New Artwork: Lazy

Today was a lazy ass day.
I don’t always get dressed right away after I shower.
I didn’t need to make my bed, because I never left it.
It was just a lazy ass day with a cluttered mind.
This is not a Haiku.sig



This temporary pop up installment has social media going nuts, how could I resist?

Their motto “Turn emotion into art” is definitely applied, especially since they focus so much on the smell sense. Which came into play later at the gift shop where candles were being sold. Scents of each room to remind you the emotion you’re supposed to feel.

Chris and I waited an hour on the line, something I hate doing, especially in the cold. It was fucking brick that night. I could tell Chris was getting cranky on the line and just wanted to leave, and he sucked it up for me, knowing that I wanted to go in. awwwww, thanks 

By the time you finally get inside, you go in with a small group and there’s a host to describe instructions. You’re handed a flash card that’s reflective, and it starts to make sense why as soon as you enter the room.

The next room which was probably my favorite was “Joy”. You’re handed 3D glasses and there’s green led lights hanging all over the ceiling. In the center of all the madness of  lights is a green token that resembles the plumbob from the Sims games. When you get close an aroma of fir takes over. This room was more like “what if I was tripping on acid right now” which was pretty dope.

The whole experience was pretty cool and pretty quick for the long wait, at the end you kind of get the whole take on the essence bit, and realize it was all just a giant advertisement for Glade.

If you would like to visit the Museum of Feelings, the installment is open until December 15th 2015 and it’s located on 230 Vessey Street, New York, NY 10080

You can visit for more info.