Desirables: September 2014 Wants


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It’s September guys!

Which means I post up all the crap that I want to magically appear in my closet, and usually end up finding a cheaper alternative to at the end of it all! When it comes to autumn I’m usually a plaid whore. Burgundy, navy, emerald, browns and gold tones are all I really need to make me happy. Basically, anything grungy, I want it all. I need to invest in some good combat boots this year, since I had like 2 pairs that I destroyed last year.

Plus I have way too many flats that I need to put away, and bring out my funky wedges that I usually pair with jeans. Give me some loose cardigans, and some knee high socks…

damn, someone pass me a credit card already!

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This commission piece was made for the lovely Juliana. ( @its_jayci ).  She explained to me that her room was a teal color with hints of neon pink and was covered in the damask brocade print. ( Which I had no idea what it was, until I googled it. ) I have definitely seen the print before but have never tried it. I’m such a huge fan of black and white print, which explains my constant use of stripes and polka dots. I’m obsessed I tell you! So I was super excited to try this one.

Either than a color scheme, she gave me full control of what to do with piece. I have to admit, I was stuck. I then realized, how long I have been wanting to paint a Minxette staring at herself into an ornate vanity mirror, everything just flowed from that  point on. I gave her some skin toned pantyhose, garter belt , of course!

She covers herself in a black sheet with white damask brocade print all over it. Baby pink wooden floors, with a white and black polka dot area rug…. let’s not forget her tattoo sleeve in silver with the minx logo!

You’re seeing these pictures now, but I had no visual of what her room looked like until AFTER the piece was done. I have to say, I think it fit in perfectly! I was even more satisfied that Juliana loved her piece, especially when she noticed that I had painted her Jeffrey Campbell spiked heels on the Minxette.

Thank you J. Enjoy.