Ethnic Laughter

I've been in a drought, all I've been doing is working lately. I needed to have some fun and girl dates have always been one of my go to's. Better yet, hanging out with Oli was much needed, so this was happening. Olivia was getting out of work around 6, so I had plenty of … Continue reading Ethnic Laughter

Drink & Draw: On Wednesdays We Drink Wine

I'm going to start this entry with a " I'm so fucking stupid..." Moving on, you'll soon start to realize why. I haven't seen Oli, since maybe our date at the pool, hm...lie. She came to my house after that where we caught up with wine. Wine is usually in play with our get together's. … Continue reading Drink & Draw: On Wednesdays We Drink Wine

Olivia’s 25th Gatsby Affair

The night was young, and I was excited to celebrate Olivia's big two five in style. When Oli sent me the invitation, I couldn't be more excited. I love theme parties, especially when it gives us the chance to dress up in a way that you wouldn't regularly. As soon as you walked in to the … Continue reading Olivia’s 25th Gatsby Affair