Ultra Violet at Dillon Gallery

IMG_5437IMG_5364Can I mention how much I loooooved this exhibit!? There were neon lights and mirrors almost everywhere. If you really know me, you know how  much I love mirrors, especially ones in beautiful frames.

This gallery was meant for me, the 3 out of my fourth stop.

There was also a vanity that was made out of crystal acrylic….omg, I need it in my house now!

go be nosy and look at the artist Ultra Violet‘s work , not o mention her cute purple hair.

Ps. Check out the last pic of this post…definitely my favorite piece of the night!


Artist’s Biography

The artist Ultra Violet’s work is in the collections of the Museum Pompidou in Paris, the Knokke-Heist Museum located in the Belgian municipality of Knokke-Heist, and in the private collection of Whitney Museum trustee, Beth deWoody.

Ultra Violet operates studios in both New York City and Nice, France. Her works are represented by her Parisian gallery, Galerie Heart, at Art Basel (CH).

Ultra Violet has worked with Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol and other prominent artists. She is the author of the international bestselling memoir, Famous for Fifteen Minutes: My Years with Andy Warhol, which has been published in seventeen languages. Famous, an opera based on Ultra’s life story, has recently been completed.

The Times Review


WanderLust Mirror Scene with Paul Rudd

I watched this movie with Q last night, and without a doubt, this was my favorite scene….let’s not count thte fact that I’ve watched it like 4 times already with vodka in my system before updating this post. I’m literally crying in tears…just don’t be surprised when in normal convrsation I ask you if you ready for this DDDDDDIIIICCCCCKKK!

Gallery 151 Room Service

After work I decided to go meet up with Kash and join her and others.

The location: Gallery 151


The exhibition was named Inside Out  by the artist Walker Fee 

and its running from August 29th to September 15, so you still have plenty of time to go see for yourself!

Everything looked beautiful and guess what, it’s all made out of tape! Yes, masking tape! Check out this  introductory  video by clicking the numbers : 48351472

He is absolutely talented! Read his Introduction to the show below:

Gallery 151 is pleased to announce a solo show from Queens-based Walker Fee made entirely with tape. In this group of new works Fee updates the symbols of an art historical past with contemporary signifiers and personal mythology.

And with Fee, the symbol is everything, acting as both the characters and settings of his stories.

His collage of near-figures form the hieroglyphs of his own language: the Alpha and Omega are coupled with the script of a Met’s logo, the scales of justice are juxtaposed with the curves of a street light, and the contours of a triptych give way to the repetition of a crosswalk.

Drawing from Greco-Roman mythology, Egyptian cartouches, and illuminated manuscripts from both the East and West, he welcomes the new symbols of our age to the pantheon of gestures that encompass all that came before him.  

His works forge a pastiched landscape of immediately legible symbols new and old that shies from figuration and leaves the viewer in dizzying cycles of interpretation and reinterpretation.

But despite the insular impulse that seems to walk hand in hand with the desire to create a new world, Walker Fee’s works with tape are devoid of egoism. Much like the ancient icons and manuscripts he emulates, they speak to transcendence.

Like icons, they aren’t mimetic representations of this world, but rather a mirror whose reflection we hope to live up to. And like icons, the materials he uses make his works objects rather than windows to the world.

His use of tape is closer to printmaking tactics than painting in spite of his rampant historicism. Fee has described these works as “printmaking without the mess,” and like printmaking, the works are faced with their own mortality.

According to the artist, “Altarpiece For The Birds” has changed dramatically since its inception, the colors already fading indiscriminately.

The fragility of the pieces adds another, powerful layer to the work, a dichotomy between the timelessness of the symbols, the world they posit, and the very physicality of the works themselves.

Fee thus questions the new conditions of art as commodity while using household tape to tell his story, a material as readymade as his symbols.

Anyone can work with tape, but these works go beyond what can be readily imitated, and rather encourage people to play with symbols and think about symbols for themselves.

Oh Walter, if you only knew what I’m about to say, you would kill me.

Funny thing about the mirror piece I’m posting by below….

So I’m trying to take the picture with MHS and Mel and I are just posing thinking we’re all cute and such.

“Oh, look at the fantastic piece on the mirror, Oh, so beautiful, ooooh, ahhh…..”

TKL is taking the picture and snapping away when Mel and I feel the mirror falling.

So here we are, trying to save this piece, pinning it up back against the wall.

As soon as we turn around and walk away, thinking all is fine…the piece is slowly leaning forward….

Kash runs to the mirrored piece and saves it!

Omg, It all happened so quickly!

That $8,000 piece would have left a hole in my pocket if Mel and I would have broke it!

Sooooo close!

After laughing about the what could have been, we all decided we were hungry.

We head to dinner at a cute little restaurant by the name of Room Service on

166 8th avenue

Ny ny 10011

I have never had Thai food before, so I was a little skeptical… especially since I’m not a fan of spicy foods.

I know, I know, I’m such a coward!

I ended up ordering a tuna steak meal. Which I never knew was even possible.

But anything with steak on it has to be good right!?

hahhaa… and it was!

And here’s ending this post in why Kash should never hold your phone. lol