Beers and Paint, Making Friends at Bronx Brewery

When you’re kid, making friends is easy. You say something stupid, push someone on the swing, ask to play tag and next thing you know you guys are best friends. As an adult, meeting new people usually involved alcohol.

Isn’t life funny?

Chris and I wanted to get a few beers in, we picked up the game of Battleship and I got my ass handed to me twice, I finally made a comeback on our third try and I was hype!

When were playing, we started talking to some guys and next thing you know we’re all bonding over art. Old school graff writers at that. We mention how we just came back from Paris and one of them starts asking if I got to do any painting out there, something I really wanted to do, and didn’t. Tattoos came in to question next and it just reminded me that I didn’t get to do that either.
His next stop is Cuba, and I started smiling, because that’s all I seem to talk about lately. Cuba is next on my destination-wanderlust list. I have so many other places I want to visit, but right now Cuba seems to be it, at least for this year. I really want to visit before they start modernizing everything. I want that old school feel.

We were invited to their art studio and brought a case of beer along with us. The dj had the turn tables playing some freestyle and the dog Dexter was loving all the attention.

Chris ended up buying a cool Al Capone piece that was drawn on a subway map, a perfect piece to match another piece he bought last year painted by Soel.

Unexpected nights are the best, and meeting new people who share your same interest was just the cherry on top.signature

Jason “DG One” Wulf Memorial, In Honor of His Life





I’ll admit, I personally didn’t know “DG“. I have seen his work many times, and from one artist to another, I always tend to support the arts. Unfortunately with his recent passing, and many broken hearts this memorial/ art show came to be. Not only was the place packed, you could tell how great the vibe was, everyone was celebrating a life, how great it was, how talented he was, how funny he was, how many  adored him, and how many he adored back. His mother and sister spoke, which was sad and heartbreaking.

Grand Wizard Theodore, Ramo from Beat Street and Apache Ramos (from The Warriors) made an appearance and spoke some lovely words on his behalf.

There was a video montage presented by Eric Rivas, that was wonderfully done. I felt like I knew DG after that projection, and I was honored to just even be there at the moment.

Many artworks were donated by wonderful artists like Queen Andrea, JA, Easy, Diva, QA, Ces, Spot, Ghost, JD, and many more.

There is also a fundraiser for a headstone, so if you would like to donate please feel free to do so by clicking HERE.

My condolences go out to his family, friends, fellow artists and fans. He was obviously very loved in this community we call graffiti, and I’ve never been prouder to even have an ounce to do with that. It’s amazing how much can be done, with a stroke of a brush, a spray of a can, a love of  art.



see Daily News Post Here.

Wat-Aah! Taking Back The Streets

2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinx2minxinxTime is getting the best of me. As you probably noticed, lately I haven’t been painting as much usual. I’ve been taking  my creative self and stepping behind the camera for a little while. I self teach myself everything I know, which I love to be able to say. Though I don’t know much, I’m glad that I have enough skills to get me to where I am so far. I started going to art shows again, and I couldn’t be more excited. I missed it so much. The environment itself is addicting, regardless of what’s being plastered on the walls. Being surrounded by other fellow artists is inspiring. Which only means I need to get my lazy butt picking up some brushes already, it’s about that time.

I met up with Mheartstar, my lovely date for the night. I haven’t seen in her a couple of months, last time being the day we played Princesses for a day with Chevy (Read that post HERE) It was time to catch up and I couldn’t be more excited. Plus I know she’s been wanting to hit up a couple of art shows, and slowly end up having one for herself. I’ve had this event written on my calendar for some time now, and I was eager to go. As luck would have it, I was super grateful for giving MHS the directions before my phone decided to give up on me, somehow I got the black screen of death, and all I wanted to do was just scream!

We met up and arrived at Wat-Aah’s launch event in the city. It was beautiful. I was surrounded by fantastic works of art, and even managed to bump into familiar faces, both in the crowd and artists that were displaying work… like Smurfo. I’ve known him since highs chool, and even though we had cliques of our own, he was always sweet and super talented. There were many other artist that were displaying work like Ski_UrNewYork, Cope2, Indie 184, Jerkface, Iheart and many many more.

Mhs and I were running around ooohing & aaahing at all the works, and basically hunting down booze. We had some champagne and the Brooklyn’s Brewer’s beer was on point. Made me super happy.But then again, when doesn’t booze do that.

Feel free to check out the links below and make some friends!


Wat-aah:   Website   |   Instagram   |   Twitter   |   Youtube   |

Smurfoudirty:   Website  |   Instagram  |

kiss kiss


Red Bull Curates: Canvas Cooler NYC Art Competition

38890cadce36221a2a180969fabc703a7fcf8111f74f364b027cf7916d6d97698b0998057f98edcff27085bc136b751dDSC05339 I met up with Q to start off a good night. Red bull was curating a competition where artists participatee in by painting a cooler shaped as a cube. At the end of the night, a winner and two runner ups were chosen. The loft was super grungy yet pretty. Which I admired, I had so many ideas as of how to design it if I was ever to use that space for a wedding.
DSC05289 Hahaha… can you blame me, every since Q proposed ive kept my eyes opened for cute little ideas. Even though I want something tiny, he insists in having something a littke bigger. But lets not get off topic, back to the show. . . DSC05291 We bumped into Philartiste, my awesome, cool ass home skillet. We wandered around looking at all the cool coolers and had a good night. DSC05292 I’ll let you guys enjoy the pics, so you can see some good works from artist like MRS, Indie 184, Cope 2, Phetus, Sofia Maldonado, Ur New York, Jerkface, Zimad, Icy & Sot, David M. Cook, Toofly Nyc and many many more. DSC05293DSC05323DSC05297DSC05295DSC05355DSC05299 DSC05300DSC05328 DSC05301DSC05304 DSC05305 DSC05306DSC05352 DSC05307DSC05331 DSC05308 DSC05309 DSC05310DSC05359 DSC05311 DSC05312 DSC05314 DSC05315 DSC05348 DSC05316DSC05349 DSC05357While having a nice walk w Q, I couldn’t help but to fall in love with the moon. It was so bright and beautiful. My camera with its awesome zoom feauture let me take these two shots. AH, I love it! DSC05367 DSC05369



New artworks by Meres, Bisco, Bishop203, Just One, Leias, Zeso, and Zimad. Music will be provided by the legendary Marley Marl.

The opening reception is going to be held Feb 8th 6-10 pm at Low Brow Artique.

143 Central Ave BK. We hope to see you at the opening and if you can not make it, stop by Low Brow anytime until March to check it out.