Soulfrito 2017

Just because you’re sitting far, it doesn’t mean you can’t get decent shots. The Soulfrito Music Festival at Barclay’s Center was jam packed with amazing artists like French Montana, Fetty Wap, Farruko, Young M.A., Bad Bunny, Cardi B, G- Unit, Ivy Queen and many many more. I was trying to hard to find a balance between photographing, and dancing the whole night. What a blast!

The Meadows NYC

|  my favorite shot of the night, Bryson Tiller  |Girl friends are the best, I swear! Oli surprised me with tickets to The Meadows NYC concert that was being held at Citi Field, in Queens. We were supposed to meet at 2pm, and I kept the poor girl waiting an hour, well, we kept each other waiting. We were in two completely different meeting spots, and when we finally figured out the misunderstanding I see Oli waving me down to get into the train. That ride I was already a little annoyed because there were teenagers being reckless and inconsiderate to others around them. I think that should have been my first clue.

This was the second day of the festival and Oli tells me that’s the event space is way more packed than the day before, the first day.I don’t doubt it, especially since Kanye West is headlining. I check Twitter and I see tweets like, ” there’s more kids here with braces, than there was in middle school.”Yes, yes, I agree with you 100%, there. There were teenagers everywhere. I actually felt old. I’m lying..just a little bit. I did feel old, but not because of all the kids, because my kneees started to kill me after after a couple of hours of standing. Two years and 5 months until I’m thirty, say whaaaaat!? 

I had one goal, and goal only, we’ll either than having fun of course, I wanted to get the best shots I possibly could. This task was a bit a difficult. My go to camera for everything is always my Sony a6000, but when it comes to festivals and concerts I have a really old Sony DSC, that I adore. When I say old, I mean like 5 years since I first got this baby. I was going to sell her at one point, and I’m so glad I decided not to. I never took care of her, she’s dusty and nasty scratches on the lens. Though I should get that fixed, it doesn’t bother me much when I do decided to take her out of hibernation. The super zoom on this camera is amazed balls, which came in handy for almost every performer that got on stage, like Bryson Tiller (my favorite shot of the night), Mac Miller, Kygo, 1975, Kanye, and Chance the Rapper. Anybody who stood behind me while zooming in, I heard an automatic “omg, that zoom is amazing” So glad I put this puppy to good use.Anyway, either than the crowd being younger than usual, everyone, and when I say everyone I mean the ladies, we’re all looking pretty cute. Beat faces, almost everyone had a criss-cross top, and I even saw some girls wearing heels. Negative! I was not that person today. I threw on some sweat pants and a matching grey sweatshirt and called it a day. I looked like a boy, and I was perfectly okay with that. I haven’t really been in the mood to look “cute” so this festival was going to take it or leave it.

Oli was starving, and she made a bee lies straight to the Mexican spot, ordered a chicken burrito while I ran off to get us some beers. I hear some kids asking around if anyone was over 21 to get them some as well…

We met up with an incredibly easy to get along with duo, Chavonne and BB, college friends of Oli. They were absolutely hilarious and down to earth. I love meeting new people with great energy.I think we all know what the great attraction Kanye West is. This was my third time seeing him perform. Once at Bonnaroo 2014 and Summer Jam, and he didn’t dissapoint. Well, he did, but we’ll get to that later. His crowd was out of control, no other stage had this amount of people. Anybody who was at festival, was automatically in front of that main stage, waiting for Yeezy to come at 8:15pm. HA! Like that was going to happen. The girls and I started making bets on what time he’ll come out in stage, I guess 845pm and was the closest of the bunch, that me giving him the benefit of the doubt. We all know Pablo keeps us waiting.

His set was on point, and I have to say one of my favorites so far. I found him to be dismissing and insulting to his fans in previous shows. Something that gave me negative reaction towards him, how could you be so cold towards your fans, your supporters, the crowd that hypes you up to be what you have grown to be?  I’m glad that wasn’t the case here. He was pumped up, livid and was making a hell of an appearance. The crowd sang and rapped his lyrics as if they were nursery rhymes you’ve been hearing all your life. I kept trying to get a bit closer to get better shots of him, but believe me when I say, it was not happening. The crowd was large, and I was far. If you know anything about festivals, you know not to enter the pit of madness unless you’re ready to commit and go ALL IN.

We’re all already hyped up, the intro to Heartless starts to play, and suddenly the music stops. Kanye speaks in to the mic “I’m sorry, family emergency, I have to stop the show.” There were face sof confusion an danger everywhere. Nobody knew what was going, Kanye ran off stage, and shortly after someone announces that there will be a ten minute intermission, to see what they could do to get K to come back on stage. Less than a minute later, the same guy is back on to announce Kanye has left, and the show will now be over.Everyone  was stunped, many thought it was a joke, we didn’t know what was going on. Soon enough we gave up, and the mob of disappointed fans kept trying to make an exit. It’s not like any of us had any service to find out what was happening. We all wanted to check Twitter to investigate.

Turns out, Kim Kardashian, his wife, in case some of you reading this are not into hip hop, was tied up and robbed at gun point while her Fashion Week stay in Paris. Men dressed as policeman, stole ten million worth in jewelry, including her new ring given by hubby.

