Sweat, Bruises and Sand, an Unexpected Weekend

I had a list of things I wanted to do this weekend, ask me if  I did any of it.

There was a huge flower festival, a concert featuring Ginuwine, Kid n Play, Mack Wild and DJ Camilo that I was eager to see. That did not happen. Not even a little bit.

Sometimes the things you don’t plan,end up being greater than you expected. This weekend was  both great and terrible, all at the same time.

Let’s begin with Friday, After spending an evening listening to poetry, trying to do my best to bond with someone I truly care about. I came to the realization, that maybe I just need to stop forcing things. The universe throws signs at us in many different ways, ways that we tend to ignore. That day just happened to be my wake up call, if something is meant to happen, it takes more than one person to make it work. I just walked away, as much I knew I didn’t want to, I had to.
Time for me.

Saturday was a little better, that turned into way better. My not so baby cousin is 21 now. That only means he can do everything he was already doing, legally. Raymond and I are close, though we don’t get to spend much time together, he’s one of my favorite people to hug.
Instead of taking public transportation I decide that a 35 minute bike ride wasn’t that bad. It was about 10pm and I’ll admit, I was a little scared biking around some areas. Especially when men want to whistle at you, screaming “oooh, can I get ride?” I’ve even had a ” damn mami, how much?”
Sorry buddy, not for sale, and I’m not talking about the bike. I had a little detour on the count that I got lost. Keeping my phone, that acts like a GPS in my pocket isn’t very convenient. (I just purchased a a handle bar phone holder..much needed!)
I stopped by Titi Margaret’s house and caught up on bochinche. I miss my godmother, I have to remember to make more time for her. Especially since now I know how to get there on my 2 little wheels.
The party was loud, in a basement, that have me flashbacks from when I was in high school and friends used to throw hooky parties. The fact that everyone was younger helped that feeling as well. Non the less. I poured myself a drink and started to dance. To my surprise my baby cousin Denise was in town for the weekend. She came all the way from Massachusetts to spend time with Raymond on his day. So sweet. She was looking at beautiful as ever, and I couldn’t help but to tell her, that every single time she posts a new picture online, she resembles her late sister Jasmine, more and more.

We danced the night away, along with sweating the night away. That space felt like a sweat box, everyone was dripping, dancing, removing clothed little by little. Even my brother Kiki and Taimane came to show love. They were sitting most of the time and still managed to break a sweat. They made my night when they told me they want me to be the baby’s godmother. I wanted to cry! It’s all I seem to think about now.
I danced until I couldn’t dance any longer. By 3am the last song was played and everyone started to leave. The floor full of grit and black water. That’s going to be fun to clean up.
Alberto decided to hang around and be amazing with us. We were all sleeping over a Raymond’s, and everyone was either drunk, tipsy or had some form of hype in their system. They set up the hookah, and we kept cracking up at all the snaps from the night. All the twerking, kareoking, sipping, ratchetness that happened throughout the night.
Sunday, my plans for that concert were out the window. We were going to make it a beach day, but first we all had a few errands to run, especially since most of us didn’t plan on spending the night, and little old me had my bike. We headed to my house, Alberto, Denise and I. I was their map letting them know which bus to take where, while I rode home. It’s only a 15 minutes bike ride, something that’s light work compared to how much I can actually bike.

At an instance, all I felt was a car leaning towards the right hand side, where I was riding push me off and slam me into a parked car. I fell hard. The left side of my body was in pain, my bicycle flat on the floor underneath the parked car. I tried to wiggle it out but the rim was tucked into the car’s tire. The white Nissan slowed down, whoever was inside was obviously debating if they should stop. When it did, it took longer for someone to even come out. He didn’t even say a word, I asked him his name and he went in full defense mode. He didn’t even ask if I was okay. I’m up, there’s no sign of anything teared or scraped. Again, I ask him his name and I get nothing. If he doesn’t want to tell me, I’ll find out another way. I start taking pictures of his license plate, the registration on his window and he’s screaming “so call the cops then”
How ignorant. How unsympathetic. Reminded me of someone else I know… is that just all men?
I didn’t want to get the cops involved, I think i was fine, I felt a bruise forming on my left butt check, my right elbow throbbing, and a scrape burning on my right calf. I think I was okay, brushed up my okay… he starts screaming at me, “you didn’t fall, what do you want to do then,call the cops!” I’m telling him, without raising my voice, “I did fall, I fell hard, you can’t see it, but I’m in pain.” “You didn’t fall he says”
How can someone else tell you what you’re feeling, what happened to you or didn’t happen to you? Reminds me of another man of a dilemma I know.
I practically had to beg for an apology, that’s all I wanted. He wouldn’t give it to me. Another guy across the street comes over and asks me if I’m okay, I say yes I guess, but I’m hurting. Guy number 2 hears all the screaming Guy who hit me is saying and corrects him. “She did fall, I saw her, you hit her.” Only then is when he apologized.
Why does it take an outside person to validate what should of happened naturally? I tell him, I’m a human being, I know you’re scared, but look at the bigger picture. You didn’t see me fall but that doesn’t mean I didn’t. Just because I’m not bleeding, it doesn’t mean I’m not hurt. It did hurt. Badly.

