Helados for the Stoop Kids

icecreamicecreamIt was one of those days when the wifi was down. My godson Zj  and I headed outside for some well deserved “helados” (icecream in spanish).

Stoop kids officially in action.

Someone was was greedy and after finishing his icecream, wanted to finish mine too.

No fair!

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Toothless Through the Sprinklers

I swear, I have to beg my godson Zj to go outside and have some fun. All he wants to do is stay locked inside playing video games. Not cool. At least not in my book. When I was a kid, all I wanted was to be outside, all day, everyday. I would be outside playing football with my brothers and the neighborhood dorks (boys), or I would just sit at my stoop drawing. Anything as long as I wasn’t stuck inside. Maybe because every time I was indoors, and happened to bump into my mother, if she saw I was bored, all of a sudden I had a new chore to do.. to you know “keep me occupied, since I’m not doing anything.”

Getting Zj to come outside was a struggle as usual, his feet stomping on the concrete while we made our way to the park. It is officially 88 degrees today, but if you ask me that sun was beaming straight at us. After Mr. Attitude calmed down, 2 blocks in, he finally got excited and started being a good boy, telling me stories about superheroes and some shows I had no idea what they were. The shows that is.. I love me some Marvel and DC characters.

I knew the sprinklers would be on due to this torching heat, and the only thing that stopped me from not jumping in was the fact that I knew I had to protect my hair. Hey, don’t laugh! I have plans coming up. Being Dominican has it’s perks, but when it comes to hair it’s usually a hassle when humidity decides to be an asshole, and I end up looking like a beat up brillo pad.

I’ve been messing with Black and White photographs as of lately, and don’t ask me why. I think it’s just the fact that the moment in time looks so elegantly captured. Following Zj around is always exhausting fun. Especially since he has so much energy when he’s happy. But I just love that little smile. No matter how slick he may be with his little snarky comebacks.

He’s recently lost his tooth and that little window peeking through his mouth is just too cute!

When we finally got home it was time for popsicles. Zj opted for cherry, while I of course went straight for the grape… later on realizing I was decked out in all purple, aooooow!

Pool Side with ZJ

2minxinxMcCarren Pool got some love and attention from my godson Zj and I. Yes, he was pretty cranky at first because he didn’t feel like traveling (he hates long train rides) and even though he was was recently fed, he insisted he was hungry. Kids right?

Once he saw that blue water, it was all smiles and splashes everywhere. We couldn’t really bring a camera in, but know that it was a nice relaxing time. He didn’t want to leave after a while, and I was just glad he was having some fun. I have to admit, he was so well behaved, I was impressed!

I was more on watch mode then playing mode, but that didn’t mean I didn’t jump into the pool.. plus, there was this cute lifeguard there….oooo eeee!

Not like it mattered, hahaha.

I’ll see you guys soon!

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Nanny Diaries

zjThis summer I’ve been spending a lot of time with my godson Zj. Babysitting is always a different experience when it comes to him and now that there’s a new puppy by the name of Ripley, more stories to tell. She’s this hyper little thing who loves to poop everywhere, and when she’s not being annoying, she can be pretty cute. I finally caught one of those cute moments and we decided to play.

After running around with Zj and play fighting most of the time, I decided to sketch for a bit. It was one of those 2 minutes sketches I had no idea where was headed, but decided to pick up a sharpie anyway. Here’s a few pics from our day 

sig 2ripleysketch ripleyzjripley

The Bronx Zoo with ZJ

Hanging out with my godson Zj is an always an adventure. This time, I decided to take advantage of The Bronx Zoo weekly deal, Wednesdays are free with donation. What’s not to like about that? Katt (Zj’s mom) packed us some sandwiches, apples and yogurts to go. I felt like a little kid going on a school field day. Except wait, this time I had to be the adult! Booo… Being and adult sucks!

Zj insisted on stopping my his godfather’s tattoo shop really quick to say hello, which we did, and headed straight to the zoo right after. We haven’t even made it to the entrance yet and he’s already complaining about his feet hurting… boy, I tell you, talk about whiny.

