Movie Targetted and Munch

16040bae76a752b0996dfdfc8bab12f29 2I spent my lazy Sunday waking up early to meet up with Misha.

She received the greatest news and opportunity as the wonderful photographer that she is, to capture images of amazing villagers and do some life changing work.  She’ll be working with a non- profit organization called The Batey Rehab Project which aids in impoverished Batey communities.

Aaaaaand guess what?! It’s in the Dominican Republic! Since she leaves on Friday, it’s time to start packing.
We headed to Target, Marshall’s, Costco and Burlington’s to get some much needed supplies. Everything from travel sized toiletries, sunblock and shorts. And knowing everything is on sale since we’re in winter now, made everything so much sweeter. Everyone knows I love a good sale. 3 After all that walking around, I was exhausted! When we finally got to her mother’s place (not even her place) we were convinced that we were going to sit for a few minutes and then head over to her apartment to start packing, and so I can pick up an extra set of keys (so I can walk her babies, ehrrr I mean dogs)
Ha! To that plan.
I said Ha!
We ended up getting so cozy on the couch even her red nose pit Munchkin jumped in for some cuddling while we watched Christmas movies. (Yes, I know, already!) 4I’m so proud of my Mish and I hope everything goes oh so smooth, and she kills it over there.

I can’t wait to see what new adventures she has.

I’m gonna miss you so much, see you in December!

♥ you,


Girly Date with Misha


I’m sure you all know my Misha by now, especially since she’s always making an appearance on my blog. Not only is she a talented photographer, she’s such a loving person and my best friend.

She is my walking diary and I’m so lucky to have her in my life.

These past couple of days, I’ve been in a little slump.

And there’s no one else I rather turn to, to lift up my spirits.DSC06107

After we both got out of work we decided to meet up and head to 34th Street.

Her, out of all people, wanted to go shopping!

You make think this kind of behavior may be absolutely normal for a girl, but when it comes to Misha, she is the hardest person to try to get to do anything girly.

This woman won’t budge.  Skirts, eh. Makeup, yeah right, high heels, you might as well not even bother asking. So when she asked to go shopping, how in the world could I say no?DSC06112

We went to Victoria’s Secret, Forever 21, H&M, Macy’s, and other stores. We had a blast trying on all the crazy stuff, and once we were in F21 Misha went crazy with all the batman stuff from their new collection.DSC06114

We decided to get some Wendy’s and knowing me, I stuffed it all in my bag, especially since we decided we should go to the movies next.

Hey, I love sneaking in food to the movies!DSC06106

We decided to watch Don Jon

It was soooooo worth it.

It was hilarious, and Joseph Gordon Levitt looked sexier than ever! DSC06116

Then we decided to be a naughty and made our way into another movie.

Gravity it was, and Sandra Bullock definitely deserves an award for this.

If I was ever stuck in that situation, I would be dead 5 minutes into the movie!

I kept squirming at the edge of the seat.


This was a good date. No complaints whatsoever!

I can’t wait to have more adventures with my Mish.DSC06115


Cake and Ribs


I love spending time with my Mish, what’s even better is that we always spoil ourselves with food in the process. I told her to come over so I can help her gain a few pounds. I had ribs seasoning since the day before and I knew that sauce was gonna be on point! 2

Talking about boys, one of our favorite topics. After a certain comment she made, I started to choke on the wine and made a mess on my floor, I spilled it from my nose. Mish ran over to me patting me in the back but we both just kept laughing. 3

Supposedly this girl date was supposed to be about business, since we have so many idea in mind for future shoots that we need desperately want to start doing. So if you’re interested in body art modeling, shoot me an email ( ) with a face shot and full body pic.

I have a list of people in mind, but it doesn’t hurt to make my list larger. I’m looking for a certain look, and I just love it when my (and hers) come to life.4

Dinner was delicious, not to toot my own horn, but “toot toot”

Misha and I decided we needed something sweet as well, so I took out a box of cake mix and get her to start mixing. I was surprised by how much oil the box wanted us to use, half a cup…

No, I was not having it, I added just a little bit, threw it in the oven and waited.5

I know what you’re thinking and I didn’t regret it at all, ew, imagine all that oil in cake?

Our yellow pound cake came out delicious, all I needed to was run to the store for some milk.

After stuffing our faces, blasting music and talking all that good stuff, we failed trying to add Photoshop into my computer. This makes me sad.


I told her how I was also thinking about starting to do vlogs. For those who don’t know, it blogging in video form. I was excited to try it, and she would love to help, but doubted she will ever join me on screen, only behind the scenes.

Hmm… I’ll see if I can convince her slowly.

If you ever heard our talking sessions, oh boy.

Trouble trouble trouble,8

I’ll keep doing my homework because I don’t like starting things and half assing them. So for now, please continue to read and my pictures. Maybe these vlogs will come sooner than later. See you guys next time, ya make me so happy!

, Minxie 9

Outtakes From Misha Merino’s Shoot gave me the awesome privelage of being interviewed by them to be posted on their site.

( Read that post here ) 

So, with that being said, here are the outtakes of that shoot. These just didn’t make the cut to making it into the final round of pics for the interview.  I hope you guys enjoy.

Photographed by Misha Merino.

The Parlement Music Video Premier

The best friend Misha has been busting her ass for the past couple of  months working on her secret project, which I was sworn to secrecy.

Earlier on in the year I had posted an entry on a good friend , Sage ( You can see that post by clicking on his name ) and his talented ways with words.

Luke and Abstract are right there with him.

Misha, Sage, Luke and Abstract have known each other for about six years. So when the opportunity rises, different talents collide.

So without a further a due, here’s the final product.

Enjoy, I know I loved it…

( by the way, catch me really quick at 31 seconds )

I’m so proud of Misha and the guys…. all of you are going places, I can see it now.


Music Video by L.U.K.E Performing THE PARLEMENT Featuring Sage & Abstract.
Debut Mixtape: Breath of Fresh Air
Directed by: Misha Merino
Cinematography and Editing by: Derrick M. Clarke

L.U.K.E –
L.U.K.E – Twitter: @aLL_TrUeLuKe
L.U.K.E – Email:
Sage –
Sage – Twitter: @sagemental
Abstract –
Abstract – Twitter: @akaAbstract