New Artwork: Curly Canary

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2minxinxTwo weeks later after I showed you guys the WIP (Work In Progress) for this New Artwork, I finally get to show you guys the finished product. This Curly Canary was already finished and I was just waiting for the owner to have it in his possession before putting it online. You know how things go, then plans happen, and you get so caught up with everything around you. (Which also explains why my last post was bout 5 days ago, sorry guys, you know I’m usually more consistent than that when it comes to my blogging) As I mentioned in the behind the scenes post (see that HERE)  this piece started off with me having full control of what I wanted to paint. Jokingly around, I mentioned how I would make her resemble me a bit, with her curly purple hair and some tats to match.

I didn’t want to use much color. Much as in the amount of colors used, because I was ready for this piece to be vibrant. Especially since I already knew where it was going to be displayed, and since the new owner already had pieces of works hanging, I wanted to make sure my Minxette would stand out. Not that it’s much of a problem now, since I noticed she’s being showed off right in the middle of his bedroom. Damn, maybe I’m a bit of a selfish one, haha.

2minxinxI loved the way the highlighting on her skin tone came out. I swear to everything, I surprise myself every time I finish a new piece. I could never believe that I’m capable of doing what I do. Whenever I finish, I’m like ” omg, I just did this.”

It’s like another force was moving my hands in the way they need to go, and all of a sudden I wake up to something new. I see how much I’ve grown in these years and the change is drastic. I  have so much more to teach myself. Yes, I teach myself everything. I mean, I went to High School for Art, but let’s be honest, I was always cutting class.

Anyway, back to the painting, and enough of me giving you these close up shots, showing of the detail work. Here is the official finished product… well, not official, you know what I mean, the real one is chilling in someone’s bedroom right now.

I love it, He loves it, Do you love it?
Curly Canary by 2minxinxsig 2

New Body Art: Pixie-Pus

ourbackgroundModel Sam, is such a sweetheart! Her Pixie cut was so adorable, I had to title this Body Art shoot by it. That and the octopus inspired tentacles that are surrounded by the Minxette. I present you, Pixie-Pus!  Shooting Sam went by so quickly, it was like click click click ..done!

Not to mention David (photographer) did such a great job at editing. I had mentioned how much I loved the mix of our logos in the background, and how I wanted to do more of these, especially since I did it myself a while back with a different Sam who goes by Set,  who I did body art with (Here) and this trio below…. forget it.. I was in love! Enough of my non sense talking… tell me what you guys think!triplaughsidelaughsarah

Body Art Gig at Jouvay Lounge

Tag from invited me to be one of the artists that would be body painting live at Jouvay Lounge.

Joining me was Tag himself, Vezo and Ozbe. Including some random pieces done by Ash, Fore, Saper and Ano.

(As always, you can click on image to make it larger.)

Misha and I headed to Queens, running late. All the guys were already there and  set up on stage doing their thing. Once I arrived, there was deco markers everywhere!

I of course don’t use deco markers unless it’s for tiny details. So I came equipped with my bag full of paint, brushes and my cute little cupcake tray that I use to mix my paint in. You’d be surprised how handy that comes in.

The music was loud and though I was super focused on painting and seeing who’s next, I could never resist and always end up shaking my tush to the music.

The crowd was great and everyone that I got to paint was so nice, I tend to be friendly always striking up random conversations so I pretty much ha everyone laughing.

Plus Mel kept offering me beer so that always helps.

Everyone that was painting had a line of women waiting for them, which is always a good thing.

I actually had  a couple of guys wanting to get painting on.


Since I never really paint men, I was a bit skeptical but of course wanted to do it anyway.

They were sweethearts and loved what I painted on them!

Here’s a few more random pics from the rest of  the night.

Photo credit to Misha Merino 

New Artwork- Hipster

So here’s a new digital painting for you guys.

I gave her a lavender two sided ponytail, an ear cuff, a nipple piercing, a tattoo of the “minxinx logo” on her back/shoulder, hunter green lips and a baby green bottom piece undies with a weed print that shows just enough ass…

There was no other obvious title for this beauty but ” Hipster “.

