Morgenstern’s Ice Cream



I was excited to see Nicole, it’s been some time since I last saw Nikki. We were bonding over wine at my old apartment where she shared the news of her recent engagement. I’m so excited for her, she has so many great things going on, including her almost finishing school. When she proposed we have an ice cream date I was all for it. The humid was a big deciding factor as well.
Her original plan consisted of hitting 3 fine ice cream shops. The first one being Morgenster’s around Bowery. Now, I’m not a huge of ice cream, I only like a little bit (Unless I’m really heart broken and watching chick flicks) but when the shop attendee handed me a tester of the black coconut ash flavor, I was with it! Nikki went for the creme brulee and that too was bomb af. Mine was pretty messy though, my tongue was black and I had dark stains all over hands… so worth it.
We took the longest route possible to our next stop, Big Gay Ice Cream, over by Saint Marks Place. She ordered the salty pimp.. who’s name is absolutely hilarious, while I opted out and called it quits. I think I had enough sweets for a day.
I always love catching up with Nikki…. maybe next time we can have a cheeseburger date, now that I won’t get tired of eating!

Jaqueline’s Bubbly

I don’t understand why I keep getting scheduled to work the shittiest hours. I came to work for a simple 4 hour shift, what a waste of my time, and whats worse, it cut my day in half, so I arrived at  5pm to leave at 9…boooo…

Best thing about today was, that I had my Nikki baby waiting for me to get home. It’s girl night, and she arrived with a bottle of Rose, named Jaqueline. So of course, we did what girls do best, sip and talk about boys. Yes, of course we catch up with work, school, and that other stuff, but let’s face it, sex is the most interesting topic of them all.

It didn’t take long for us to start squirming and getting all excited because our Paris trip has just been decided. And yes, this is going to be a group trip, most of us haven’t left the country so …. aaaaah, super excited!

Nikki and I started looking at places to rent out, and what we want to do, what we want to see. Ugh, there’s so much to plan, and even much  more to save. Right now, most of us have already purchased our one way ticket there, so let’s see how we’re getting back!

I looked through all of my empty shoe boxes to finally find what I was looking for. Nikki and I ended our night reminiscing on old high school photos. Laughing at skinny we are were, and what the hell were we thinking in wearing that.

What kills me, is that Nikki and I live so damn close to each other, we’re going to have more often, even if I have to drag her out of her house to do so. (love ya!)

To The Sky

DSC06003It’s about time a girl had a little fun! My Nikki baby and I were ready for a girl’s night out. We decided to meet up in Times Square at the red steps, worst possible move right there. We should have known better. Never again. It took us about 15 minutes to find each other. Once we finally got our hugs out of the way, we headed straight to Sky Room.  It was beautiful. That view was exhilarating, and I had the perfect company to go with it. Nikki and I have known each other since High School and it;s been one of those relationships, where you automatically get along, yet don’t know much about the other person. It’s just always good times and better vibes. Tonight that all changed for the better, because we got to talking, and when I say talking, I mean… we were chatting up a storm! The environment was nice and chill, the music was playing right, we were sipping on some drinks, but it was time to dance. Something that I’ve been dying to do ever since I got back from Tennessee. Since we didn’t feel like waiting, mostly I didn’t feel like waiting. We decided to head out, hit up a liquor store for some diy drinks, and head to our local small lounge that is always ready to party.

I was dancing like there was no tomorrow. Oh man, when I tell you I needed that escape… I needed it. I was surprised that I knew every song and was singing as loud as I possibly could. I swear that DJ was working just for me tonight.

I actually had about 3 different guys come up to me, just striking up conversation, in a gentlemen  way of course. I was nice, but I was not having it. I just wanted to dance, and dancing doesn’t mean, all up on you.  I was in my element, and I was hair flipping everywhere!sig 2