A Little Bit of Him

Relationships aren't easy, they're a lot of work and are never perfect. That doesn't mean I would change mine,  I'm blessed to have a bond with such a challenging man. I know that may sounds like the opposite of what someone wants, but I'm constantly learning new things about myself, especially on how to have … Continue reading A Little Bit of Him

Katra for MaryAnn

MaryAnn is officially 25. Quarter century woman over here! According to her she's been celebrating all week, so of course it was only fitting for me to spend some time with the birthday girl. MaryAnn is the sweetest soul known to mankind... ok, maybe that's an exaggeration, but when it comes to me, she's a … Continue reading Katra for MaryAnn

2647 Harlem’s Grand Opening

One of my lovely friends Tanya, invited me and our little clique to join her in the celebration of her boyfriend Richie's new business. After all his hard work, the opening to his new lounge 2647 Harlem had just arrived and I couldn't wait to catch up with all the girls.Richie wasn't the only one … Continue reading 2647 Harlem’s Grand Opening

55 Live!

( click on any image to make larger ) As you all know I had gig this Thursday the 16th. I had posted a flyer earlier in the month inviting you all to come and watch me paint my live! .............................. Maury from 55 was hosting a Deep In The Heights event that's held in … Continue reading 55 Live!