Ringlets of Hell

My curls have been acting pretty funny lately. The last two times I've washed it, it's been looking like I was playing with an electrical socket. So dry and brittle, disgusting, This video is on a good day. I turned to Twitter and asked my curly haired followers for assistance. The responses were amazing! I … Continue reading Ringlets of Hell

Between Brunette and Blonde

So, I told myself I wouldn't but I just had to. After a few weeks of looking up brunettes with a curly afro, I have been wanting to take the plunge back to dark haired land. I liked my blonde and didn't want to completely get rid of it, but I hated how flat it … Continue reading Between Brunette and Blonde

Mood Board No.13 : Curls on Curls on Curls

Hair chronicles, we all have them. Ever since I started to wear my hair in it's natural texture, every one has an opinion. When I first showed up to work with my broken what should have been curls, I got many comments that insisted I looked  like I stepped out of the 80's. My hair … Continue reading Mood Board No.13 : Curls on Curls on Curls

Mood Board No.2: Procrastination

It's time for Mood Board No.2 (See Mood Board No.1 HERE) I told myself I was going to start making these just because it's easier for me to express myself visually. Especially since I have so much and so little going on in my head all at the same time. Confusing, I know! Well, Lately … Continue reading Mood Board No.2: Procrastination