Holidays at Home

I've been busting my butt, making my tiny apartment cozy for the holidays. I'm such of fan of seeing holiday decorations, it just melts my heart. I'm not too crazy about red and green put together unless it's done in a nice tasteful way. Over kill can be just as the name describes, death. I'll … Continue reading Holidays at Home

Jolie Has A Scary Birthday

This was not a hangover, and no I'm not being sarcastic. After leaving Chris's house (You can read that post here) we knew we had to wake up early, yet did no such thing. We, as in Misha and I , were exhausted. Yes, we did some drinking and yes we had a tiny headache, … Continue reading Jolie Has A Scary Birthday

Early Halloween at Chris’

Aaaaaah! Let the Halloween festivities begin!After work, I rushed home to "supposedly" get dressed. And after thinking sooo hard of what I could possible dress up as, (and I had some pretty cool ideas at that) I ended up playing it safe, for some strange stupid reason and did my makeup as a sugar skull … Continue reading Early Halloween at Chris’

Graffiti, Gay Icecream & Sneaky Cervezas

Where should I even begin? Chinatown of course. I headed with Q to meet with Misha, we were headed to Canal Street to see artists paint in a lot and I knew this neighborhood a little too well. See, my step-father( father to me, I don't see him any other way ♥ ) had worked in … Continue reading Graffiti, Gay Icecream & Sneaky Cervezas

Girly Date with Misha

I'm sure you all know my Misha by now, especially since she's always making an appearance on my blog. Not only is she a talented photographer, she's such a loving person and my best friend. She is my walking diary and I'm so lucky to have her in my life. These past couple of days, I've … Continue reading Girly Date with Misha