(my aunt used to hit me in the head with the brush just so I would stay still) I told Jula I had it.

I know what it’s like not knowing how to manage your hair, especially hair that’s so easy to get tangled. You detangle one side and the next thing you know the side you just finished is all in knots all over again. I dumped a gallon of warm water on her head and smothered her locks with conditioner. Never detangle on dry hair, it breaks and hurts so much more.  After about 20 minutes of brushing I finally made a break through. I even braided her hair in cornrows and told her, don’t even let anybody tell you your hair isn’t beautiful, many people will kill for your hair. It’s alot of work. But it’s worth it. She gave me the cutest smile and hugged me. We were all so exhausted. When we all got back home, Christopher and I had a little surprise, it wasn’t much, but we got a couple of firecrackers to end our Fourth of July the right way. The boys were all in. We were in the middle of the street popping off and stopping traffic. This family get together was so good, a nice escape from our backyard. So much is happening in our family and I’m so grateful to say that it’s all good news.
I hope you all had a blessed holiday.

love, m

Billiards with the Brothers

My brothers are my world, even if I’m not the best at showing it sometimes. As soon as I got back from Atlanta, I hit my brother Kiki up, and he was down to have dinner. Here was the catch, he was picking me up on his bike.

O..M..G… I’ve never been on a motorcycle before, and knowing him, his soul screams “speed demon”. Always looking for that thrill. I wasn’t scared, more of a bit nervous. I trust my brother, I just don’t trust everyone else on the road.

I have the biggest road rage, yet I don’t even drive.

The ride was heart exhilarating, and it got a bit more intense once it started raining. I think I did pretty damn good for myself as a first time. Not that I did anything but hold on for dear life.

We decided to eat at home, and Kiki made me a drink, malibu, his are the best. My abuela is in town, and I offered her a cup, she liked it, and chugged it down… she didn’t know it had liquor until my mother walked in, and said to be careful, that we were trying to get her drunk. No never!

My little brother Jeremy finally got home from school and football practice, and even though it was as bit late, we wanted to go out, even if it was just for a little bit.

We arrived at the bowling alley, and since all of the lanes were packed, I was pretty happy with just playing pool for the night. That’s what I wanted to do in the first place anyway.

Jeremy has never played pool in his life. . . correction, in real life. He loves his video games. He was trying so hard to hold the cue stick. But you want to know something… he ended up winning after all!

Pool Side w Oli

My work shift blessed me with the ability of leaving early. Oli and I made plans to catch up and I was excited. Oli and I were never really close in High School, and for some reason we’ve grown attached to the hip nowadays. I’m not complaining one bit.

We met up in McCarren Park in Wililamsburg, and waited on the long ass line to get to the pool. For the first time in almost ever, I was actually looking forward to tanning. Something I hate to do.

I feel like this summer has started so late for me, but that doesn’t mean my skin has to reflect that. Good thing Oli was prepared and we drowned ourselves in tanning oil. I felt like a chicken being rotated in a rotisserie.

It sucks that we couldn’t take pictures in the pool, but hanging out with Oli is always a breath of fresh air. i get to vent and just let out all of my frustrations. She’s like a cheap therapist…hahaha.

When we jumped in the pool, some 2 girls decided to forget what personal space was, and propped their towels directly right in front of us. How rude!  I have no shame, and moved their towel for them. She noticed, I’m sure… but she’ll get over it. I was so hype that I got a bit of sun, but now that I’m looking at myself, I don’t see it anymore…booo.

Loft and a Cobra

2minxinx2minxinxMy friend Marcela is visiting NYC from L.A. as soon as her plane landed I had plans ready to go. Initially we were going to head to Connecticut for my cousins’ housewarming get together. Since time wasn’t really on our side, plan B it wasn’t. No pill needed. I told Marcela to drop her bag and to throw something on quick. We headed to a loft party in  Bushwick where friend Smurfoudirty was djing.  When we got there it, it was this abandoned looking warehouse, and once we entered inside it looked like a mini version of The Phun Factory circa the 80’s, except there was actually tenants living there. What a dream come true! (spins around and waits for my fairy godmother to appear) I love places like this, because you never expect the inside to look like what appears from the exterior.2minxinxI’ll admit, we didn’t even bother getting into the actual party, there was so many people hanging out in the hallway and it seemed like it was almost over, so we decided to have some fun and roam around the building. We went to the rooftop first, where we got to see a pretty good view, including the Empire State Building, the lights were bright and Marcela was taking in the view, while shivering. Yet, here am I wearing shorts, even though I was pretty comfortable and she’s making fun of me because according to her, L.A. is never this cold.2minxinxWe roam around the building some more, where we find a creepy looking bullshit laundromat, I guess you can it that, since there was only one washer and dryer, and you guessed it, covered in graffiti. Not that I was complaining, I was loving every second of it, especially when we bumped into an old school elevator, you know the ones you only see on t.v. I tried to get it to work, but I’m guessing I needed a key… since it was looking pretty creepy, I decided today was not the day I needed to die. Moving on.2minxinx

After insisting I open the door to an apartment that looked open, someone grew some balls, and Marcela decided to open it. I was looking inside liek the nosy thing that I am, when I noticed a blonde sitting on a bar stool, what was weird, she turned around super slow with no type of expression…eeew, we ran sooo fast!

After surviving the warehouse, going home wasn’t an option. We walked into Cobra Club. Some hole in the wall bar, that looked like it could belong to truckers. Right away we got into some argument with some douche-bag who felt like hogging the billiard table, after not dealing with his nonsense we headed to the back, where karaoke was going on.

Marcela, being the coward that she was, never went up, after insisting I go up. I decided to go up anyway, and sang my heart out to Joan Jett’s- Bad Reputation. i sucked! But according to the crowd, they liked it, I even had about 3 people come up to me afterwards to tell me I did good.

Let me not quit my day job!

kiss kiss

Pool Side with ZJ

2minxinxMcCarren Pool got some love and attention from my godson Zj and I. Yes, he was pretty cranky at first because he didn’t feel like traveling (he hates long train rides) and even though he was was recently fed, he insisted he was hungry. Kids right?

Once he saw that blue water, it was all smiles and splashes everywhere. We couldn’t really bring a camera in, but know that it was a nice relaxing time. He didn’t want to leave after a while, and I was just glad he was having some fun. I have to admit, he was so well behaved, I was impressed!

I was more on watch mode then playing mode, but that didn’t mean I didn’t jump into the pool.. plus, there was this cute lifeguard there….oooo eeee!

Not like it mattered, hahaha.

I’ll see you guys soon!

sig 2