Fifth and a Drink

2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinxAnother day in the city. Marcela and I started at a hood spot near home for “breakfast” even though technically it was like 3pm. A friend Crystal has been telling me non-stop about this place, and I figured it was about that time.  I texted her to ask for suggestions, and she stressed how I better get a drink. Apparently this place has super strong drinks for a good amount and an even better price, I was sold. She suggested the blue Hawaiian, but I decided to go for a piña colada, one of my weak spots. Marci went for a Miami Vice, hers was pretty good, but she was complaining that it was too strong, while I was too busy slurping my drink and wishing I had more. The food was pretty damn good. We have been on this shrimp fest lately so that’s what we went with.

We headed to 5th avenue right after, I mean, we needed to walk off this gluttony somehow. We went into Bergdorf Goodman, where we got to stare at pretty $20,000 dresses that we could never afford, walked through central park for a bit, I showed her Rockefeller Center and even went inside the St. Patrick’s Cathedral. How sad is it that I used t work right across the street for a year and never stepped foot inside, shame on me. It was beautiful, no matter how much of a mess it looked like because of all the construction. When we walked in the mass was just ending, Marcela lit a candle and said a quick prayer for a friend, and we headed to dinner afterwards. I swear, I can get used to used this. I’ve always been one to try new foods (unless it has curry or pickles) but I never realized how much I actually haven’t tried hard enough to expand my taste buds. We walked into a tiny spot on 5th and 56th, we ordered some Ramen, and it was delicious!kiss kiss

An African, a Jew, & an Asian Walk into a Bar

2minxinx2minxinx2minxinxWelcome home Pia!

Pia is back in NYC from L.A. for about a week. Which means we have to jam pack her stay with a whole bunch of hanging out and drinking. I mean, it’s what we do best. I headed to Williamsburg to met up with Nikki and Pia, dinner at SEA it was. I’ve passed this place many times and never stepped inside. I’ve seen the swings from the windows and I now I had the chance of jumping in .

Pia looked gorgeous and I missed her so much! The girls ordered sangria while I decided to go with a Pina Colada. It tasted like the cocitos icees just with liquor. Yum. Since I wasn’t really that hungry I decided to go with Sushi, while Nikki had chicken and Pia had a fish with the whole face attached. Creepy!

After our meal we headed to Berry Park, and since it was Sunday it meant the streets were as vacant as ever. I swear I have never seen Williamsburg so empty. When we arrived at the bar, we got to chatting up a storm, laughing at some dude who was way too wasted for his own good. Who then later on busted his ass, which was hilarious. Then out of nowhere his friend decided to come towards us. Great, he sits right next to me!

Someone was a little too friendly, and I didn’t appreciate the way he would brush his hand over my shoulder whenever he attempted to speak. That’s if we even understood him, because he has such a thick accent, who he claimed was French.

Eh, I wasn’t impressed, but it seemed like he was pretty impressed with Nikki, because he kept flirting with her, while she just looked at him in confusion.

Then he did the horrible mistake of trying to guess what our nationalities were. Epic Fail! According to him, Pia was African, Nikki was Jewish and I was Asian. I don’t think I’ve heard anything funnier in the longest time. Wow! The balls on this guy.

I know I’ve been out of the dating pool for a long time now, but is this what happens?

Douchebag guys being overly confident, trying to find any reason to speak to a girl and worse yet, find a reason to touch her?

ew. I was so turned off, I excused myself from the table, returned my glass to the bar, and after that 3 second delay, I sat my ass right next to Pia which was on the other side of where he was. Because yes, he invited himself to sit down with us.

After my beer, Pia’s ginger beer and Nikki’s girly drink, it was time to  head out… but not before we took advantage of the empty streets and decided to go a little over board with pictures.

I guess that’s what happens when you gave girly dates in the first place.

See you guys soon!

Ps. That last picture, totally looks like Nikki and Pia are making out, which I thought was hilarious. I guess the angle I was in didn’t really help! hahahhaa, they’re gonna kill me. 

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A Day at the Park

berry parkIMG_0904 I will forever be the biggest kid on the block… I spent the day getting a pina colada and swinging on swings.

Sometimes letting go and having the simple things in life is what makes it all worth while.IMG_0971IMG_0931IMG_0938

Ar’s Birthday

Time to celebrate my brother AR’s birthday.

Though I wasn’t able to show up to the BBQ that was being held in the park earlier, due to work…. as soon as I escaped I rushed right over to City Island to meet up with AR and others.

I rushed right over and got stuck with the coolest cabby. He’s def trying to flirt with me and I keep being my normal sarcastic self.

He tells me:  I like you, you should give me your number so you can beat up my baby moms.

ummmm…. hahahahhahaha…no.

As soon as I arrive I get handed a pina colada, not like I’m complaining.  I had some catching up to do since everyone was already feeling it.

There was much to celebrate, not only was it AR’s birthday, after officially 12 am it was Father’s Day aaaaaaaaand AR finally proposed, popping the question to Jen!!!!

seeeee, a lot to celebrate…. which meant MORE drinks!

And of course knowing me, I had to grab Mr.T and Jen to dance some bachata with me… Even though there was some bribing of extra pina coladas for him to actually get up and do it!

We headed to Mom’s house ( Jen’s Mom ) and grabbed more drinks of course. Which got the guys all excited, next thing you know Mr.T is wrapping up Seito’s body in Saran wrap!

Good night, good night. ♥