Art All Over Brooklyn, So Why Not Me?


First Stop:8fff2c3ea24dd722778015a05bf860d3featuring works from f5fb4497b5b96a0be397601b4db0428e1Where do I even begin? Today was a mess, a good mess. A nice, ended up tipsy at the end of it all, laughing mess.  I was all over Brooklyn. I got out of work, as I usually do. (Ugh, I’m such an adult)

I met up with long time friend, and barely see each other, since we both have separate lives, and met while we were in an adult education continuing course, but haven’t seen each other in about a year or so, but kept in contact through social media  and it’s been long over due for a girly date Teshory, better known as Tess. That wasn’t too long was it?2How cute is she?

First stop was at Urban Folk Art© Studios at 101 Smith Street where both VFresh also known to graffiti writers as VFR and writer Trike were both displaying work and we were gonna be there for the Opening Reception.

This was the first show of the bunch, so we tried not to stay too long. The thing about art events is, they usually run around the same time frame 6pm and on, so after soaking in some well known graffiti and oohing and aaahing, especially  from this piece ↓. Yes, it may look much simpler than the others, but I appreciated the effect of shutter gates it made.

5It looked like someone removed a piece of the streets and decided to bring it indoors.4 6 7We hurried along to the F train and headed towards Marcy Ave. 8Second Stop:ec945c071a3925a936a868c2b490374aFeaturing works from 0c450e0af2967707b67fae3136e11d5b1at Bottleneck Gallery on 60 Broadway  to be exact. The gallery was a nice and clean. White walls, made you really look into the work, and they were all displayed so nicely. Not just thrown any where like I see many places do.  There was wine being served by O live, though I didn’t really get to try it. Which I regret a bit, since I never say no to wine. ( I vow to slowly but surely learn all there is to know about wine, in due time of course).

2“Traffacking Lights” by Pahnl was simple and adorable, I loved this trio. 3“Ice Queen” by Swoon  screen print, hand painting, coffee stains on mylar, nailed  to wood  with blockprint paper.4“And I Held My Breath” by Faile
5“Cry Of The Tiger” by Nicholas Forker 6Phetus is legendary for his characters and love of creatures and painted this canvas using acrylics titled “Bluetiful Monsters”7 “After The Storm” by David Welker 8This was one of Tess’s favorites titled “Fall in Love” by an unknown artist Qb1cA

She mentioned it reminded her of her mother and her love of tulips.9This brick has to be one of the cutest things ever painted by Rabea Senftenberg.

Imagine a whole house made by individualized bricks?  Every brick would have their own story. That would be amazing!
10“Blue Bunny” by Adam Dare 11“Dakini Wopreinderland: Sophia” by Kimyon Huggins was the eye catcher for this show. It was strategically placed so it’s the first piece of art once you walked inside, and why wouldn’t you see it, it was 84 inches tall. 12This piece by Priest was pretty damn dope, and only until I finally zoomed in on my camera was that I noticed what was going on in the front seat of this squad car.

No wonder this piece was titled “Blown Cover” 13“Napoleon”  a collaboration by Dot Dot Dot and Martin Whatson using both stencil and spray paint. 17 14“I Was A Widow” by Judith Supine
15“Little Wing, Pink and Blue” by Lacy Barry

♥ ♥ ♥”The Cage: A Woman of a Thousand Faces” by Sandra Chevrier was one of my favorites!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥  Do you see all the super heroines on her body?
16Third Stop:dc765fa7f1ee9952c39698d228e3dc46Presenting Work from Graffiti artist
click on me to go to Ozbe's website1Long time friend and very talented Ozbe was having an event of his own at small restaurant by the name of Burger it Up on 146 Knickerbocker Ave . We decided this would be our last stop of the night, since we knew almost everyone there and this was where the party was at.7After getting off on Myrtle Ave, we walked, walked and walked in the cold. I have no idea how Oz even found this place. It looked like we were headed nowhere but abandoned factories.2We decided it was time for some drinks and stopped at a liquor store to get a bottle of vodka and hit the store for some orange juice. Us and our ratchet little ways. We mixed while walking and felt warmer and funnier all at once.

