Jonahs Has a Ball

I haven’t seen my cousins in quite some time. Jonahs was turning two years old, and knowing Sasha and Ramgy, they were going to go in. Last year they had a cute sailors, aquatic theme, which was way too adorable. They dressed up as a sailors and were a huge hit. This time, everything was sports related, so when they came out with matching jersey’s everyone was giving out compliments back and forth.

Getting there for me was a bit of a mission though. I had a weekend bag with me, and I was also going to be picking up two kittens the next day, so taking two trains and a bus was such an inconvenience. Maybe I should finally get my act together and learn how to drive already. My gorgeous date was MaryAnn, since we usually get together on Wednesdays, we decide to make a flip and hang out on a weekend. She’s such  a trooper, especially since she came out so far just to hang out with little old me.

She was so excited when she got a taste of that cotton candy though!
This get together was a curl take down. I was so happy when I saw my cousins rocking their natural swirls. It’s a beautiful thing.

Jonahs was looking too cute  in his jersey , blue and white stripes and his tiny little fitted. Now that he’s getting a little older I see the resembles to Sasha so much more now. I find it so damn cute.If you know me at all, or even just an ounce of a bit, you know that whenever I hear music, I’m already up and dancing. When that Salsa started to play, I grab anybody and everybody and pulled them to the open space we called a dance floor.

When the little kid party was over, it was time for the adults to have a little fun. We headed to Sasha’s and Ramgy’s put the music on loud, served the drinks and got the hookah started. You know latinos, any chance for a party, is a great party.

Quick Drink with the Birthday Girl

After my night with the kiddies, I rushed to city to meet Tanya for her big night. I haven’t seen her in forever and a day, and even though I was exhausted, I wouldn’t forgive myself if I didn’t just stop by. All of the girls are all of the girls, sadly enough one of us was in an accident (which I still have to visit …sooooo sorry babe!), another is in Miami and another in Costa Rica.

I had to show up. As soon as I saw her we had the greatest hug ever, she looked beautiful as ever, and I quickly  handed her the birthday present I had ready for her. A sparkly cardigan, looks like she likes it 🙂

We caught up, screaming in each other’s ear, since the music was pretty loud. Either than her messed up ankle she seems to be doing pretty damn good, and I couldn’t be more proud of her, work is filled with promotions, and school is filled bigger opportunities. Now that’s what I call living up to your potential.

A quick drink later, I gave my goodbye kisses, I wish I could’ve stayed longer, my bed was waiting for me and I missed it soooo much.

Happy Birthday my love!