What is it with men? The lack of communication and empathy. I’m sick of it.I trooped it home anyway. I had way too much adrenaline in my system, alongside a huge bruise on my ass. We had plans to head to the beach and how could I disappoint? I threw on my bathing suit, at least the ones I have left at home. Seems like they’re all disappearing  now a days. The trip to Far Rockaway was a little longer than expected. I’ve actually never gone by train before, I tried once a long time ago and got terribly lost. This time I found my way, even with a dying phone.

Raymond and friends were already on the sand. Some were making out, some were sipping on drinks. Denise and  I jumped into the water as soon as we got there. My curls needed some salt water. I just love how they look when it’s drench in it. D was telling me that I can actually buy salt water for my hair in beauty supplies stores. I never knew that. I’m sure it should probably be used in moderation. I don’t need my hair falling out.

We stayed the whole night at the beach, and let me tell you, the stars were beautiful. So much is going on with me right now, and it was the perfect time for me to relax and just take it all in. I have a lot of decisions to make soon and I don’t even know where to begin.

Hanging out with my two baby cousins (who are now full grown!) was way too much fun. I’ve been trying to convince Denise to spend more time in New York, now that she’s on break from college. Let’s see if it works.

As for now, it’s time for a long ride back home, and for me to soak in a nice hot bath. My body is too sore from that hit.love, m


Bengali Bride throws a Halloween Bash

This Halloween has been nothing short of amazing.

I was a little nervous my dress wasn’t going to arrive since I ordered it from ebay and took a chance. It arrived  two days before, the relief felt great. That is, until I tried it on. The bottom looked great, but I wasn’t feeling the bodice too much. I was originally going to be a queen, but since the top kept plunging, the last thing I wanted was a nip slip.

I was on the hunt for some inspiration and then it struck. . . a Bengali Bride.

Ugh, they are absolutely gorgeous, and I admire their customs and culture. I didn’t want my choice to feel like I was ridiculing their traditions. I tried to make this right and taught myself how to make a saree, painted my own henna and even made my own nose ring piece.

Getting ready for the party was a bit hectic, I left work at 4pm and had to rush home to cook and prepare everything. I arrived at the supermarket and when I went into my pocket to pay for the beers I noticed i still had my work keys. Fuck. An hour later I was back at work dropping off the keys. Great, more time wasted. I finally got home, put the ziti in the oven and started working on my “special” punch.  It was a blend of burgundy, two types of brandy and triple sec. Nice and sweet, but it’ll sneak up on you!

I didn’t have many people, but I had the right people show up. Everyone was ready to party. The lights were dim, the music was blasting and drinks were served all around.

Chris killed it as Dipsy from the Teletubbies, Siobhan was Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction, Katt was The Punisher, Kika was a cat, Kiki and Taimanee were S.W.A.T., Nedra was Rosie the Riveter, Frankie was a killer nurse, Nicole was Frida Kahlo and many more.

Check out the video from our night (coming soon) and thank you to all who attended.

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Halloween 2014

Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, I love you so much!

Cheers to my first Halloween party! Well technically, I told Chris it was his, since originally it was his plan to throw a party like he did last year, (See that post HERE)but after complications, we were all ready to make other plans, I really wasn’t in the mood to be outside and get killed, so at a last minutes notice, I was like fuck it, party at my place!

