A Little Bit of Him

Relationships aren’t easy, they’re a lot of work and are never perfect. That doesn’t mean I would change mine,  I’m blessed to have a bond with such a challenging man. I know that may sounds like the opposite of what someone wants, but I’m constantly learning new things about myself, especially on how to have patience lol.

Tonight is Christopher’s night and soon as he got home from work I was ready to pounce on him. He hinted last night about Salsa Con Fuego, a restaurant lounge that we’ve been itching to go to, and this was the night. Chris made the reservation and did his homework on the menu and wine list, by the time we showed up, dressed to impressed might I add, we were ready to order.

The wine was nice and not too sweet, the coconut shrimp was delicious and tiny, and the steak was perfect for two. I’m so glad we decided to share a plate, I was stuffed, and as superficial as it sounds, I wanted to look good in my dress.

Alex Sensation is one of my favorite DJ’s, so when Chris told me he was going to be in attendance, I was jumping out of my chair. Like any Dominican, I was ready to dance! Tonight was beautiful, I had an amazing time with an even more of an amazing human being.

May we have more memories to come, thank you for being you.

♥, M

Katra for MaryAnn

MaryAnn is officially 25. Quarter century woman over here! According to her she’s been celebrating all week, so of course it was only fitting for me to spend some time with the birthday girl. MaryAnn is the sweetest soul known to mankind… ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but when it comes to me, she’s a bucket full of sugar. She was in the mood to go dancing, and who am I to say no?

After work, I was ready to get dressed and have some drinks. Chris as generous as he usually is, gave M her birthday drink with the quickness. She’s never had whiskey with ginger-ale, and after she fell in love with it, she had about 3 more… guess it was better than she expected! I on the other was getting drunk off of the music, I liked how all of the songs were top 40, but not from this year… so every tiem a song came on, I was like “aaaaaay!” Kevin (MaryAnn’s boo) and Darnell were the bets company, and it felt like the old days when we all used to work together at Armani Exchange about 2 years ago. Something that I was explaining to  Chris when he asked how we all knew each other. Time sure does go by quickly, and so much has happened in that huge gap. We’ve all gone through the roller coaster, and I’m so happy to say we continue to keep each other a part of the other’s lives, even if it’s not as often as we all wish we could.

Since I didn’t feel like carrying anything, and when I say anything, I mean nothing at all… I didn’t even bring a purse with me, talk about lazy! (Talk about a run on sentence actually!) I left my camera at home, only because it’s so huge and I think I’m gonna have to end up investing in something a little more portable. So for this night, my crappy cellphone pics it was.

MaryAnn, I adore you, continue being the beautiful soul that you are. I only wish you the best in all of your endeavors, and I hope I’ get the chance to be there to witness it all.

Love you!

Happy Birthday.

2647 Harlem’s Grand Opening

1aOne of my lovely friends Tanya, invited me and our little clique to join her in the celebration of her boyfriend Richie’s new business.

After all his hard work, the opening to his new lounge 2647 Harlem had just arrived and I couldn’t wait to catch up with all the girls.2Richie wasn’t the only one who had a good night, Tanya was basically hosting the entire night, making sure everyone was okay,

but she also took a big part in displaying some of her work as well.

The stair case that leads to the soon to become VIP section  was filled with her work.
1She did absolutely great and I loved the colors she used. Especially that gold, wow.5

She had this whole 1920’s flapper jazz style going on and the details  were on point.4

I specifically loved the how linear and geometrical the prints were….6

Look at that city landscape ..gorgeous.3Notice how all the girls are busy taking glamour shots..


it’s just that we haven’t seen each other in so long!


Of course I dragged Q with me and he of course got a little too comfortable too quickly.8

We were dancing in no time.9

The place was great, I loved how it looks as if it were supposed to be an old school Speakeasy.10

Being ratchet at the stairs.11

I also got to meet Luisa also known as @pinnylu, she is such a sweetheart!12 13

Q and Tanya acting silly.15

Congrats guys!16

Come & Watch Me Paint Live This Saturday!


55 Live!

( click on any image to make larger )

As you all know I had gig this Thursday the 16th. I had posted a flyer earlier in the month inviting you all to come and watch me paint my live!
Maury from 55 was hosting a Deep In The Heights event that’s held in Negro Claro Lounge

The great and talented Marthalicia introduced us and put this all together. We even got to the paint the models together! But lets not skip ahead to the random parts of the event.

I know I had to get to the heights at 10:30 pm. N and I were munching on pizza, can’t go anywhere on an empty stomach! Headed to the UPS base and ended up waiting an hour and half on a huge line. Waiting for all the delivery trucks to arrive.

I ordered my business cards about a little less than a month ago and have been going through the only hassle to receive them. The wait was well worth it. A cab ride later I made it to the lounge at 10:32pm right on time. Still early actually!

We walked in and the outside of the place was completely misleading. The outside looked so plain, covered in wood panels. The inside was gorgeous. Nice dim lighting. Beautiful booths for the VIP over looking the bar, dance floor and DJ booth. I had the best view in the house.

Maury was a delight to meet, and I quickly introduced him to the models, N, Ralph, cousin of N who was there to not only enjoy himself and see me in action but to make sure the models would not be disrespected in any kind of way.

Men, liquor, Open bar in this case does not always mix well with naked ladies in public. So of course I needed to have that extra protection for them.

Speaking of the models. I had the greatest pleasure of having two beautiful ladies join me in this adventure. Of course they were the canvas! Tina, which you all have met before when she was the canvas for the Legalize Gay Marriage Bodyart session. and joining me this time, I had first timer Samantha “Spankss” working with me and she was excited as ever!

I set up all the paint, brushes etc. Until I realized I would be painting in the dark! I have never painted without light before. I was handed a tiny flashlight, so I did the only thing I could do….grabbed a drink and got to work! hahahaha….

I was so grateful for how many faces I recognized and came out to show support. Carlos, Zero,Kat, Phil, Emil, Jessi,Maria,David,Jerm,Gerald and many more that I just can’t simply recall. Sorry if I left anyone out and be sure to click on any person’s name for their twitter account.

Of course I had the bestfriend and photographer Ari shoot.

Guess I wasn’t the only person with that in mind. There was so many cameras! At one point that had me, the models and Marthalicia pose in front of a rock decor looking wall, and no lie there was about 10 different professional camera flashes being flashed in our faces. If we moved we were quickly being yelled at to go back and take more pictures!

It was definitely a different experience since I’m usually behind the scenes… I caught myself plenty of times feeling awkward not knowing how to pose or smile. Doesn’t mean I didn’t like the feeling though!

Seeing Carlos and Maria dance was way too funny! Carlos got on the floor, knees and all moving to the music with his body all on the floor! hahaha I was not expecting that!

Everyone seemed like they were having a great time and I was so happy to see everyone who showed up!

It felt like a twitter party and everyone already started to get frisky!

Thank you to everyone who showed up and showed support, I really appreciate it. Thank you to Marthalicia and Maury for making this possible.

Thank you to Ari for taking wonderful photographs.

Stay posted for more photographs and videos of the night. Way too many to fit into one entry! I’m overwhelmed! Don’t forget to click on any image to make it larger!