The Evolution at The Bronx Museum

Boy, it has been a long time since I've picked up a brush. Let alone paint on a body. Something that I'm pretty known for. An old friend from highs school, Ruben, hit me up, saying he recommended me to a friend who was throwing together a showcase and was looking for a body painter. … Continue reading The Evolution at The Bronx Museum

Between Brunette and Blonde

So, I told myself I wouldn't but I just had to. After a few weeks of looking up brunettes with a curly afro, I have been wanting to take the plunge back to dark haired land. I liked my blonde and didn't want to completely get rid of it, but I hated how flat it … Continue reading Between Brunette and Blonde

Mood Board No.2: Procrastination

It's time for Mood Board No.2 (See Mood Board No.1 HERE) I told myself I was going to start making these just because it's easier for me to express myself visually. Especially since I have so much and so little going on in my head all at the same time. Confusing, I know! Well, Lately … Continue reading Mood Board No.2: Procrastination

Just a Little Brighter

The before picture... I'm always changing up my hair, though this wasn't a dramatic change... it's going to be a slow process to one... I get so bored easily, let's pray for the best and hope I don't end up bald. I went to Kat's Aunt's salon... I've been dying my own hair myself since … Continue reading Just a Little Brighter

New Artwork- Hipster

So here's a new digital painting for you guys. I gave her a lavender two sided ponytail, an ear cuff, a nipple piercing, a tattoo of the "minxinx logo" on her back/shoulder, hunter green lips and a baby green bottom piece undies with a weed print that shows just enough ass... There was no other … Continue reading New Artwork- Hipster

City Island with DC

We rolled deep.. But let me start at the beginning.Original plan was to meet at Zero' at 9'oclock. I arrived at 9:06 pm on the dot. Not worried, because knowing my team, they always take their time. Always late for everything.Once I got there no one was home, so we, Ari and I headed to … Continue reading City Island with DC