Desirables : February 2016 Wants | Rose Gold Obsession

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I’ve been stuck in rose gold heaven lately. All I want is to switch over all my golden jewelry for the bronze hue. I’ve been going bat shit crazy on ebay looking for something that may spike my interest.

Now that we’re in February I’ve always dread everything and anything pink. Oh, how funny life is sometimes. (Last year’s February Wants) Now all I want to do is bathe myself in soft colors, anything that will take the roughness away from me. I want to be soft and pretty, like a lady..giggles.

Not that all ladies are soft, pretty and adorned in pink… you have to love those bad asses too.

Do yourself a favor, I’ll be doing myself a favor…

Someone once told me “I’m not getting you any flowers”.

Well, I can buy my own damn flowers, thank you!

There’s no need on waiting on a valentine, treat yourself.



How sad is it, that you have some different great locations in your hometown and you never get to experience them? So many people travel to NYC to see all the sights, buildings, monuments etc. and knowing that we have all of this beauty in our backyard and just letting it go to waste.

Oli and I met up, for our first time visit to The Brooklyn Botanic Garden.
Everything was absolutely stunning. We walked in on a sunny day , bright and gorgeous. The colors were so vivid. We kept stopping at almost every flower. When we arrived at the wishing well, I already had an idea of what I wanted.

Hanging out with Oli is always the best. We catch up on all of our boy troubles and cutesy moments. We discuss work and what’s our next moves in life.

We stopped by the gift shop where I fell with the cutest succulent (love those!) I regret not buying it. After all the walking and getting caught in the rain, it was time for what I do best…wine.

We ordered some rosé and split some sweet potatoes fries…yum!

GJ’s 1st Birthday

gjQ and I balloonCandyland cake

Q and I got ready to head out to my baby cousin’s 1st birthday party. GJ ( short for Genesis Jasmine ) is growing up so quickly! Her babyshower seemed as if it was only a week ago.

balloonLidia and GJneisy Tio luis me

Here’s the birthday girl looking as cute as ever in her pink tulle dress while her Auntie Lidia carries her. My NEWLYWED cousin Neisy, glowing, happy as can be, my Uncle Luis and I posing for the camera. ( Congratulations Neisy! )


My godparents are adorable… They are truly the ONLY couple I know, that have lasted through the years. This is the only couple that has been able to teach me what a marriage should be like. Never ending.

They are beautiful and I’m so blessed to have them.


GJ with her grandmother while Q and I got caught dancing bachata by my cousin Ciara. He actually did pretty good, even though I caught him counting the steps a few times! lol


I had a blast and I’m sure Q did too. We danced, drank and laughed way too many times. Lionela did absolutely great decorating the place with her Candyland theme!

GJHappy Birthday GJ, wish you many many more…


This commission piece was made for the lovely Juliana. ( @its_jayci ).  She explained to me that her room was a teal color with hints of neon pink and was covered in the damask brocade print. ( Which I had no idea what it was, until I googled it. ) I have definitely seen the print before but have never tried it. I’m such a huge fan of black and white print, which explains my constant use of stripes and polka dots. I’m obsessed I tell you! So I was super excited to try this one.

Either than a color scheme, she gave me full control of what to do with piece. I have to admit, I was stuck. I then realized, how long I have been wanting to paint a Minxette staring at herself into an ornate vanity mirror, everything just flowed from that  point on. I gave her some skin toned pantyhose, garter belt , of course!

She covers herself in a black sheet with white damask brocade print all over it. Baby pink wooden floors, with a white and black polka dot area rug…. let’s not forget her tattoo sleeve in silver with the minx logo!

You’re seeing these pictures now, but I had no visual of what her room looked like until AFTER the piece was done. I have to say, I think it fit in perfectly! I was even more satisfied that Juliana loved her piece, especially when she noticed that I had painted her Jeffrey Campbell spiked heels on the Minxette.

Thank you J. Enjoy.