Erotica 67 : Cheap and Dirty Artshow

93d2110701437edbbf8e5da4450260fa                   6b9434f6cb995ca1d0898cbffb064752 d8bfafd1e0db96c181bd2c8c1f9d5b5201About 5 years ago I met the lovely Erotica in an artshow I was in, for the benefits of Israel, and I can’t believe it’s taking this long to see each other.

Erotica and her work, is well, hahaha Erotic!


Q and I headed to the Lower East Side on Eldridge and walked into Bob’s Bar.

This show was definitely not intended for kids.


I like her cartoon females and all their vulgarity.

Erotica is such a sweetheart and not to mention is great when talking to people.

She had no problem introducing everyone to others and it was nice quiet, networking event.

She brung along some arts and crafts along with her and we all starting hitting blackbooks and stickies.

Phil jumped in on the pages and Shiro livened up the place with her awesome dancing.

I called it a night a little early, due to work the next day.

Boooo, I suck I know.

Enjoy these flicks and I’ll see you guys soon!3 4 5 6 7 8 9

You can still own any of these pieces and many more by going to  and at the low prices, what are you waiting for!?10 11