Chris was awesome and helped set everything up, made the place look all shabby and we had some fun shopping at the distributors for massive amounts of beers. Boy was my fridge looking pretty. But not for long… The beer pong table was set up and everyone was ready for some drinking games. Chris was under quarantine because of Ebola, Jb was an old fisherman, Ramon was Rick James Bitch! (Even though he was looking like a slutty Peggy Bundy haha) Nikki was a school girl version like in Gossip Girl, Frances was a kitty, Naomi was Clark Kent, Crystal was a Medical Marijuana Nurse, Jessica was a leopard, Tatiana and Cintia were french maids, Ash was a chicken head (hahaha) and we were all really really drunk!

I opted for a diy version of a 50’s housewife, all from my closet, and got to work.

The night was amazing, I suck at beer pong, not like it has ever stopped me from playing and drinking all the beer, I mean.. you lose, you drink all the beer! Dancing, did it.. I even got picked on because I ran out the room so fast after they played some spanish music, guess I’m pretty predictable when it comes to dancing some bachata.

I told myself the party will end about 2am, and omg, I am such a liar. Not only did I not like the clock not even once, the party ended around 5 am without about 6 friends crashing all over my place, which I thought was pretty funny.

I had work the next day and all I wanted to do was sleep. You guessed it, I had a hangover and had fun day of work, while everyone went off to get some ihop with out me…booooho 😥

love, m

A Blast With Some Ass

UntitledWhen I tell you I have ratchet friends, you better believe me…. and I absolutely love every second of it!
Kevin was celebrating another year of life, too bad he didn’t know there was a celebration going on. Maryann planned a surprise party and did her thing on the birthday cake. She had her mind set on an adult cake and after hunting and going crazy for someone to make it, she decided to make it herself. Best thing she did.
Once everyone showed up, had a few (alot of) drinks, played some beer pong and got dancing. .. we all started to pick on her, insisting the ass cake that she made looked like it was made to resemble her own ass. Straight to the pigment of her skin tone. She swore it wasn’t in purpose. ..mhmmm maryann!
I for one was ready to dance, especially some spanish music. I swear I’m addicted. Good thing for mw I had some ladies with awesome dance moves, I was sweating in no time.
I hope you guys enjoy these pics, I know I had a blast, and also…. Happy Birthday Kev!!!!

UntitledUntitledlap dancesDSC04873.2partyUntitledDSC04910UntitledDSC04911

Early Halloween at Chris’


Aaaaaah! Let the Halloween festivities begin!2After work, I rushed home to “supposedly” get dressed. And after thinking sooo hard of what I could possible dress up as, (and I had some pretty cool ideas at that) I ended up playing it safe, for some strange stupid reason and did my makeup as a sugar skull and called it a day.  3Hey, at least I was comfortable the whole night. I can’t say the same thing for the train ride over there, I had everyone staring at me!

Pssssh, like they’ve never seen a real skeleton before, the nerve!

4I met up with Misha, after skipping my stop (fell asleep) and we decided to meet in front of Chris’s House instead.

I haven’t seen him in almost forever and I missed him. His family is amazing, and since I known them for about 13 years or so, I was so happy to see them!5One of the newest attachments to Chris’s living room is the bar that was installed about a year ago, and it has definitely gone to good use.

They named it “MCM’s Home Bar” which is short for Matt, Chris and Marc, all three brothers.

6I also go to catch up with familiar friendly faces from my Art & Design High School days, like Nikki, JB and others.

Ramon doesn’t count, I see him all the time!

🙂7I got some great videos from this night, but that will come in due time.

Especially since there was some karaoke involved and Ramon is the star of the show.8Chris was, like always, a great host to his house parties and always made sure everyone’s drink was filled to the very top!9Misha caught this awesome pic of him with the balloon!10Misha also decided to play bartender and ended up spilling liquor all over the place!
Bad Mish! 11 It’s been a while, but gnome is traditional to get some loving whenever visiting Chris. He’s just so cute, and neon green..my favorite!121314It was a great night, with really fun people, so I have no complaints.

After all the craziness, Ramon’s dancing, the drinks the laughs, we made it into a sleepover and some of us ended up staying the night. Which is never really first whenever I end up over there.15Look how cute Matt looks!16I drew a butterfly on Nikki’s face ♥17I hope you guys enjoy the pics and stay posted for another Halloween adventure.

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