I’m not one to get crazy about celebrity news, especially for someone who is mostly known for assets. But knowing someone tied you up, and threw you in a bathtub, and you have no idea what is going on, must be terrifying. According to reports she thought she was going to get raped. And I don’t blame her for thinking that. I’m hoping that’s not the case, and if it did happen and she’s not saying anything to the media, my prayers are with her and her family in this time of need. Celebrity or not. Something that traumatizing can cause so much mental harm.   

Non the less, I had a wonderful time, and I of course will do it again in a heartbeat, sweatpants and all. Thank you Oli.  Also, check out the quick little gif us below, taken at a photo installment, It’s eight different pictures taken at the same time to cause movement! So cool. See you guys soon!

love, minxinx

Nicki Minaj-Anaconda

Omg, omg, og.. I wasn’t ready!

I’ve been hearing this song in the car for the past 2 weeks, and It’s gotten pretty addicting the more I hear it. Now that the video is out I couldn’t help but to press play. I was a bit upset that Sir Mix A Lot didn’t make a small appearance, but I got over it pretty quickly as soon as I saw Nicki in a bikini. Daaaaamn. Now I know we all know some parts are artificial, but jeeeezus, that’s some shape. Let’e not even begin to speak about when she was bent over with her cheeks all out. I think it’s safe to say this video was pretty damn sexual, but what else are we really expecting when the song that is being remixed from Baby Got Back.

Our faces are pretty much the same as Drake’s when he’s getting that lap dance.

It’s okay, you can hide your boner now.


I in no way own this brand or video.

Iggy Azalea-Fancy

Why am I so in love with this video from Iggy!?

I’m so diggin the Clueless concept, plus that beat is too good.

I in no way own this video or its music.

Black Capital Coalition Presents: Rap For Life

3bd4257b905d5d09e28d51cc267e56f692The other day Misha and I met up to head to an art event, like that’s news to you guys!

I don’t know if I ever explained to you guys why I like attending events like this. Not only is is great for networking purposes but you get to meet the most rarest people. And you never know, one of these gems may be a future hit, and what’s better than being there and supporting other artist follow their dreams from the beginning.

This event wasn’t like the usual events I attend. Though there were many works displayed in the background, this as more of a social. The opportunity to actually speak face to face and discuss issues at hand.

The artists/rappers we got to meet, were not only insightful, but hilarious as well.


1. Gentrification:

When “urban renewal” of lower class neighborhoods with condos attracts yuppie tenants, driving up rents and driving out long time, lower income residents. It often begins with influxes of local artists looking for a cheap place to live, giving the neighborhood a bohemian flair. This hip reputation attracts yuppies who want to live in such an atmosphere, driving out the lower income artists and lower income residents, often ethnic/racial minorities, changing the social character of the neighborhood.


I know Misha and I had a great time. Especially since it’s so rare to actually have a decent conversation with others now a days. Everything is online, from twitter, to facebook and instagram, the internet has taken over.

When we arrived rapper Sincere Davinci had the floor to himself, no matter how many people were in the room. He just had that personality that drew you to him. The whole vibe was very inviting and conversations, both about the topic at hand and others were an ear opener.6

The Topic was gentrification and I for one thing was ready to listen. I never really stopped to think about something like this. And it was refreshing to see so many people around my age, have a thought and say in any matter that has to do with our communities, no matter where we live, you or me.

7There was discussion of hip hop, style, the artists explain who others perceive them and how they started and what they are trying to accomplish.

8I have to admit, I walked in there blind. I have never heard any of their music, lyrics, versus, anything before. So listening to them speak before hand made me want to do my homework more. I was not disappointed.

I of course have my favorite, which I would fail to mention, but they all have such distinct styles.

9I also got to meet Jose Castillo, who’s the owner and Creative Director of 3rd Eye Sol, that’s the name of the gallery/location, in case you guys haven’t picked that up yet.

I have passed this place many times on my commute back home, which goes to show you guys, I’m not that far from the gallery. 🙂

Jose was an absolutely sweetheart, who Misha introduced me to, since she had the chance to interview him for an upcoming project for Atomicus Films Studio. Which I’m sure you guys will see if you follow Misha on her website.10I have to say these mannequins were awesome and I was kind of jealous, because I’ve been trying to get my hands on a few for the longest time and have always failed.

Maybe it’s because I haven’t really put my one hundred percent into it.

Boooooo, I suck I know.13Well, I hope you guys enjoy the pics and the videos.

I know the vids are a little long, but the conversations couldn’t go unnoticed and I’m glad I took the time out to put them up.11I had a great time, and I hope, since I’m not that far and all, this won’t be the last time.

(crosses fingers)12

See you guys next time, and please, don’t be shy, click on some links and make some new friends, you never know who’s talent you will like unless you give them them a try.

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Duk Duk Goose – @dukgoose

Chaz Vanqueen – @chazvanquuen

Yafreici Peralta@yafreici

Sincere Davinci@sinceredavinci

Rap for life was presented and organized by the Black Capital Coalition.  If you would like to know more about the origin of Rap For Life, please free to click on their website above. There are and will be many more discussions to be presented by Black Capital Coalition.

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