Drunken Pictionary

This post has a little bit of everything, family, drinks, kids, games, videos, new artwork… I hope you guys enjoy =]

Headed to Connecticut on my day off from work, and I was missing my family soooo much. Work has definitely been taking a toll on me. I know you guys can probably tell because my lack of posts lately, but I promise it’s not because I don’t care.

I desperately wanted to go see Jen and AR because there’s so many changes going on and I have been hiding under a rock lately. Jen is going crazy with wedding plans and I wasn’t going to be able to make it to her officially dress fitting. ( Which I definitely got to see before everyone else, so haha! ) and my brother AR is celebrating his birthday next week, which I most likely won’t get to attend either.

Being and adult and paying bills is so time consuming!

So to make things a little better on my part, never show up empty handed….. a bottle of vodka, and how pretty that bottle was.

Jen was amazing as always with her cooking, I swear she spoils the hell out of me. I never leave that house skinny.

I started playing with my gorgeous niece Jolie, and I love our videos together, I swear, she’s such a character.  In this one she has no idea I was even recording and she was trying to get me to take a picture.

Let’s just say we ended up with waaay more videos than we needed to have but I just couldn’t pic my favorite.

Even after she sends me to go to doodooo!

I invited the lovely @damnnv / Violet over so she can pick up a commission  piece she ordered.

What do you guys think?

I know Violet loves pink , Hello Kitty and cupcakes, so I definitely had to make this Minxette all girly like.

So I based off her outfit from a custume Violet was wearing in one of instagram pictures, kitty ears included. I added a baby pink stove with cupcakes in the oven, and a purple fridge with milk inside. Since I knew V liked leopard print, just not too much of it, I gave the background a hint of a leopard wallpaper.

I’m just glad she love it… so of course I had to bribe her with drinks and  while I played bartender, like I usually do, we all started a game of Pictionary.

Let’s just say, while tipsy, this game is absolutely hilarious. Below is Violet trying to draw the ” Mad Hatter” , all while the screen is rotating…

hahhaha.. let’s just say she failed miserably. I shouldn’t be the one to talk though.

I had “Car” how simple does that sound????

Yeah, it wasn’t pretty.

After many laughs , an even more laughs when I ended up busting my ass because I slipped  on octopus  salad… I know, weird right!?


My gorgeous niece was having her “Moving on the next grade ceremony” not to be confused with a graduation.

She’s officially going to kindergarten, and we’re all excited!

She looked so cute in her little dress, I just couldn’t help being a little paparazzi.

Congrats babygirl.

Cinco de Mayo

Three different places to go, and since one of these was last minute, as much as I tried, I couldn’t make one of the get togethers. I know everyone I know was excited and going crazy with Cinco de Mayo…. let me re-phrase that, I know everyone was going crazy with how much they would be drinking tonight. Oh, all the hangovers that would be happening in the morning!

First stop:

Ari and I arrived, early… stuffed our faces with all the Dominicn food, pernil, chicken, lasagna, baked ziti, ensalada de costilla, arroz amarillo, ensalada de papa, oooooo… my spanish came out! excuuuuuse me! It was absolutely delicious, we grabbed a few beers while we watched everyone arrive.

Look at how cute the cake is… I was so pleased with all the primary colors and her carnival theme. No baby blue, which is so ordinary and boring. Glenny’s lateness was well worth it , because she looked fabulous! She’s definitely ready to pop!

         I spent my of my time acting a fool and in catching up conversations with these two gorgeous ladies, Ilani and Jen. I also got to meet the handsome Angel, who we are constantly liking each other’s pictures on instagram =]

 And of course, the love of my life, my little brother Jeremy. He is getting too big way too fast. He looked so polished in his collared shirts and slacks. After about 8 beers and stuffing myself with gummy bears, m&m’s and twizzlers, Ari and I headed out.

Second Stop:

The High School Crew, every get together is always a good one, always a drunk one, always a story to tell.

 This fiesta was a celebration for my very talented friend Ramon. He’ll be moving to Chi town with a new job ! I’m so proud of you!

As soon as I walk in , about 7 people not including myself are  stuffed into the bathroom, while Chris is running a bubble bath.hahahaha I know… But wait, there’s more… As soon as someone knocks on the door to use the bathroom, none of us leave, we all turn around while the person uses the toilet. I hope no one has stage fright!

My outfit, hope you guys like.