Toothless Through the Sprinklers

I swear, I have to beg my godson Zj to go outside and have some fun. All he wants to do is stay locked inside playing video games. Not cool. At least not in my book. When I was a kid, all I wanted was to be outside, all day, everyday. I would be outside … Continue reading Toothless Through the Sprinklers

Pool Side with ZJ

McCarren Pool got some love and attention from my godson Zj and I. Yes, he was pretty cranky at first because he didn't feel like traveling (he hates long train rides) and even though he was was recently fed, he insisted he was hungry. Kids right? Once he saw that blue water, it was all … Continue reading Pool Side with ZJ

The Bronx Zoo with ZJ

Hanging out with my godson Zj is an always an adventure. This time, I decided to take advantage of The Bronx Zoo weekly deal, Wednesdays are free with donation. What's not to like about that? Katt (Zj's mom) packed us some sandwiches, apples and yogurts to go. I felt like a little kid going on … Continue reading The Bronx Zoo with ZJ

A Day On The Sand In Connecticut

Family has never been just about blood to me. I am so blessed to be surrounded by friends that I consider loved ones. And this week was no exception. I decided to bring my godson Zj to Connecticut to visit Tio A and Titi Jenni. I haven't seen them since my niece Jolie's birthday in … Continue reading A Day On The Sand In Connecticut

Arcade for the Boys: Jeremy and Zj

I missed two of my favorite men sooooo much. It was time for some fun, so I picked up my not so little big brother Jeremy and godson Zj. I had planned to go to the Guggenheim Museum and then take the fellas to an arcade, but since it was a bit late, the museum … Continue reading Arcade for the Boys: Jeremy and Zj