Cope 2 & Kokian: “Under The Influence” Art Show

IMG_1319Cope 2 & Kokian are having a duo art show by the name of “Under the Influence”.  The gallery will be displaying their work thruogh June 7th, 2014 so here are the details below:

Azart Gallery
@ Chelsea 27
617 West 27 Street
New York, NY 10001

Of course, we all  know the open reception is always the best, especially since the artists are there to meet and greet fellow art lovers. This time, there was a short live painting performance  by both artist, which is always a nice little spin on things. I was meeting long time friend Philartiste, who was eager to introduce me to friends, who were visiting New York for the first time, all the way from France, oui!

They were the best, and of course, since we all have our private/secret identities to keep, their pictures and mostly anybody else in this graffiti business  have been pixelated for our viewing pleasure.

I remember when I used to have to do that.

Anyway, the gallery was great, the vibes and people were so energetic. I even managed to bump into my friend Luigi… who apparently, for years we are always in the same place once we compare images on instagram, yet never bump into each other! This time, while I was getting some custom labeled Cope 2 wine, that was brewed by Oliver from 67, we started cracking bc we finally got to bump into each other!

So, I hope you enjoy these photos.. and don’t forget to go to the gallery. A few blocks away was the Juxtapoz art show which you’ll be seeing next 🙂

IMG_1317 IMG_1321 IMG_1326IMG_1324 kokianIMG_1356 copeIMG_1341IMG_1343 IMG_1345 IMG_1348IMG_1361.pIMG_1365.pIMG_1369.p