Triple Teaser, The Beginning of a New Series

As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm all about getting work done. These 3 new paintings are the first of a new series that I'm titling "Addicted to CC". I won't be showing the full canvases as of yet, but you know I can't resist to show a little teaser. Look at all those … Continue reading Triple Teaser, The Beginning of a New Series

New Artwork: Curly Canary

Canary: JoyFreedomIntellectual DevelopmentSelflessnessSexual EcstasyTwo weeks later after I showed you guys the WIP (Work In Progress) for this New Artwork, I finally get to show you guys the finished product. This Curly Canary was already finished and I was just waiting for the owner to have it in his possession before putting it online. You know … Continue reading New Artwork: Curly Canary

New Artwork: Ms.Teach

It's been quite a while since I have posted New Artwork that was on canvas. Let's face it, painting beautiful women on beautiful women is usually faster and much more entertaining. I promised myself I had to get back to canvas work. And I happened to do just that. Long time friend Shanicka (and when … Continue reading New Artwork: Ms.Teach

New Artwork: Feliz en Tristeza

New Artwork: Feliz en Tristeza This piece was painted on a 16x20 inch studio canvas and was sold to Joey Slay... thank you soooo much for your purchase and support, it is greatly appreciated! I started this piece knowing of course I wanted to give her that touch of rock n roll, which I usually … Continue reading New Artwork: Feliz en Tristeza

New Artwork: Anaranjado

Here's another new art piece that I painted and displayed at the Sullivan Room Art Show. I have to admit, I was liking where I was headed from the beginning. the huge swirl in her hair, the pout , and her boobs were right on point. I'm not too crazy about the end result... I … Continue reading New Artwork: Anaranjado

NEW ARTWORK: It’ll Be Okay

Before I post the pictures of the show I recently had with TKL and MHS in Sullivan Room, I wanted to individualy share the new artwork that was showcased. I'm sure you won't be able to see the actual work and detail in the background of all the commotion. So here we go: I started this … Continue reading NEW ARTWORK: It’ll Be Okay