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In case you’ve been hiding under a rock somewhere, here’s what’s currently going on my instagram profiles. Yes, plural, because knowing me I have to keep things at least a little organized. The first of the pair is @millistephania , go on and follow and you’ll see everything here from lifestyle photos, to my illustrations and even some cute baby pictures of my god-daughter Harlie.
On my second profile, @millistephaniadotcom , you’ll be able to follow along on all my photography. This is where I post up anything that has caught my eye and I just had to capture on camera. All photographs are taken by me, and you can see everything from photo sessions with bloggers, concerts, and still life photography.
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I never noticed the difference between these profiles aesthetically, but now I do. My illustration profile is much more brighter and responsive to color, while my photography profile is darker and much contrasted. Which one is your favorite?

Captured by Belle: Chrissy Joy Styles in White

IMG_3515help-wantedLately I’ve been trying my best to stay productive. It’s a little tough when I have the temptation of just staying in, cuddling up with some Netflix and getting addicted to TV Dramas. Let’s not even mention Instagram, every time I pick up my phone it’s dry, so I spent my time scrolling about in everyone’s business. Mostly liking everyone going crazy in clubs, babies, people sucking face or people taking pics of their food. Ugh… I know.

So yeah, productive, like I said. (moving on)

Chrissy from is the biggest southern sweetheart ever. We met while working in Armani Exchange almost 2 years ago, though we weren’t the closest, the many times we did speak, it was always in good faith and chuckles all the way.

She started blogging a couple of months ago, and I couldn’t be happier for her. She always had style whenever I would see her in the workplace. And not the style you see our generation wearing now-a-days. She has this crisp clean way of her, and my favorite part, she’s never over exposed.

We met up near her place, where I had the pleasure of not only catching up, gossiping and laughing, but I got to shoot  her in action, looking splendid in all white.

Check out my photographs, check out her attire, click some links and scroll below to see how she “remixed” this look once it got a little bit chillier.

IMG_3507IMG_3524IMG_3468 IMG_3513IMG_3463Let’s throw on a sweater and roll up those sleeves, a quick shoe change and Chrissy was looking brand spanking new.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, go make a new friend… and also, I decided to make a new instagram to separate my photography from my artwork,

so go .. go.. go.. follow!  ——> @2minxinxphotography

1cb375036ff5b6d0a8b411e038b0949dIMG_3604IMG_3562IMG_3551Chrissy and Minxie ♥20140527_184635

Never Made Its

Here’s another round of Never Made Its. Those random pictures that just have never made it to get their own post on the site. Mostly random pictures through out the day. You can find most of these on my instagram, if you’re not folowing me already!

@2minxinx Get to it!

Stuck at work looking like a rabbit.

My gorgeous Lee and I . Keeping the kiddies entertained, watching Paranorman with a diy fort =]

One of those mean mug days.

Thanks to Kash for uploading this #tbt ( Throwback Thursday ) pic of us from when we used to be roommates back in 2009.

The stunning Ariana.

Lunchbreaks in Chipotle.

When you spend most of your time at work, you end up falling for your coworkers and all of their personalities.

All smiles.

three’s company with Kat, Mikey and myself.

Lumberjack life. Being lazy on my day off.

Barbeque time with Kat’s family. There’s baby Ashton, looking all cute!

Blessed to have all of them in my life. Zero, my godson Zj and Kat

Finally home after a long day at work, comfy and ready to spend my night online.

At work supposedbly.

Can’t you see how hard I work? ( closing shift at 1 am )

Food shopping with my handsome godson. I had to give him my scarf while we strolled the meat/frozen foods section.

Burrito lunch date with my Diana.

A new Mini You of @Moonoverdose, that I just haven’t had the chance to post up on the site…. busy with the move and all.

I had to use two different pictures to get her final result, but I have to admit, she looks so cute!

New Artwork – ConchitaNyc

I’ve started doing “Mini You’s ” , which originally started as mini sketches of my outfits.

So I randomly picked a photo from one of my followers on instagram and came up with this sketch.

Here’s a close up:

  • 2minxinx – Mini sketch of @conchitanyc …. Hope you like! Thanks for following.
  • conchitanyc  – this is great!!!! Your style is so unique & refined…with a great sense of humor! Saving & Sharing! Thank you! Xxx
  • 2minxinx –  I’m so glad you like it, thank you!
  • conchitanyc –  You know…i just went to your blog…totally in love with your work!  Like candy for your eyes…I hope you don’t mind if I share your site on my blog…now…which piece to buy…?? Too many choices!
  • 2minxinx –  Thank you so much! I def don’t mind at all. When you do please let me know I would love to re-post your site back on mine.   Email me if you would like to order a piece
  • conchitanyc –  Minxy…will do! #WomenSupportingWomen

Such a sweetheart, and again, thanks for following!

New Artwork- Priscilla

This commission piece was ordered by the lovely Priscilla ( @babygirl_priss )

 She was looking for a piece for her room  that resembled her and I was more than happy to be of service.

Of course I had to give her some awesome cheekbones like Priscilla does, and everything else just fell into place. I positioned her in a small round red cushioned sofa with a gold ornate headboard, some ruffled panties, long black hair, Christian Louboutin heels and  a gold bracelet with  the initial “P”.

 As for the background, a dark royal blue, wooden floors with a cute round yellow striped rug with fringes surrounding it and an ornate frame on the wall…check out the the picture inside the frame.. it’s a print of my logo!

And because Priscilla was such a doll and a pleasure to work with, I couldn’t resist and gave her a little present to express my gratitude. A mini canvas of the Minxinx logo, bordered with stripes….

I’m so glad she loved it!

( click on any image to make larger ) 

Cinco de Mayo

Three different places to go, and since one of these was last minute, as much as I tried, I couldn’t make one of the get togethers. I know everyone I know was excited and going crazy with Cinco de Mayo…. let me re-phrase that, I know everyone was going crazy with how much they would be drinking tonight. Oh, all the hangovers that would be happening in the morning!

First stop:

Ari and I arrived, early… stuffed our faces with all the Dominicn food, pernil, chicken, lasagna, baked ziti, ensalada de costilla, arroz amarillo, ensalada de papa, oooooo… my spanish came out! excuuuuuse me! It was absolutely delicious, we grabbed a few beers while we watched everyone arrive.

Look at how cute the cake is… I was so pleased with all the primary colors and her carnival theme. No baby blue, which is so ordinary and boring. Glenny’s lateness was well worth it , because she looked fabulous! She’s definitely ready to pop!

         I spent my of my time acting a fool and in catching up conversations with these two gorgeous ladies, Ilani and Jen. I also got to meet the handsome Angel, who we are constantly liking each other’s pictures on instagram =]

 And of course, the love of my life, my little brother Jeremy. He is getting too big way too fast. He looked so polished in his collared shirts and slacks. After about 8 beers and stuffing myself with gummy bears, m&m’s and twizzlers, Ari and I headed out.

Second Stop:

The High School Crew, every get together is always a good one, always a drunk one, always a story to tell.

 This fiesta was a celebration for my very talented friend Ramon. He’ll be moving to Chi town with a new job ! I’m so proud of you!

As soon as I walk in , about 7 people not including myself are  stuffed into the bathroom, while Chris is running a bubble bath.hahahaha I know… But wait, there’s more… As soon as someone knocks on the door to use the bathroom, none of us leave, we all turn around while the person uses the toilet. I hope no one has stage fright!

My outfit, hope you guys like.