Hot Date


ooooooooooh….I’ve been waiting all week for my hot date with Kat. We barely get to see each other anymore, so when we made plans to go out, I was soooo excited. We were so excited.

We kept calling each other all giggly.

“what are you gonna wear?”

“aaaah, I’m so excited.”

“One more day left!”2We went to Ricky’s to overload on hair dye, since Kat wants to go blue and I want to pale out this blonde. I actually like the blonde, but I feel it’s too yellow for my taste. So like always, changes are coming. I don’t know how I still have hair on my head.

We headed to Appleebees, which I’m not the biggest fan of. But  my steak with mashed potatoes was delicious, Tiny, yet still delicious.

Can’t you tell how much we missed each other?

The funniest thing is we told ourselves we would wear heels for each other, I gave up 20 minutes in, and a short while later, we were both in combat boots.

I used to wear heels religiously. I feel sooooo old.

Goos times with my Kat though, love you!4

Holidays at Home


I’ve been busting my butt, making my tiny apartment cozy for the holidays. I’m such of fan of seeing holiday decorations, it just melts my heart. I’m not too crazy about red and green put together unless it’s done in a nice tasteful way. Over kill can be just as the name describes, death. I’ll stick to soft neutral metallics and whites. I think it’s soft, classic and just what I wanted. I add some mint green and my purple wall made my white tree simply stand out. I’m in love.2

I wrapped all (not shown above, because this pic was the early stages) the presents in either gold or silver wrapping paper, used dark purple ribbon or white ribbon with black polka dots. (I’m addicted to black and white prints)
3I also added picture frames of loved ones. That’s me and my sister Jula.

The best friend Misha and I below, as well as my Mr.Minx.

And of course no tree is complete without my Jasmine there. Doesn’t she look pretty?

What do your trees look like?

Ps.I hope all of your homes are filled with joy this season, I’ll speak to you guys soon.

4 5 6 7 8


Shopping with my godson

1A day after work, I met up with Kat and Zj, my adorable godson who got to go to work with her.

I was so excited to see him!

I was headed to Queens mall to surprise Q with some fall boots and I had the best company with me.

Zj has officially lost his first tooth, and the tooth fairy ( cough cough Kat and Z) left him a shiny and glittery 5  dollar bill.

He’s starting Kindergarten already.. I can’t believe how fast he’s growing.


Let me stop being all mushy.


Zero’s Artshow

zs.jpgZero’s Artshow

at Negro Claro Lounge z1.jpgThis post is way over due, so I’ll keep it completely simple. My brother Zero was having an artshow at Negro Claro Lounge in the heights.

He was gonna be showcasing his new collection of his new works.zk2.jpgKat and I headed to the heihts after work, struggling due to the lack of mirror in our office. Once we arrived, we pulled out the “comfy’ move and switched out our little sneakers to our heels before entering the venue.

Slick.z5.jpgIt was nice bumping into familiar faces from the online world, and even better seeing Z so happy.zs2.jpg

Take a look into my pics of the night.z6.jpgmq5.jpgz7.jpgmq2.jpgphil.minx.jpgmq1.jpgzs3.jpgDSC01363dj

Before the show:


After the show:


Never Made Its

Here’s another round of Never Made Its. Those random pictures that just have never made it to get their own post on the site. Mostly random pictures through out the day. You can find most of these on my instagram, if you’re not folowing me already!

@2minxinx Get to it!

Stuck at work looking like a rabbit.

My gorgeous Lee and I . Keeping the kiddies entertained, watching Paranorman with a diy fort =]

One of those mean mug days.

Thanks to Kash for uploading this #tbt ( Throwback Thursday ) pic of us from when we used to be roommates back in 2009.

The stunning Ariana.

Lunchbreaks in Chipotle.

When you spend most of your time at work, you end up falling for your coworkers and all of their personalities.

All smiles.

three’s company with Kat, Mikey and myself.

Lumberjack life. Being lazy on my day off.

Barbeque time with Kat’s family. There’s baby Ashton, looking all cute!

Blessed to have all of them in my life. Zero, my godson Zj and Kat

Finally home after a long day at work, comfy and ready to spend my night online.

At work supposedbly.

Can’t you see how hard I work? ( closing shift at 1 am )

Food shopping with my handsome godson. I had to give him my scarf while we strolled the meat/frozen foods section.

Burrito lunch date with my Diana.

A new Mini You of @Moonoverdose, that I just haven’t had the chance to post up on the site…. busy with the move and all.

I had to use two different pictures to get her final result, but I have to admit, she looks so cute!

MinxyKattitude Giveaway!

As you all know my beloved Kat and I have started a new small business making tutus for little girls. In honor of new beginnings…So for all the mommies out there, please click on the picture below to have a chance to win this beautiful tutu!

Details are mentioned on the other site. Good Luck!