New Years 2016 |There’s Glitter Everywhere!

I had work all morning, I didn't even want to be there for a second. By the time I reached his house, I was exhausted and just threw myself in to bed. My hair was a hot mess, and I didn't feel cute. After my brunch with MaryAnn the other day, we went shopping. I … Continue reading New Years 2016 |There’s Glitter Everywhere!

2647 Harlem’s Grand Opening

One of my lovely friends Tanya, invited me and our little clique to join her in the celebration of her boyfriend Richie's new business. After all his hard work, the opening to his new lounge 2647 Harlem had just arrived and I couldn't wait to catch up with all the girls.Richie wasn't the only one … Continue reading 2647 Harlem’s Grand Opening

New Artwork: Floater

♣ New Artwork: Floater Here is my newest  artwork titled  "Floater" This piece is definitely a little something different than you guys are used to, coming from me at least. I decided not to focus as much on the curves of her hips, but more on her collarbones,  her exaggerated lips and squinted eyes.  I really … Continue reading New Artwork: Floater

New Artwork : Untitled on Purpose

  ♠ Untitled on Purpose Here's another one for my Portfolio. Don't know what this is, but I did it.* ( shrugs shoulders) *No boobs in this artwork I just fell in love with the linear work. And no I didn't edit it to make it black and white, those are the colors hues, I … Continue reading New Artwork : Untitled on Purpose

Bucktooth Berry

I've been busting my butt to finish these pieces for the show on time, and here is the last one for you guys. Finally  I know. I know this series has been a little different than you guys are used to. For one, their necks are longer than usual. Which I love ! I also tried … Continue reading Bucktooth Berry

New Artwork: Anaranjado

Here's another new art piece that I painted and displayed at the Sullivan Room Art Show. I have to admit, I was liking where I was headed from the beginning. the huge swirl in her hair, the pout , and her boobs were right on point. I'm not too crazy about the end result... I … Continue reading New Artwork: Anaranjado