Until The Break of Dawn

I’ve been kind of down lately. Though I won’t speak about it, I can tell it’s been altering my mood. The last thing I wanted to do was be around people, that is until Kiki advised that just may be what I needed. He was right. I needed to stop dreading about my problems and just laugh them all away with great people. . . oh, and drink of course. That’s our toxic way of making us forget temporarily. Kiki had some Hurricane ready, I knew Lily, like me, is a huge fan of wine. I stopped by and picked up a bottle. Kiki gets a text a few moments after, and we pick up some red bulls, Kong was bringing Jägermeister….so we already knew is a Jäger bomb night!

For those who don’t know what  Jäger bomb is, you have a lot of catching up to do. You drop the shot in to a cup full of redbull and chug, chug, chug!
Fernando, the feen that he is, had the hookah ready to go. He makes it the best according to his own compliments.

We spent our night taking a few drinks, playing uno, dancing and laughing up a storm. Next thing we knew it was 7 in the morning. What? The last time I stayed up drinking this late I must have been like 22. Thought I was all grown up. Look at me now… still trying to grow up.I needed a night like this so badly. Now it’s time to deal with reality…. after I wake from like a 12 hour nap.love, minxinx

Drink & Draw: On Wednesdays We Drink Wine

I’m going to start this entry with a ” I’m so fucking stupid…”

Moving on, you’ll soon start to realize why.
I haven’t seen Oli, since maybe our date at the pool, hm…lie. She came to my house after that where we caught up with wine. Wine is usually in play with our get together’s.

We were meeting after work, and I was busy scratching my head on what to possibly do.

When it comes to girl dates, I’m usually the one in charge, don’t ask me why. I like being the one to plan things, responsible for the good times, sometimes it’s tricky finding different things to do in the city.
Drink and Draw, it was perfect. According to the website, we were going to be offered wine and materials. According to Yelp, because you always have to check reviews, hahaha, it would be better if you B.Y.O.B. due to the fact that you don’t get much of it at this event.

So when Oli mentioned she came with 2 bottles and not just one, I was ready to jump for joy.
We showed up and the place was tiny, had chairs set up, there’s supplies and wine already set up in cups for every one to grab. The figure model was a pretty red head who stripped as soon as we were all ready to start drawing. She had her timer set up in intervals of 2 min, 5 minutes and then 10. Oli picked pencil, which explains why you can’t see any of her drawings, hahaha while I decided to go for charcoal, and that’s something we all know can get pretty messy.
I asked the host for a wine bottle opener, since Oli and I chugged our tiny cups so quickly. I struggled to open the bottle at first and was scared the cork would get stuck, but I got it.. and we started sipping away. It didn’t take long for us to be the loudest ones in the class. I think everyone hated us or were just a tad bit jealous that we had more booze. Maybe they should have thought ahead.
When our class was over, we were a little tipsy, more in fun that in actual inebriation. But when you’re in the moment, anything and everything is possible. I was taking photographs of Oli in front of a mural and a drunk guy starts conversation. At first he seemed innocent enough, and when he insisted on taking a picture of both Oli and I our night changed.
I simply told him, if you want to take a picture of us, you’ll have to give me something of collateral, give me cash, your ID and a sneaker. The sneaker was mostly for ridicule, because if you’re going to steal my camera, you’re going to be hopping away while you do it.

There was no way that I was going to hand off my precious, hard worked for equipment because I was too trusting. He actually handed me cash, his ID and I guess he realized what he was doing when I was waiting for the shoe.

It became this huge deal, and Oli was busy snapping away pictures in case things got out of hand, and I one point I was just like -fuck it-

We started to walk away, and that’s when all the rambling when on.

I had so many snapchat comments in the morning about how we had them cracking up it was insane. I’ll be posting the video in a few minutes, so stay tuned!

Halloween 2014

Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, I love you so much!

Cheers to my first Halloween party! Well technically, I told Chris it was his, since originally it was his plan to throw a party like he did last year, (See that post HERE)but after complications, we were all ready to make other plans, I really wasn’t in the mood to be outside and get killed, so at a last minutes notice, I was like fuck it, party at my place!

Chris was awesome and helped set everything up, made the place look all shabby and we had some fun shopping at the distributors for massive amounts of beers. Boy was my fridge looking pretty. But not for long… The beer pong table was set up and everyone was ready for some drinking games. Chris was under quarantine because of Ebola, Jb was an old fisherman, Ramon was Rick James Bitch! (Even though he was looking like a slutty Peggy Bundy haha) Nikki was a school girl version like in Gossip Girl, Frances was a kitty, Naomi was Clark Kent, Crystal was a Medical Marijuana Nurse, Jessica was a leopard, Tatiana and Cintia were french maids, Ash was a chicken head (hahaha) and we were all really really drunk!

I opted for a diy version of a 50’s housewife, all from my closet, and got to work.

