Makeup Haul with Mary Ann

I love me some MaryAnn!

We’ve been making plans for some time now, and they never seem to come through. Life I guess. This time, we were finally following through. Mary Ann met me at the bar, where we exchanged about 8 hugs in a row. I really did her miss her, we had so much to talk about, I love it when we get together and this time it was no different.

We wanted to go somewhere fun and decided on a strip club. We were trying to beat the cover charge and we only had about 18 minutes to get there… we were 22 minutes away. We ran so fast and managed to get there 3 minutes late, no strip club for us. We rather spend the money throwing it at the girls instead of having to pay to get in. So we rescheduled that notion, headed to get some grub instead.

We split a bowl of Chipotle, pretty glad I did too, because I would have been so full this time around with so much food, and I think everyone knows how much I love food. Those beers filled me up, that’s what it was.We passed by a Duane Reade where I was telling M, that I wasted like 15 bucks during my lunch break just stacking up on makeup that I know I do not need. Wet and Wild was having a huge buy one get one 50% off, and I love me some Wet & Wild makeup. They’re super affordable and work amazingly. I stacked up on some matted lippies, a setting spray, a matte powder, a couple of eye liners and gel nailpolish. We walked in and it was googly eyes all over they’re section of the store. I ended up spending like $20 more. Ugggh, the temptation.

M and I have it official, we need to spend more time together. Every Wednesday will be our date night, and I can’t wait to see all the things we come up with.

Oh, let me tell you though, that nailpolish though… I need to go back for more colors.

Because Unlimited Mimosas

I love playing catch up with my MaryAnn!

This time we decided to meet in the Heights, I almost never go all the way up there. M suggested the popular Apt.78 , you know the one that hosts all the Brunch Bounces and Pizza Zoos. When we got there, the place was packed with no where to sit. Wait time was 40 minutes, and I wasn’t willing to wait.

Since Locksmith Burger Bar is right next door, that’s where we headed. I’ve been there before a couple times, for Zero’s birthday and then maybe two other times for just drinks with friends. It’s always been a blast, and the food has always been good.

You guys know my addiction to burgers, and this one was perfect, what was even better? Since we made it to brunch, unlimited mimosas were being offered, and how could I possibly refuse? Even after I told myself I wouldn’t do too much drinking….I lied.

A group of three guys walked in, and since all the big tables were taken, M and I were chivalrous enough to move to a smaller table. They were gracious, and ended up buying us a shot of patron. We toasted and said thank you.

After all of our mimosas, we asked for another refill, and gave it to the guys, they laughed at how we were trying to get them messed up, and we juts laughed it off. Told them it was nice meeting them and we on our way.

M and I did a little shopping, and every store we walked into, we kept dancing around the aisles. We were in the  mood for dancing, and we were in the wrong place at the wrong time. I had work in the morning, or else I would have been throwing on some heels and was willing to dance tipico all night!

Big Apple Circus 2015

It’s date night!

I was taking my boo MaryAnn to the circus, and we were so excited. Originally I thought the event for Big Apple Circus was taking place pretty close to my job, so I figured I had plenty of time to kill. Little did I know, that was only where they’re office was, so once I finally figured that out, I had to rush to the city to make in to time for the curtain. Mary Ann looked beautiful as she always does with her huge pretty curls.

I must have had something terrible for lunch because my stomach started killing me, I felt like I was ruining the night complaining about it.

The show was pretty damn funny. It was mostly for kids, but I saw a couple of child-less couples in the audience, so I think we were okay. The two main “clowns” would go off and do their silly skits, while there were many different performers going about their talent. The hula girl was pretty damn good, shuffling between 10 hoops or so. I don’t know how she does it.

At point there was a group of guys doing flips and such. All built and pretty handsome, regardless of the silly costume, and since M and I were so close, I was laughing at how cute one was, and took off my glasses. He obviously saw me and started smiling at how dorky I looked!

