Girl Date: New Museum

Kim is such a sweet soul, this was a trip to the New Museum. I have never been, and she mentioned how they have a deal on Thursdays. After 7pm you can donate what you wish and see the installations. It was perfect for a nice outing after work.

You Had to Be There

I met up with Nikki to have some girl time. She’s been going through stuff, and I needed to escape reality for a bit. I think we both needed this, badly. I bumped into an invite to Open House in Houston Street, and convinced Nik to meet me there. She was starving so we stopped by a dinner, where apparently her and the crew usually go to after a long night of dancing and drinking. She ordered the “disco fries” which were smothered in gravy, pretty good too might I add. Even though I wasn’t hungry, she convinced me to get something on the menu, and whenever I don’t know what to order, I always go with moralizer st

Open House was having an event , “You Had To Be There”. The objective was to  keep cell phones and cameras in your pocket and just enjoy yourself within the environment.  I thought that was some good incentive, but that didn’t stop others from clicking away anyway.  There was a girl who was sitting next to me, or I guess I should really say on top of me.  She insisted on sitting behind the actual seats, and in Indian style while at it. Her knee kept hitting me in the head, and I wasn’t too happy about 

I’ve been on a quest of “Decide to Be Kind”. Which point blank means, whenever you find yourself in a situation you don;t want to be in, or whenever you want to say something nasty to someone, you just say decide to be kind  instead. It’s been helping me stay more at ease with myself. It’s not always easy, but I think I’ve been doing pretty good.  I asked her if she could just be careful with her knee, and after the  third time she bumped into me. I felt myself just counting down and didn’t say anything at all…surprisingly.  She kinda got the hint and just stepped  down. Thank goodness. If I wasn’t on this Be Kind kick, I probably would have cursed her out. So hostile, I know.

After our drink, because that’s all we needed after being in there, it was undeniable that we needed something else than liquor to give us a boost of happiness. I took her to Il Labatorio del Gelato, probably my favorite gelato spot, at least for now.

Some time ago, I was on a date, and my fellow man friend, who is a big food enthusiast  introduced me, and I fell in love. With the gelato, not him!  We grabbed some samples,  not that it mattered much for me, because I always endup gettiing the same flavor, mascarpone. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, but that that’s a cheese.. Trust me when I say, delicious!

If You Like Pina Coladas, and Cuddle Nights with Chick Flicks

Date nights with my girls are always a must. I read somewhere (and don’t ask me where) some time ago, “Treat you boyfriend like your friend, and you friendships like a relationship, and they’ll both be better for it.”

Sometimes, being too on top of a boyfriend adds strain, the last thing they need is someone nagging all the time, and if you relax and try not to judge every aspect of their being (what they did, what they said, what they didn’t do, what they didn’t say) you’ll get along a lot more. Being in a relationship is supposed to be about having a person who always has your back, and wants to spend time with you. And who want’s t0 spend time with you, when you’re being a party pooper?

From time to time, when us girls are so emotionally invested in our men, we forget that our friends even exists. We cancel plans, we forget what’s going on each other’s lives and bonds loosen. Making date nights with girl friends are essential. Treat them good, because they just may last longer than your fling.

This time, Judy and I had a lot of catching up to do. Now that Jud is a momma, I understand how hectic life can be, and me, that I’m always on the move, it gets a little tricky for us to make time for each other. It was time to make it happen, we ordered some Piña Colada’s and started spilling our guts.

Omg… so much drama… I swear we should have our reality show. After the drinks, guacamole, splurging on wine we headed to mi casa. It was chick flick night, and we were cracking up watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. The part where the women pull each other’s neck back when taking a picture, was too real! (Maybe I should start trying that)

love, minxinx


How sad is it, that you have some different great locations in your hometown and you never get to experience them? So many people travel to NYC to see all the sights, buildings, monuments etc. and knowing that we have all of this beauty in our backyard and just letting it go to waste.

Oli and I met up, for our first time visit to The Brooklyn Botanic Garden.
Everything was absolutely stunning. We walked in on a sunny day , bright and gorgeous. The colors were so vivid. We kept stopping at almost every flower. When we arrived at the wishing well, I already had an idea of what I wanted.

