Between Brunette and Blonde

So, I told myself I wouldn’t but I just had to. After a few weeks of looking up brunettes with a curly afro, I have been wanting to take the plunge back to dark haired land. I liked my blonde and didn’t want to completely get rid of it, but I hated how flat it all looked. There were no highlights or anything to blend together. Yuck.

I added brown to the back and slowly started to fade all the brown when reaching the front. I wanted my tips to stay blonde, and that they did. I washed my hair, conditioned my hair like crazy and did my usual twisties before heading to bed. Since my hair was still wet, I couldn’t really figure out what the color was, guess I had to wait in the morning once it dried.

In the morning, I separated my curls and stretched out the back like I usually do, you know curls and shrinkage…annoying.  But omg! I love the color!!!!

My hair looks amazing, I last I think so. The hair hits it perfectly in the light, and I’m right in the middle stage between brunette and blonde. I couldn’t help but do a little dance and hair flips in the mirror. Aooow!


Just a Little Brighter

the before

The before picture…

I’m always changing up my hair, though this wasn’t a dramatic change… it’s going to be a slow process to one… I get so bored easily, let’s pray for the best and hope I don’t end up bald.


I went to Kat’s Aunt’s salon… I’ve been dying my own hair myself since the age of 16, but since I promised myself I would never fuck with bleach again, and I was going to do just do that, to a professional I went, and Yaya was perfect.


I knew I definitely wanted to be lighter, brighter… but didn’t have a specific color in mind… Though I did fall in love with a gorgeous green… ( maybe in time )

We stuck with just bleach for now to get rid of some of my burgundy and I ended up with a fire red instead, which I love.

just finishednext day at work

It’s so bright and Yaya did great, especially since the only direction I told her was that I wanted a ombre in reverse. Light on top and dark on the bottom.

The picture above was just once she finished and the one next to it is once I got to work and gave it a few curls to go with my personality.

ooooh yeah.