Online Find: I’m Enough

The internet is filled with crazy, rude behavior but sometimes you bump into something with the greatest feel good moment. I bumped into this video at The Huffington Post , and I couldn’t resist but to share with you guys.

This is what HP had to say:

All too often women look in the mirror and think they’re not good enough – previousresearch from Dove has shown only 4% of women around the world would consider themselves to be “beautiful”.

But a new campaign is aiming to get more of us loving our reflection.

Started by an all-female band from Texas called The Mrs, the #imEnough campaign uses a “magic mirror” to help women see just how fabulous they are, both inside and out.

When the women in the above video look in the mirror, they’re asked to describe how they feel about themselves. Most respond with “okay” or “not so hot”.

But, not content to accept these negative responses, the mirror transforms into a screen which displays heartfelt messages from the women’s friends and family about how fantastic they are.

It turns out these women have been loving mothers, wives, grandmothers and friends who’ve made some seriously beautiful sacrifices to make others happy.

By the end of the film, the women have been persuaded that they are “enough”, just they way they are.

Grab your tissues, it’s seriously moving stuff….

After watching this video, I have to admit my heart sank a bit, but it wasn’t a bad sinking, it was one of those moments where I was so close to shedding a tear. Don’t laugh at me!

See for yourself.

Original Post by Cosmopolitan Magazine.