Mary Ann and I finally got to catch up like we’ve been meaning to do for some time now. Every time we hang out, we’re never really alone, so gossip is out of the question. This time we got to all the juicy stuff, and trust me when I say juicy!

M treated us to burgers from Bare Burger, and I topped mine off with a gingerale..or 2, to settle my stomach.  I can’t wait until the next time, I’m thinking maybe a play or a musical.

Katra for MaryAnn

MaryAnn is officially 25. Quarter century woman over here! According to her she’s been celebrating all week, so of course it was only fitting for me to spend some time with the birthday girl. MaryAnn is the sweetest soul known to mankind… ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but when it comes to me, she’s a bucket full of sugar. She was in the mood to go dancing, and who am I to say no?

After work, I was ready to get dressed and have some drinks. Chris as generous as he usually is, gave M her birthday drink with the quickness. She’s never had whiskey with ginger-ale, and after she fell in love with it, she had about 3 more… guess it was better than she expected! I on the other was getting drunk off of the music, I liked how all of the songs were top 40, but not from this year… so every tiem a song came on, I was like “aaaaaay!” Kevin (MaryAnn’s boo) and Darnell were the bets company, and it felt like the old days when we all used to work together at Armani Exchange about 2 years ago. Something that I was explaining to  Chris when he asked how we all knew each other. Time sure does go by quickly, and so much has happened in that huge gap. We’ve all gone through the roller coaster, and I’m so happy to say we continue to keep each other a part of the other’s lives, even if it’s not as often as we all wish we could.

Since I didn’t feel like carrying anything, and when I say anything, I mean nothing at all… I didn’t even bring a purse with me, talk about lazy! (Talk about a run on sentence actually!) I left my camera at home, only because it’s so huge and I think I’m gonna have to end up investing in something a little more portable. So for this night, my crappy cellphone pics it was.

MaryAnn, I adore you, continue being the beautiful soul that you are. I only wish you the best in all of your endeavors, and I hope I’ get the chance to be there to witness it all.

Love you!

Happy Birthday.

Waterfights and Sunflowers

IMG_5365My original plan was go to Central Park’s annual water fight, where hundreds of New Yorkers get together and well, fight! After stopping by my local toy shop to pick up some water guns (seems like I buy new ones every time, because I always give them away to little kids or something) I met up with good friends Maryann and Kevin, the cutest couple ever.

IMG_5332IMG_5338 IMG_5337

We finally arrived at the park, even though we thought we were gonna get lost because I never been to that side of the park before. We found the Great Lawn in no time. Now the problem was, we didn’t see anybody wetting each other like crazy. All we saw was people tanning on the grass and baseball being played.

That wasn’t gonna stop us from having fun regardless…. it was each man for themselves, and since there were only 2 guns, someone was assed out on rotation.


We stopped by The Turtle Pond, where Kevin found some berries and got us girls to grow some “cojones” and feed the turtles, one which snapped right away at Maryann. Mine was a bit fussy, and after chasing him for a few seconds, he finally gave in.

IMG_5369IMG_5373 IMG_5381

The sun was beaming and the water pistols were refreshing after all that catching up and “hiking” we were doing. At least that’s what it felt like we were doing. My combat rain boots didn’t help.


After the stroll, M & K were read for part two of their day, they were headed to Brooklyn Bridge to go bicycling. While walking to the train, Maryann surprised with the cutest gift.

I looooove sunflowers, they’re my favorite flowers if I had to pick one. That and cactus, but back to the sunflowers. I have never owned sunflowers, let alone received them as a gift, let alone received them for no reason.

MaryAnn was sneaky about it while shopping for them, I gave her the best hug I knew how. Now they sit on my kitchen table looking absolutely beautiful.

IMG_5414Grungy New York with a side of Pretty ↓20140629_181106

Check out my outfit of the day illustration:
ootdAnd also, check out Honschar, the artist behind the awesome sidewalk chalk graffiti we bumped into!1372784350218-xtralight8080perc.jpg