Check out his Wutang canvas 3His Rustoleum inspired piece 4 5This piece looked like those mini puzzles I used to get in goody bags when I was a little kid.

Supposedly that was our last stop for the night, but we decided to take a walk for some fresh air.6Fourth Stop:29538d349232bff90b730756c9f7e9b8Presenting Work fromClick on me to see Jo Rigol's website1We bumped into this tiny hole in the wall shop, named Vinyl Fantasy on 194 Knickerbocker Ave, you guessed it, that sold vinyl records.

2Though we weren’t the best  customers due to our giggles and slurs. We loved the art that was displayed by Jo Rigol. Her skeleton beauties were so goth like, yet girly all at the same time with their huge puckered lips.3This was just my style and I wouldn’t mind having them posted up in my apartment. 4 5Finally, some pics of us right?

6 7 8We had a great night and ended up having a sleepover at my place.

Once we woke up,  we ended up staying in bed, stuffing our faces, being lazy and watching chick flicks until like 6pm. One which was one of my favorites, Penelope.9

10I love girly dates, talking about boys, laughing ad in our case, farts. hahhaha yes.

I’m so glad I got to spend this crazy day with Tess, dragging her around Brooklyn.

I hope you all enjoyed the art, as I know I did.

And to all the artist, Congratulations on your one step closer to success, wish you all the best… which reminds me, it’s been a while since I have painted. It’s time to pick up a paintbrush and get to work.11Until the next adventure my lovelies, minx

Erotica 67 : Cheap and Dirty Artshow

93d2110701437edbbf8e5da4450260fa                   6b9434f6cb995ca1d0898cbffb064752 d8bfafd1e0db96c181bd2c8c1f9d5b5201About 5 years ago I met the lovely Erotica in an artshow I was in, for the benefits of Israel, and I can’t believe it’s taking this long to see each other.

Erotica and her work, is well, hahaha Erotic!


Q and I headed to the Lower East Side on Eldridge and walked into Bob’s Bar.

This show was definitely not intended for kids.


I like her cartoon females and all their vulgarity.

Erotica is such a sweetheart and not to mention is great when talking to people.

She had no problem introducing everyone to others and it was nice quiet, networking event.

She brung along some arts and crafts along with her and we all starting hitting blackbooks and stickies.

Phil jumped in on the pages and Shiro livened up the place with her awesome dancing.

I called it a night a little early, due to work the next day.

Boooo, I suck I know.

Enjoy these flicks and I’ll see you guys soon!3 4 5 6 7 8 9

You can still own any of these pieces and many more by going to  and at the low prices, what are you waiting for!?10 11

“Board of Art” Art Show; Evil and Love Inc.

995f622157c7664ce650741b3a3812bc1aEvil and Love inc. at 211 Franklin Street was having an art show.

I remember coming to this location about a year ago for their Cause and Effect show and had a pretty good time catching up with everyone and seeing MRS at her show.

This time MRS was displaying some new work but I didn’t get the chance to bump into her.

I came after work, like I usually do with all my events now a days, except this time I invited my brother and his girlfriend Julievet with me.

1I got there first and started snapping away.

This time the space was much smaller since they closed a part of the shop down, so it was pretty crowded very quickly.

According to their promotion, the first 25 people to RSVP to the show were  going to receive a small surprise, but maybe I didn’t stay that long  to see anything given out.2

I actually like when I get to  see artist display their work on skateboards. The small space is so limited and I like being caught by surprise to what other people can do.3There were plenty of different artists like Shiro, 2esae, MTK, The Muffin Man, SKI, Evil Steve , KA and so many others that I can’t remember.

4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22My brother Luis and I 23 24These babies weren’t a part of the show, but I caught them being stored away in a sneaky spot and couldn’t resist but to take a snap shot of them.
25 This picture below has to be my favorite out of all the ones I snapped. ~Not my favorite piece.. but my favorite shot.