The night was amazing, I suck at beer pong, not like it has ever stopped me from playing and drinking all the beer, I mean.. you lose, you drink all the beer! Dancing, did it.. I even got picked on because I ran out the room so fast after they played some spanish music, guess I’m pretty predictable when it comes to dancing some bachata.

I told myself the party will end about 2am, and omg, I am such a liar. Not only did I not like the clock not even once, the party ended around 5 am without about 6 friends crashing all over my place, which I thought was pretty funny.

I had work the next day and all I wanted to do was sleep. You guessed it, I had a hangover and had fun day of work, while everyone went off to get some ihop with out me…booooho 😥

love, m

Katt’s Turning Up Medium

Katt already had it set in stone, that she was ready to turn up medium. Not get turned up, but medium. Enough drinks to get her dancing on top of the bar, but not to the point where she was belligerently drunk. It was her birthday celebration after all.

Maybe I should have been using the same caution as she was.

Let’s start at the beginning.

After arriving to the bar with great company, it was time to get drinks. Headed to the bar to get the first round of shots, cheers for Katt. That shot was gone too quickly, time for a drink. Jameson and ginger ale please. Then a huge bar fight broke out. Something I have only seen on movies and have never witnessed in person. Ok, except for one time because I just now remembered. Moving on….

2 guys are bickering back back and forth, another is trying to break up the fight, we have a loud girlfriend screaming “no, no, no” in her squeaky drunk voice. The guys lay hands on each other, the bouncers step in, and decide to take out the wrong guy, the one trying to stop the fight. They original drama kings start fist fighting and  more bouncers step in, now the bouncers and the bar hoppers are fighting. One of them decided to throw the other to the ground where the guy hits his head with the door frame from the exit. It all happened so fast, not to mention it’s only been like 5 minutes since we have arrived.
My partner in crime for the night found a bigger booth for all of us to sit at. Z’s brother Jayson, cousin Stevie were already there waiting on us. Katt’s best friend Kika was on her way and it was time to party.

Well, I was ready to party. Everyone was pretty comfortable sitting down and talking. But I knew if I sat down, I was never gonna get up, and I was in the mood for dancing. But then again, I am always am. I swear it’s my escape. When you’re dancing you don’t think of anything else but the music and the way your hips move.

The fellas already had some slushies which where apparently to die for! I didn’t get to taste, but I was told they were so delicious and were mixed with all types of alcohol. They also got a little crazy with pitchers of beer. After getting some Jager bombs, all of us cracking up and making some jokes. Especially since there was some guy dancing his soul out… he had some moves on him, and it felt like everyone was circling around him. Worst part on his take, this guy started to dance, everyone made a circle around him, where he then thought it was okay to start a dance battle. he decided to a front flip to have a killer ending….oh man, what was that for… this guy ended up kicking some random poor guy in the face!

I swear I saw that happen in my head in slow motion!
It was time for the birthday girl to dance, and that she did!

I know I busted my ass in the process…like I was dancing and my ass met the floor. But what can you do, I just got up, laughed and kept on dancing!

Kika and Katt were killing it on the dance floor, hey from what I remember.

It’s been a long time since I have blacked out, but at least I had someone good taking care of me. Apparently I was mean to Katt when she was ready to go home, which I don’t remember at all. I felt soooo bad. She says I didn’t want to leave and came out rude.

Damn, I suck so bad.

No worries, of course I ended up apologizing and we just laughed about it later, catching up on what did happen and recapping all the crazy moments of the night. I’m glad I got to bond with Kika more, since we are both friends with Katt, and know of each other but never really hang out together. So that was definitely nice. I woke up with a bit of a hangover, nothing that I can’t handle… but I think I might have to start being more careful with how I act when I drink. I ‘m always a happy drunk, never a mean one. So time to reflect on some issues!

Katt, you know I adore you. Enjoy your 27th year of life!

Love you!

Potluck Dinner

Potluck Dinner

living roomI was excited for the Potluck Dinner I was throwing, I got to see great friends and family, and not to mention the fact that I had awesome food and drinks in the process.

groupQ and I cleaned like crazy before everyone arrived. Even though there wasn’t much to clean, sometimes I just like to be bossy and make him work. But shhhhh..don’t tell him anything.

cousins and sisterThere really isn’t much to say except for I believe everybody had fun, hell I know many had fun. And these pics pretty much help you guys get an idea of the craziness I had to deal with that night. Though it may look simple now, I promise you with Tiana in the picture, it was all worth while.

( Picture above: my cousin Lidia, my cousin Sasha and my sister Julissa )

janna obbycamera whores

When I invited everyone the rules were pretty simple, either bring a dish or bring a bottle. I made beef and rice with beans, Misha brought macaroni salad, Steph made bbq ribs, there was ALOT of chicken of many different kinds from rotisserie to fried, Jen brought two massive dishes of rice, one white one yellow, salad. We had 5 gallon jugs of wine, 3 bottles of vodka, whiskey, ciroc, heinekens and pina coladas. Whew, that was a lot to type!

