Desirables: September 2014 Wants


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It’s September guys!

Which means I post up all the crap that I want to magically appear in my closet, and usually end up finding a cheaper alternative to at the end of it all! When it comes to autumn I’m usually a plaid whore. Burgundy, navy, emerald, browns and gold tones are all I really need to make me happy. Basically, anything grungy, I want it all. I need to invest in some good combat boots this year, since I had like 2 pairs that I destroyed last year.

Plus I have way too many flats that I need to put away, and bring out my funky wedges that I usually pair with jeans. Give me some loose cardigans, and some knee high socks…

damn, someone pass me a credit card already!

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New Body Art: Bashful Blonde Bombshell

armsupJust because I’m away for a little while doesn’t mean I won’t get any work done… hey, have we just met!?

Stay busy, stay focused. David Zayas Jr. captured the shyest blonde bombshell I’ve ever met by the name of Leslie.

She was so nervous, I had to kick everyone out into another room just so I can paint her.

Since I NEVER really make sketches beforehand, and just go with the flow, her coyness just made me draw one of my Minxettes in the fetus position, protecting herself yet still smiling.

Heh, kind fit didn’t it?

The plaid she was rocking spoke to me, and since I almost usually work with with red, this bashful beauty needed some fiery passion to make her pop!

I hope you guys like!

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