Let me know what you guys think =]

New Artwork- Priscilla

This commission piece was ordered by the lovely Priscilla ( @babygirl_priss )

 She was looking for a piece for her room  that resembled her and I was more than happy to be of service.

Of course I had to give her some awesome cheekbones like Priscilla does, and everything else just fell into place. I positioned her in a small round red cushioned sofa with a gold ornate headboard, some ruffled panties, long black hair, Christian Louboutin heels and  a gold bracelet with  the initial “P”.

 As for the background, a dark royal blue, wooden floors with a cute round yellow striped rug with fringes surrounding it and an ornate frame on the wall…check out the the picture inside the frame.. it’s a print of my logo!

And because Priscilla was such a doll and a pleasure to work with, I couldn’t resist and gave her a little present to express my gratitude. A mini canvas of the Minxinx logo, bordered with stripes….

I’m so glad she loved it!

( click on any image to make larger ) 

Come & Watch Me Paint Live This Saturday!


55 Live!

( click on any image to make larger )

As you all know I had gig this Thursday the 16th. I had posted a flyer earlier in the month inviting you all to come and watch me paint my live!
Maury from 55 was hosting a Deep In The Heights event that’s held in Negro Claro Lounge

The great and talented Marthalicia introduced us and put this all together. We even got to the paint the models together! But lets not skip ahead to the random parts of the event.

I know I had to get to the heights at 10:30 pm. N and I were munching on pizza, can’t go anywhere on an empty stomach! Headed to the UPS base and ended up waiting an hour and half on a huge line. Waiting for all the delivery trucks to arrive.

I ordered my business cards about a little less than a month ago and have been going through the only hassle to receive them. The wait was well worth it. A cab ride later I made it to the lounge at 10:32pm right on time. Still early actually!

We walked in and the outside of the place was completely misleading. The outside looked so plain, covered in wood panels. The inside was gorgeous. Nice dim lighting. Beautiful booths for the VIP over looking the bar, dance floor and DJ booth. I had the best view in the house.

Maury was a delight to meet, and I quickly introduced him to the models, N, Ralph, cousin of N who was there to not only enjoy himself and see me in action but to make sure the models would not be disrespected in any kind of way.

Men, liquor, Open bar in this case does not always mix well with naked ladies in public. So of course I needed to have that extra protection for them.

Speaking of the models. I had the greatest pleasure of having two beautiful ladies join me in this adventure. Of course they were the canvas! Tina, which you all have met before when she was the canvas for the Legalize Gay Marriage Bodyart session. and joining me this time, I had first timer Samantha “Spankss” working with me and she was excited as ever!

I set up all the paint, brushes etc. Until I realized I would be painting in the dark! I have never painted without light before. I was handed a tiny flashlight, so I did the only thing I could do….grabbed a drink and got to work! hahahaha….

I was so grateful for how many faces I recognized and came out to show support. Carlos, Zero,Kat, Phil, Emil, Jessi,Maria,David,Jerm,Gerald and many more that I just can’t simply recall. Sorry if I left anyone out and be sure to click on any person’s name for their twitter account.

Of course I had the bestfriend and photographer Ari shoot.

Guess I wasn’t the only person with that in mind. There was so many cameras! At one point that had me, the models and Marthalicia pose in front of a rock decor looking wall, and no lie there was about 10 different professional camera flashes being flashed in our faces. If we moved we were quickly being yelled at to go back and take more pictures!

It was definitely a different experience since I’m usually behind the scenes… I caught myself plenty of times feeling awkward not knowing how to pose or smile. Doesn’t mean I didn’t like the feeling though!

Seeing Carlos and Maria dance was way too funny! Carlos got on the floor, knees and all moving to the music with his body all on the floor! hahaha I was not expecting that!

Everyone seemed like they were having a great time and I was so happy to see everyone who showed up!

It felt like a twitter party and everyone already started to get frisky!

Thank you to everyone who showed up and showed support, I really appreciate it. Thank you to Marthalicia and Maury for making this possible.

Thank you to Ari for taking wonderful photographs.

Stay posted for more photographs and videos of the night. Way too many to fit into one entry! I’m overwhelmed! Don’t forget to click on any image to make it larger!