Morgenstern’s Ice Cream

I was excited to see Nicole, it's been some time since I last saw Nikki. We were bonding over wine at my old apartment where she shared the news of her recent engagement. I'm so excited for her, she has so many great things going on, including her almost finishing school. When she proposed we … Continue reading Morgenstern’s Ice Cream

Nikki Baby, Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday to the Beautiful Nikki! Nikki baby is officially a quarter century old. Someone is getting old! The plans were to meet up at The Village Underground, but when Chris and I arrived it seemed to be a comedy club instead. So confusion was all over our faces, especially since we were the first … Continue reading Nikki Baby, Birthday Girl

An African, a Jew, & an Asian Walk into a Bar

Welcome home Pia!Pia is back in NYC from L.A. for about a week. Which means we have to jam pack her stay with a whole bunch of hanging out and drinking. I mean, it's what we do best. I headed to Williamsburg to met up with Nikki and Pia, dinner at SEA it was. I've … Continue reading An African, a Jew, & an Asian Walk into a Bar

To The Sky

It's about time a girl had a little fun! My Nikki baby and I were ready for a girl's night out. We decided to meet up in Times Square at the red steps, worst possible move right there. We should have known better. Never again. It took us about 15 minutes to find each other. … Continue reading To The Sky