babyHere’s a new shoot that I did with the lovely Baby . I decided to Zombie her up a bit with red eyes, sagging dark circles and a few stitches on her face.babyI ended up having to get Baby a little drunk so I can loosen her up to take some pics….  I see that method worked. lol.

I hope you all enjoyed and stay tuned in for more projects to be dislayed.

Also, I have a show coming up in March, so I better see all of you guys there!

I’l be showcasing my work with artists: Zero, Ozbe and Mrs.

Flyer will be posted soon.

Until next time readers!


Order Your Own Signed Print – Bucktooth Berry

Now, you can purchase your own print, signed!

Click on the image above and follow the instructions..

I’m sure she’ll look great in your home!

photography show

I left work and headed to meet up with Misha. She was excited to go to a photography show in Williamsburg and I was there to accompany her.

I have to admit, I was cranky and grouchy and must have been a pain. It was hot outside, I was hungry, I was tired from work and not to mention Misha failed to do her homework before we left the house and find out the address or directions and my phone was on 16%. I was not a happy camper.


After we got the address from the awesome Philartiste we headed on our way and got there right when it started.. It was pretty empty. I know Misha was happy to see the show, so I put on a smile and tried not to be bitchy. I know it wasn’t her fault I was cranky and I didn’t want to take it out on her.

The show was pretty good, good and quiet. I’m not much of a photography head, so this was Misha’s element and I let her do her thing, mingle, pick up tips, network, etc.

I caught up with Phil hearing his amazing stories from Paris. He had just came back and was makiing me so jealous with the details. The graffitti was spectacular, the views amazing and the trip too short. He seemed so happy and that made me happy.

Maybe one day I’ll get to travel like I’ve always wanted to do and see these astonishing views of myself.

Since I had work early in the morning, we headed back to our ways and called it a night. I wish I would have gotten a few more pictures to show you the dope works of the artists, but like I mentioned before 16% quickly turned to 2%. And we all know what happens after 2%.

Outtakes From Misha Merino’s Shoot gave me the awesome privelage of being interviewed by them to be posted on their site.

( Read that post here ) 

So, with that being said, here are the outtakes of that shoot. These just didn’t make the cut to making it into the final round of pics for the interview.  I hope you guys enjoy.

Photographed by Misha Merino.


Of course I want to wish all of you a very pleasant Easter. I know it’s been a little over a month that I haven’t posted any work, and here I am to explain why. I have two art shows coming up this month.
So just because I’m not posting up work, it doesn’t mean I have been busting my butt painting. As soon as I get more details about these shows, of course I will be letting you know. But enough about that, Here’s a little something something for you guys, in the mean time. Happy Easter my lovelies.