5 DIY Halloween Costumes You Should Try

Halloween is around the corner and I’m super excited!

I mean, you don’t even understand… this holiday is better than my birthday and Christmas combined! When it came to dressing up for these festivities,  I’ve always loved Do It Yourself Costumes.  Of course when younger my  mother would take my brother and I to the nearest Party City, pick something out and call it a day. But if only you knew how much I hated bumping into another kid with my same exact costume. Like, ew little kid, go that way… don’t stand too close to me! Once I got a little older, I started looking for ways to incorporate a costume into my own way. Maybe one day I’ll actually starting making my own (I loooove cosplay too, bu that’s another story) until I decided to get my sewing skills up to date. I’ll continue to Do It Myself style…. and I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t give you girls some pointers while I’m here. I decided to make these strictly Disney and Nickelodeon, maybe it’s because I grew up in the 90’s!

Let’s begin.halloween idea spinelli from recess1. Spinelli from Disney’s Recess- I don’t know if many of you remember this cartoon show, but I know I sure do. Spinelli was always my favorite, her bad ass ways were always adorable to me, and even better yet when she ever decided to show a sign of weakness, No boys could mess her. For DIY costume, you don’t have to do much but a cool jersey red dress, some funky orange and red stripe tights, some combat boots, a leather jacket and an orange knitted hat. Don’t forget to sloppy up those ponytails with a red scrunchie, and definitely bring your attitude with you for the night. mary poppins diy halloween costume by 2minxinx2. Mary Poppins– Who doesn’t love Julie Andrews as the  cheerful Mary Poppins? Grab a black A-line skirt, white collared shirt paired off with a red bowtie, a black hat with a few flowers stuck in there and grab a nice black umbrella , add red lips for a nice touch.  Feel like being punny? Walk around with a spoon and a bag of sugar!diy minnie mouse halloween costume by 2minxinx3. Minnie Mouse – Classic Minnie for the win. A red polka dot dress, black tights, ears and yellow heels, this one is super easy to do, and probably with things you already have at home too. No ears? Try making your hair into two high buns!mermaid man and barnacle boy halloween costume diy by 2minxinx4. Mermaid Man and/or Barnacle Boy– I’m thinking to myself, what on this list haven’t I seen before, and then I got it.. this dynamic duo from Spongebob is too funny to pass up. Mermaid Man required an orange long sleeve shirt, green tights and gloves, black speedos, make a seashell bra, spray your hair white and add some pink house slippers. Voilá! As for Barnacle boy, he’s not that far off, red long sleeve shirt, blue gloves, black speedos, black mask, a white sailor hat, tie a blue bandana around your neck and this one might be a little tricky and hard to walk with, but blue flippers… Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy to the rescue!DIY Quail Man Halloween Costume by 2minxinx5. Quail Man– Aaaaaah! Quail Man! Doug is too cool for school. This is one is suuuper easy to re create. I mean, we all have the essentials, cargo shorts, white tee, brown belt and b\chuck taylors. You might have to invest in a Green vest if you don’t already own one, making a huge “Q” out of felt should be easy, attach a red cape and put on those whitey tighties!

These are my 5 DIY Costumes that should be easy enough for anyone on a budget this Halloween, let me know if you have any others, I would love to hear them!

Enjoy the festivities!


Pio Pio



Halloween is getting closer and I’m so excited. I’ve honestly visited so many websites and gone into many Halloween shops, and yet I can’t find anything I truly want to be.

Not only are the costumes made out of horrible material, which makes them look cheap. they’re expensive! How backwards is that? Not to mention how slutty everything seems to look when it comes to the women’s department. No thank you.

(which this paragraph just reminded me of a new post I should make, but I’ll separate the two, so the next one you”ll see.)

Well, back to the topic at hand.


Look at Q in that Frankenstein mask, haha!

Can we talk about that pose!? 


I decided to treat my two loves, Mish and Q to dinner and we headed to Pio Pio on the West side.

After a failed attempt to head to an artshow, Q and I showed up to, which I was personally invited to might I add, and there was no notice of it being cancelled.  We showed up and there was some kind of work displayed, but honestly, there was only like 5 pieces up, in a very low ceiling basement and a crying baby in a corner.

I was not impressed, and though there was a nice soft jazz band playing live, Q was into the vibe, he said it was soul full, and felt at ease.

I could relate, but since I was already prepared to be in an “art mood vibe” I got cranky fast.4

Since that was a bust we headed for dinner. Pio Pio it was. A nice peruvian dinner. Since the wait time was about 30 minutes we decided to get some icecream across the street. I seriously only stopped bc they were playing some gangsta music and I was hype. Haha. The things that get me excited I swear. 5 The food was good and the jug of sangria was too tiny. But it was a good romantic haha dinner. Check out the art piece that was hanging up at the restaurant of the virgin mary nursing jesus. Pretty cool. And that frida kahlo piece I actually saw while we were walking back to misha’s. It was done by chalk! 6

I think im gonna start taking more random pictures. I already carry my camera with me everywhere. Time to use it.
Later guys!2