If You Like Pina Coladas, and Cuddle Nights with Chick Flicks

Date nights with my girls are always a must. I read somewhere (and don't ask me where) some time ago, "Treat you boyfriend like your friend, and you friendships like a relationship, and they'll both be better for it." Sometimes, being too on top of a boyfriend adds strain, the last thing they need is … Continue reading If You Like Pina Coladas, and Cuddle Nights with Chick Flicks

Potluck Dinner

♥ Potluck Dinner I was excited for the Potluck Dinner I was throwing, I got to see great friends and family, and not to mention the fact that I had awesome food and drinks in the process. Q and I cleaned like crazy before everyone arrived. Even though there wasn't much to clean, sometimes I … Continue reading Potluck Dinner

Ar’s Birthday

Time to celebrate my brother AR's birthday.Though I wasn't able to show up to the BBQ that was being held in the park earlier, due to work.... as soon as I escaped I rushed right over to City Island to meet up with AR and others.I rushed right over and got stuck with the coolest … Continue reading Ar’s Birthday

Glenny’s Babyshower Invitations

Glenny's BabyShower Invitations I have been helping a friend, Glenny with her carnival themed Babyshower invitations. Day one was basically me designing the actual invitation and the baby registry information. Uploading and then ordering the prints online. Day two. Pick up the invitations. Meet up with Ilani. Buy all supplies and get to work. Of … Continue reading Glenny’s Babyshower Invitations