Sweat, Bruises and Sand, an Unexpected Weekend

I had a list of things I wanted to do this weekend, ask me if  I did any of it. There was a huge flower festival, a concert featuring Ginuwine, Kid n Play, Mack Wild and DJ Camilo that I was eager to see. That did not happen. Not even a little bit. Sometimes the … Continue reading Sweat, Bruises and Sand, an Unexpected Weekend

Bengali Bride throws a Halloween Bash

This Halloween has been nothing short of amazing. I was a little nervous my dress wasn't going to arrive since I ordered it from ebay and took a chance. It arrived  two days before, the relief felt great. That is, until I tried it on. The bottom looked great, but I wasn't feeling the bodice … Continue reading Bengali Bride throws a Halloween Bash

Halloween 2014

Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, I love you so much! Cheers to my first Halloween party! Well technically, I told Chris it was his, since originally it was his plan to throw a party like he did last year, (See that post HERE)but after complications, we were all ready to make other plans, I really wasn't in … Continue reading Halloween 2014

A Blast With Some Ass

When I tell you I have ratchet friends, you better believe me.... and I absolutely love every second of it! Kevin was celebrating another year of life, too bad he didn't know there was a celebration going on. Maryann planned a surprise party and did her thing on the birthday cake. She had her mind … Continue reading A Blast With Some Ass

Early Halloween at Chris’

Aaaaaah! Let the Halloween festivities begin!After work, I rushed home to "supposedly" get dressed. And after thinking sooo hard of what I could possible dress up as, (and I had some pretty cool ideas at that) I ended up playing it safe, for some strange stupid reason and did my makeup as a sugar skull … Continue reading Early Halloween at Chris’