Girly Crap

2minxinxI just finished cooking dinner. It was a long day, and I ask Katt: “Do you think Vodka goes with sprite?”

She just looks at me and asks “why?”

I chuckle, “what other possible reason, so I can drink it!”

She tells me she has girly drinks in the fridge, that we have yet to touch. Pulls out three bottles and asks me which one I want. Mind you, I’ve had all three, all delicious, but at an instant my first response is ” which one has the highest alcohol content?”

Katt just looks at me and laughs.

Nicki Minaj’s “Myx” has the highest alcohol level by 5.5%, but with it’s size, which was super tiny at 6 ounces… I ended up going with “Angry Orchard” .5% less, but 6 ounces bigger.

Who am I to complain, I know it’s not hard liquor or let alone my sweet beloved wine, but I would settle for anything.

Does that mean I have a problem?

On another note.. one of our phones just vibrated, and we both got excited and jumped it for it (girly stuff). We both ended up screaming “Dammit!” at the same time.

Don’t you hate when you’re not getting messages from the one person you want to hit you up?

The struggle!

sig 2

Nicki Minaj-Anaconda

Omg, omg, og.. I wasn’t ready!

I’ve been hearing this song in the car for the past 2 weeks, and It’s gotten pretty addicting the more I hear it. Now that the video is out I couldn’t help but to press play. I was a bit upset that Sir Mix A Lot didn’t make a small appearance, but I got over it pretty quickly as soon as I saw Nicki in a bikini. Daaaaamn. Now I know we all know some parts are artificial, but jeeeezus, that’s some shape. Let’e not even begin to speak about when she was bent over with her cheeks all out. I think it’s safe to say this video was pretty damn sexual, but what else are we really expecting when the song that is being remixed from Baby Got Back.

Our faces are pretty much the same as Drake’s when he’s getting that lap dance.

It’s okay, you can hide your boner now.


I in no way own this brand or video.