Never Made Its

Here’s another  batch of “Never Made It’s ” Those random pictures of moments that just haven’t made the cut to get their own post. And with my lack  of blogging lately due to sooo many things going on at once, Why not update you here. Don’t forget to find me on Twitter and on Instagram  —–> @2minxinx

Headed to work on a beautiful sunny day. Ugh.

Off to another adventure with Misha

Getting to  see the love of my life, my little brother. Even if it was only for 10 minutes during a lunchbreak. I miss him so much

Preview of the  upcoming canvas that I’m currently working on


The after effect of my painting nights.  I always feel proud of my battle scars.

Acting reckless on the train with Misha, having everyone stare at us as if we’re on drugs. We we weren’t .. this time. hahhaa

Ordering my buffalo chicken slices with ranch. I swear Diana has gotten me addicted to these!

Favorite Snapple, Go Bananas. Tastes like baby food =]

This is how the bestfriend sleeps.  If her other two dogs were there with her, it would be an orgy. lol

Ordering Mozzarella sticks late at night. When hunger strikes.

Chicken Nuggets

wilfredo and my chunky self

wilfredo and my chunky self

After getting in trouble at work numerous times for my tardiness, today I woke up early. No idea how, considering the fact that I got home from a long night of partying, drinking and tacos at 7am.
I got dressed, took my time left my house on time and proceeded to the bus stop. In a relaxed mood, I pick up my phone and start blogging. That’s when I get most of my timer to update you guys, from mobile. Then whenever I have free time at home ill post the pictures for you to see.
I’m on the subway platform, in the train. At peace and getting that feeling of ” yes motherfucker, I’m finally gonna get to work on time and prove you shitholes wrong. ”
I spoke to soon. The stupid lady voice in the intercom announces that there is an interrupution and there will be subway delays because of a customer injury in 14th st.
Fuuuuuuuuuuuck! Why couldn’t someone fall into the tracks another day!?
Shitty of me to say of course, not to mention selfish.
I arrived at work 25 minutes late. Just what I needed. Not to mention the stupid imprinted look on my boss’ face. Here we go again, hearing the same old shit.
But it kills me more that I actually got my ass up on time to get here, and still didn’t.
I must have done something to somebody for my karma getting fucked up that way today.
The brightest side of my day so far has me being able to finally take a lunch break with one of my favorite coworkers, Wilfredo.
For a year now, we always took lunch together, and since we’ve had new management. Its been a struggle and bitch ever since. According to them two people can’t go at the same time. And I know for sure that’s complete bullshit. 1) we are in two totally different job categories. Which don’t interfere with the other and 2) everyone else always go to lunch with someone else. It’s fine though, we don’t make a big deal about it.
Wilfredo and I started a week apart from each other. So we basically learned the ropes together and have been inseparable ever since. The other guys always pick on us because they believe we’re dating. That’s definitely not the case. We just get along great.
So we headed to mickey d’s and got fat. And caught up on our bullshitness and he’s preaching to me about being on time, and telling me I need to stop drinking so much. And if I don’t, to at least try to catch up on some sleep because I don’t get any. I just look at him and roll my eyes. And he already knows to change the conversation.
I punch back in and realize he’s punching out to leave. Now I’m stuck here for 4-5 more hours reading my new magazine that I already skimmed through while the dumbass train was stuck in a tunnel.
On a lighter note: I hope the dumb broad that fell in the tracks is still breathing.