And A Very Merry Christmas to You Too

Before I get started, I want to wish you all a very happy holiday, no matter what you may celebrate and/or believe in. We all deserve to be surrounded by great vibes and positivity, and I hope each and everyone of you get to find that.I packed a bag with me, after rushing out of my house in the morning, running late after a long night out. Work never seemed to end, but once 2pm hit, I was out of there like speedracer. Chris was picking me up and our plans for later, were just that..much later. I just wanted to take a huge nap. I was exhausted. Once I laid down, I realized I couldn’t even do that, since I packed random crap into my bookbag, I realized with my white skirt, I needed to go outside and buy a nude thong. The silly things girls have to go through, I swear. You guessed it, I got no nap.
The weather wasn’t on our side today, even though it was nice and warm, the rain and my hair have never been much of friends. I’m just glad it didn’t get all poofy, and I end up looking like a brillo pad. That was the last thing I needed, especially since our plans for the night were to head to Chris’s aunt, Annette’s house. I know I was going to see familiar faces, and was happy to see them. When we arrived, there was smiles everywhere. Everyone was so eager to see each other, especially since the four sisters (Annette, Chris’s Mom, Millie and 2 other sisters) were all going to be together after so many years. Watching them catch up and laugh with each other was the sweetest thing.Chris cooked a pernil which was to die for! Annette had everything from baked ziti, mac and cheese, rice, potato salad, shrimp, omg… I’m drooling all over again.

There was even arts and crafts for the kiddies. Which Matt and I happily joined in on. Big kids.

It didn’t take long for us to grow up and grab some drinks. I was in more of a wine mood, but that didn’t stop me from having about 4 shots of Rumplemints. Ahhh… Sammy (Chris’s uncle) is no joke.

There was a lot of dancing, everyone was feeling the buzz. Whenever we go out there we usually end up passed out on the couch. This night was no exception.

In the morning, we all had a pretty good breakfast with all the leftovers. Who needs coffee, when Sammy is offering more beer to you as soon as you wake up. Day 2, drinking aaaaaall day.

Samara was ready to open presents. Absolutely everything she got was “Frozen” themed. I on the other hand, knew this was going to happen… so I opted out for a puffer vest and matching pants that I found to be way too adorable.

Well, I hope you guys had a wonderful time with your friends, family, loved ones. I know I did.

See you guys soon! , Minx

Ps. Check out the “Mini Me” I illustrated of my outfit.

It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

I’m the biggest type of kid there is when it comes to certain things. Happy go lucky environments are one of those things. Macy’s Herald Square is presenting it’s annual Santa Land, I knew I had to be there. I went to grab lunch with a friend first and catch up on life like we usually do.  I ordered the pernil, and while hearing stories I just vacuumed my whole plate up. I speak after I see a clean plate.

I wanted to walk off the new weight I just gained, and begged to go see Santa, even though someone else wasn’t feeling it. But like usual, I tend to get my way.  The interactive holiday windows were absolutely stunning. A story about a boy who traveled through all the planets in his discovery for the holidays, each window being a different planet. 
When I walked inside the store, there were garlands and chandeliers hanging  from the ceiling. It was nice an elegant and I couldn’t wait to see what the 8th floor had in store for me… you know, the kid section that’s covered in toys from top to bottom. Waiting on line for Santa was a little longer than expected, but the wait didn’t bother me one bit. I had adorable little girls in front of me, and some super hyper ones behind me. Can’t always win can you. The line swerved many ways, but you were never bored, your eyes were constantly being feasted with decorations, everything from trains, reindeer, stuffed animals, snowmen and much more. It was like a magical fairy land.
You still have a chance to go see Santa yourself. He’s there everyday from 9am-9pm on the 8th floor of the Macy’s on Herald Square. Bring your kiddies, and if you have a youthful spirit like I do, feel free to bring yourself for a nice treat. Pernil sold separately. lol

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