I wasn’t set on seeing one specific animal, I just wanted to have time to explore the whole zoo. It’s been a long time since I have gone (see that post HERE) and I wanted to see what was new. Zj insisted on seeing the gorillas, and even though we walked forever and a day to find their exhibit, they were no where to be found. They must have been hiding somewhere, because we didn’t see not one trace of them.

Zj fell in love with the giraffes, as did I. He also liked the rhinoceros, while I was too busy falling in love with the Chilean flamingos. They were just so beautiful.

The zoo was packed, which I wasn’t surprised, it being free and all. It was a good day with good company, and a beautiful sense of nature. Though I appreciate the beauty of having the convenience of these animals in our urban life. Sometimes I wonder if they are really happy. I know they are getting fed right, and have other members of their herd to not get lonely. But if I was in that position, would I really want to be living my life in display just being judged by outsiders?

Maybe I’m thinking about this too much. Anyway, I hope you guys have enjoyed this post. I know I haven’t really been going out as much, So most of my posts nowadays don’t seem to be too personal about my daily adventures like usual. But things will get better, I have just been stuck at home painting like crazy, trying to get some work done. As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ll be having a huge show in September. And from the looks of it, I might be doing a small one in August. So, I have a lot of work to do in a small amount of time. Wish me luck, and I hope I get to see you guys at the shows!

love, minxinx

A Day On The Sand In Connecticut

IMG_5608Family has never been just about blood to me. I am so blessed to be surrounded by friends that I consider loved ones. And this week was no exception. I decided to bring my godson Zj to Connecticut to visit Tio A and Titi Jenni. I haven’t seen them since my niece Jolie’s birthday in October and I was having withdrawals.  Zj was a little fussy on the train ride over there, especially since he kept stating that he hated the beach, and that;s exactly where we were headed.  Ha.. serves him right… once we showed up and met up with everyone he was super excited!

Justen, my nephew was ready for war, and when Jolie and Zj were in the sand, he was ready to destroy castles… and when in the water, he was ready to shove them in the water. I guess that’s what big cousins/brothers are for!

IMG_5451UntitledIMG_5457.JPGUntitled IMG_5463 IMG_5486I on the other hand was trying my best to hide from the sun, at least for today. I’m not much of a sun bather, especially since I always manage to get tan without even trying. Lately I’ve noticed the only part of me getting bronze is my shoulders, while the rest of my body is as white as snow. Hence the huge hat I was hanging out in.

My “brother” A was not one to hide from the beams, and was comfy while blasting some old school hip hop in the background.

Jen was prepared like the amazing mom she always is, and had deli cuts and ice-tea ready for all of us to destroy.

It was a good day at the beach, and I was so glad I got to catch up with family.

Now enjoy these pics 🙂sig 2IMG_5489IMG_5444UntitledIMG_5578IMG_5641IMG_5634

Arcade for the Boys: Jeremy and Zj

4image0011I missed two of my favorite men sooooo much. It was time for some fun, so I picked up my not so little big brother Jeremy and godson Zj. I had planned to go to the Guggenheim Museum and then take the fellas to an arcade, but since it was a bit late, the museum was out of the question. Jeremy and I headed to the park while I waited for Zj to get home, and I managed to grab a few pics of him skateboarding.

I even managed to try to skateboard, yeah.. I suck. When I was a kid I would just sit on the board and roll down a hill. hahaha.

Zj got a coquito and headed straight to the kids section to play while J and I got some Burger King,  was starving! I offered  Zj some food and he wasn’t hungry, but while walking to the train… guess who was hungry!? ay yai yai. Zj is a trip, off to McDonald’s we went.

When we finally arrived to Dave and Buster’s Zj went crazy, trying to play every game possible, while Jeje was a bit upset since he felt  the machines were cheating him out of tickets.

Since neither of the boys got crazy tickets, and that prize store is hella expensive for crap. So I decided to treat the boys to their own prize. Cold Stone ice-cream is the best, and oooh so bad for you..cough cough, me. I chomped down on some cheesecake ice-cream with cookie dough, Jeje had vanilla and gummy bears and Zj had vanilla with oreos. Yum!

Anyway, check out some pics from our day.

I’m so glad I got to spend time with my boys.


2 323 24 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21Ps. Check out this post and pic from my boys from two years ago… how grown up are we now!? (tear)img_1682