Bonnaroo Music Festival: Day 2

DSC04488Today was a no bra day.  “F” that. Don’t get me wrong, I start off with one, but they never last. Kind of like my romance life. haha. I have to make it funny or else it’s just sad.

The fellas are outside starting up a beer pong rivalry. I’m afraid to mention I have never played before. They’ll get me started in no time. Beer to me, is good to a minimum. I love it, but I have a pot belly that does not need to be exaggerated.

Matthew and Ashley are kicking ass at this game. Obviously it’s not their first time, their double team is ridiculous.

I started to play, Oh, man, I suck! My aim is horrible. After getting laughed at …… a lot, I managed to make a couple of shots on my own. Surprising not only everyone else, but me as well. But, ah, all this beer!

Making friends with our camping neighbors was easy and amusing. After bonding over our beer bong table, kicking some ass. While some of us sat on the side lines playing the congas, it was time for some adult fun. We later on headed to the farm to finally go see some performances.

Everyone is so hyped up and positive. I absolutely love it. What a great energy to be around. High fives for everyone!DSC04564.JPGDSC04546DSC04548 DSC04549 DSC04589 DSC04573 DSC04575

DSC04498|I loved when I saw Insa, was the featured graffiti artist for this event. I have been a long time fan & I finally got to see my first piece in person|DSC04447 DSC04448

DSC04617 DSC04609.b

First stop, Janelle Monae. What a beauty! Before anything else, I loved her set and her background singers attiire, especially because I’m such a huge a fan of black and white print. I was also happy seeing her because I was dedicated to seeing her perform in Brooklyn at Prospect Park about a week ago, and never really bothered to the show up. Back to the Roo..

Her song “Queen” featuring Erykah Badu is way too catchy. Getting to the front of the stage was a hassle. Not only because there was a lot of people, but because even if you got close enough, getting out was way worse.

Oh, and now I know, sandals may be comfy, but not when you’re dealing with mud. Squishy dirty toes are never cute. Good thing after a while of dancing and getting lost in the moment, you don’t really sweat small stuff like that.

Kanye West was a big disappointment as a performer. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Kanye music, so whenever he did happen to sing, I was jamming along side with him. His arrogance killed it, and it seemed like he was just pushing his fans away. Not only was somewhat insulting his fan base, he started to play ” runaway from me baby, just runaway” right after it. I guess you already know what happened. Everyone started  screaming ” Fuck Kanye!”

Ramon jumped in the fountain…. oh man, If you thought it was pretty it in the day time, it is gorgeous at night!

Ashley and I painted our faces for the night in gold paint… we were fierce!

DSC04626.bDSC04660DSC04657DSC04665.b DSC04635 DSC04638DSC04642DSC04651DSC04653DSC04645DSC04680Now check out my illustration for the day…and night!

PicMonkey Collage

Bonnaroo Music Festival: Day 1

DSC04451Broo14_Logo_RGBI cannot express how hot it is here. Shade is limited, and there’s plenty of enough sun to spare. Non the less, I am super excited to get this trip going, aaaaaah! Camp was set up… there are RV’s everywhere. Our grill was up, and I can’t wait to taste some food soon. Some guys across from us, our neighbors for the week, were such nice guys. I asked to pass around the football with them, and like always, boys are surprised by arm.

Hanging out at camp for a little while, blasting music, gulping beers and making jokes, just waiting for the right time to hit to actually head to the farm. That’s where all the music, performers, stages, vendors and almost everyone was at. The lineup is ridiculous, and I know I have my mind set on some people I want to see. Janelle Monae, Kanye West, The Phoenix, Lionel Richie, Elton John, Chance the Rapper, and soooo soooo much more.

Since everyone is split up in to different days and stages, we have our handy schedules to keep us on check. All of us wanting to see someone different. I was just ready to start dancing… I sure love dancing!
10463955_10152919054712501_7324908748575930134_n|   Our home for the next few days… (Photo above by: Ramon)    |
DSC04453( Irene looking fabulous )DSC04459DSC04383 DSC04413DSC04446DSC04456( Looks like I’m not the only one getting some work done on this trip! )DSC04457 DSC04462DSC04469DSC04470DSC04475DSC04467.c( congas, I was stuck on these forever… even if I was off beat most of the time. Ramon sure wasn’t! )DSC04485.bDSC04503( I was soooo grateful for this hat… saved my face! )DSC04492DSC04494DSC04491DSC04500DSC04525DSC04506We headed to Silent Disco… which had to be one more favorite things to do. Once walking in, you are handed headphones just like everyone else. Which I find hilarious, because passing by this tent, it’s so quiet, yet you see everyone jamming, dancing and getting down. Pretty funny stuff when you don’t hear any music playing. So when you come in, headphones on deck. Time to start getting crazy. Techno was playing and I was getting pumped. I think this was the first time I actually fist pumped! hahahaha.

Like I mentioned before, popping cherries everywhere, first times for everything!

DSC04519.JPG.2DSC04512DSC04527Now check out the illustration I made of my outfit!PicMonkey Collage.jpg