Hanging out with Oli is always the best. We catch up on all of our boy troubles and cutesy moments. We discuss work and what’s our next moves in life.

We stopped by the gift shop where I fell with the cutest succulent (love those!) I regret not buying it. After all the walking and getting caught in the rain, it was time for what I do best…wine.

We ordered some rosé and split some sweet potatoes fries…yum!

Kitty Kat Steak

It’s been a very long time since Kat and I have had some time together. We had so much catching up to do, I missed her so much. I texted her earlier, teasing her that our date was special, especially since I shaved my legs for her.. she responds “me too!” Kat was treating me to a birthday dinner just the two of us. Outback Steak House in the city, I have never been, and even though I did order steak and it was pretty good, the Old Bay lobster tails were absolutely delicious, I didn’t want them to end.

Girly dates are the best, judgement free zone with good food and this time, martinis.

I miss Kat so much, we need to start spending some more time together boo boo, love you!

Hot Date with my Smeats

diana chatIt’s been a while since I have spoken to Diana, my main squeeze by the nickname of Smeats. We originally started calling each other that because her love of sweets and my love of meat. Don’t laugh guys!

Now that she’s stationed in Hawaii, and I miss her soooo much, it’s harder to stay close, but not impossible,

We set our video chat date  for 11pm, which means it was only about 5 pm over there. We ended up talking for about 4 hours, catching up on absolutely everything! She’s getting married and is prego! So exciting! We spoke about boys, decorations, family, dresses, old classmates, crazy ex boyfriends, future plans, work stuff, all of it.

It was amazing, and I can’t wait until our next date.

Love you Smeats!

An African, a Jew, & an Asian Walk into a Bar

2minxinx2minxinx2minxinxWelcome home Pia!

Pia is back in NYC from L.A. for about a week. Which means we have to jam pack her stay with a whole bunch of hanging out and drinking. I mean, it’s what we do best. I headed to Williamsburg to met up with Nikki and Pia, dinner at SEA it was. I’ve passed this place many times and never stepped inside. I’ve seen the swings from the windows and I now I had the chance of jumping in .

Pia looked gorgeous and I missed her so much! The girls ordered sangria while I decided to go with a Pina Colada. It tasted like the cocitos icees just with liquor. Yum. Since I wasn’t really that hungry I decided to go with Sushi, while Nikki had chicken and Pia had a fish with the whole face attached. Creepy!

After our meal we headed to Berry Park, and since it was Sunday it meant the streets were as vacant as ever. I swear I have never seen Williamsburg so empty. When we arrived at the bar, we got to chatting up a storm, laughing at some dude who was way too wasted for his own good. Who then later on busted his ass, which was hilarious. Then out of nowhere his friend decided to come towards us. Great, he sits right next to me!

Someone was a little too friendly, and I didn’t appreciate the way he would brush his hand over my shoulder whenever he attempted to speak. That’s if we even understood him, because he has such a thick accent, who he claimed was French.

Eh, I wasn’t impressed, but it seemed like he was pretty impressed with Nikki, because he kept flirting with her, while she just looked at him in confusion.

Then he did the horrible mistake of trying to guess what our nationalities were. Epic Fail! According to him, Pia was African, Nikki was Jewish and I was Asian. I don’t think I’ve heard anything funnier in the longest time. Wow! The balls on this guy.

I know I’ve been out of the dating pool for a long time now, but is this what happens?

Douchebag guys being overly confident, trying to find any reason to speak to a girl and worse yet, find a reason to touch her?

ew. I was so turned off, I excused myself from the table, returned my glass to the bar, and after that 3 second delay, I sat my ass right next to Pia which was on the other side of where he was. Because yes, he invited himself to sit down with us.

After my beer, Pia’s ginger beer and Nikki’s girly drink, it was time to  head out… but not before we took advantage of the empty streets and decided to go a little over board with pictures.

I guess that’s what happens when you gave girly dates in the first place.

See you guys soon!

Ps. That last picture, totally looks like Nikki and Pia are making out, which I thought was hilarious. I guess the angle I was in didn’t really help! hahahhaa, they’re gonna kill me. 

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