You have ODB as Jesus. grocery store skateboards and corona sneaking himself into the picture…love it.26 27 28 29So, I can officially say I’ll be an auntie…. and what a better way then to have Luis and Julievet let me announce the news next to KA’s skateboard.

Which I found to be hilarious because it was titled “99 Problems”

I’ve already nicknamed the  baby “Nine” my short version of Niece/Nephew until further notice.

They’ll find out the sex of the baby in about 2 weeks, and no matter how much I beg, they just won’t spill the news…yet.30After the show, because we didn’t stay long.

We decided to grab some drinks, and since I had a three day weekend, due to my job being on holidays.. I was ready to drink.

And yes, Julievet drank…some ginger ale.
31While making our way back around Williamsburg I saw this mural that I couldn’t stop staring at.

Sooooo creepy, but awesome! 32

Luis taking selfies…lol33After the long night, I sat downwith Julievet to help her make her own website.

She’s been wanting one for years according to her, so I decided to help.

She’s a great makeup artist and when you get the chance go check her out

34Until next guys….

let me let you guys go, because someone is complaining  I’m not paying attention to him (cough cough. Q)

Work This City Backyard Edition with Jaga

Work This City Backyard Edition with Jaga


It was a long day. I had just left work which is shy about 20 minutes from Coney Island, hopped on the train and headed to the other side of the MTA map.

Gunhill in the Bronx to be exact.

the light hitting Q

I asked my loverboy Q to join me and watch, especially since he’s never really had the chance to observe me paint.

Let alone something that wasn’t a canvas.


I’m sure you all know who Misha is, ( especially if you keep up with my blog ) Misha is my bestfriend and photographer, and lately her current projects have included working with Derrick Clarke in making music videos. Now, she’s currently working on something a little different with video director Steve.


I haven’t painted , excuse me spray painted inthe longest time. It was actually when I painted next to Jasmine’s mural. Almost two years in June.

Not only was I excited, I was a little nervous.

shootingI know I was rusty… let’s just hope I dont’ mess up, especially while it’s being recorded,

mewhile i paintpainting processOf course I gave her some purple and orange hair.

dropping it lowj at workJaga hard at work.

workingone of my favorite picturesI think this one is one of my favorite shots..go Q!

and this oneQ is definitely not a photographer, so I was giving him a few pointers to catch the shot in the best way possible.

Like this one for instance, I told him to get all the way on the floor and capture the shot with the cans peeking through.

He got it just right.

QGood job.

workfull wallThe full wall, while we finish the small details.

Jaga and I

J and I

Q and I

Q and I


Of course I had to get a shot of her sleeve. I added an old school ribbon with Jasmine’s name.

full wall

I hope you guys stay tuned to what’s coming ahead this summer.

Thank you and misha

Ladies Love Project Pop Up Shop

( credits and links coming soon )

( also, excuse the images as text, but due to no keyboard, updating you guys has been harder and longer than ever… woah, that sounded dirty  ♥ )

Nover x Copic Marker

Copic Markers interviewed an artist, Nover, that I know you guys have seen on my page before. So of course I had to share.
Talent should never go unnoticed.

Though I wont post the whole interview, I’ll share 2 of my favorites questions.
See the full interview here: Copic Interview

Is there anything you’d like to say about the recent increase in awareness about street art?

NoverNYC: It’s great that it’s being paid attention to on a regular basis worldwide. It’s being used by different high fashion designers, and that’s opening doors to all graffiti writers to use their art as a means to make a profit off of their own work, and gain a platform of respect as a widely accepted form of art.

What’s the future of graffiti, where is street art heading?

NoverNYC: The future of graffiti is heading into becoming something more accepted, it’s heading in the right direction. I hope it opens more doors for graff writers to be able to express their work. I also hope that the future of graffiti is headed into a time where people with a prejudice against street art can understand it and business owners will be more open to having graffiti on more walls.

Keep doing your thing N.
I own no right to Copic Markers.
Follow Nover on Twitter.