I’m sure I missed a bunch of it too.
the men

Everyone, which was mostly everybody didn’t really know each other and this was their first time meeting the other. So I thought it was great, we all got to meet new people and network. make plans for the summer and talk about upcoming projects.a jenI’m so glad A and Jen came down from Connecticut to come and spend some time with me.

They mean the world to me and I don’t even think they know it.

me ar obby janna

I finally got to hang out with Obby and his girl Janna. Obby is awesome, and I hope we get to hang out more often this summer. Ever since I stopped working at Bergdorf Goodman I’ve just been drifting off everywhere.

judyandy jessica

Judy brought some Moscato which was gone in like 15 minutes, and I got to see Jessica, who’s a total sweetheart and I met while working at Armani Exchange.oli sara

Oli is the cutest thing ever and Sara is one the smartest women I know. I’ve known these girls since my days in Art and Design High School way back when, how quickly time flies.q oli ncrys judjes and

I made sure everyone always a drink in their hand, keep the laughter coming.crystal steven

Crystal is a freaking doll, I’ve known her since I was in middle school and we used to hang out after class, especially during the summer when we will hit up the pool with her mom. I only get to see her a few times each year bc she’s busy traveling almost everywhere and she just finished getting her degree, I’m so proud of her!

godfather meraymond me    I was so happy when my godfather showed up and I have to say it was one of the biggest surprises of the night. I’m so grateful he passed by, let alone with beers. Love you Tio!

My baby cousin Raymond, though he’s’ not much of a baby anymore. ♥
steph jay

Stephy and Jay,though I haven’t knownthem for long, I’m sure we’re gonan have a lot of good times ahead of us and I know this night was no exception.group shot

This is when all the ratchetness began. I’m not even sure that’s a word, but I just used it as a verb.

Look at our group picture, how cute are we?booty

All I see is ass, and I know I wasn’t the only one looking. Tiana ended up giving a few lap dances haha

jen hugging megroup shot  That’s me getting some love from Jen, she’s just about the best mother figure I have ever seen. My niece and nephew are so lucky.

a and obby dancing

I caught A and Obby dancing, acting like fools… this is officially my blackmail picture.

Not sure how well that will work though, since I’m already showing you guys.obby janna

Obby and Janna looking adorable.pick me upI have no idea how I ended up on the ground ( no, I was not drunk, just a little happy ) and Q kept trying to pick me up.

up!drunken love

I think this picture of us would have actually came out cute if my eyes weren’t in a different world.

(ok, maybe I was a little drunk)
t dancing

Tiana acting a fool…you’ll see a lot of that in the next few pics.kick

She wasn’t the only one though, the get together got  a little better once everyone thought it died down…it didn’t.

dancing supposedbly flash


Tiana was a trip and having Stephy in the mix , well it was definitely interesting.randomIt was a good night, with good friends, with good food, and good drinks.

I definitely cannot complain.

(look at Tiana twerking while doing a handstand..hahahaha )

sitting on t ♣headstand twerk

Until next time guys.

( This is officially my favorite of us…for now )
my favorite pictureHappy Birthday to me.

(click on any image to make it larger)

Chevy’s Circus

My friend Chevy was celebrating her birthday and had the cutest circus theme.

Chevy, the birthday girl

I of course, had no idea what to wear, but I managed to pull anything together.

me and Q

Q was a trooper and allowed me to paint his face… well, his eye.

It's a party

I dragged Diana with me, because I couldn’t bare the fact that she was leaving me in a week, off to the army she goes.

Diana and QRichie.kash.sara

I’m so proud of her, but I know I’m going to miss her terribly.

kash as the bearded lady jesus and chevy dancing

Kash looked so pretty, mustache and all. ( Bearded lady ) Every time she kissed Richie I couldn’t help but laugh.

me.Q.Kash Diana's mustache

Chevy looked adorable, but her parents for me took the cake.

parents dancing

They were absolutely to die for!

muscle man

Here’s a few pics from the night, I hope you guys like.

chevys parentsjesus

Jesus tried to get us a bit too drunk while warning us that this Puerto Rican liquor was death.

Q of course just laughed, but him and I both know he felt it later on that night, especially since he had a number of those shots.

dancing with kash diana being irresistible

Diana being irresistible while Kash and I dance to some spanish music.

Chevy blowing out her candles

And I leave you guys with Chevy blowing out her candles….wish you all the best dear!



Never Made Its: Video Edition

You Guys are aware of my random ” Never Made It’s ” post… Those pictures that just have never it into their post of their own.

For this “Never Made It’s” I decided to switch things up. Instead of posting pictures that have never made it to the site, I decided to do videos instead!

Now I know it seems liek a lot, but I promise you, none of them are more than a minute long..  so just sit back and enjoy!

And if you’re a friend of mine, see if you made the cut and are in any of these!