You Had to Be There

I met up with Nikki to have some girl time. She’s been going through stuff, and I needed to escape reality for a bit. I think we both needed this, badly. I bumped into an invite to Open House in Houston Street, and convinced Nik to meet me there. She was starving so we stopped by a dinner, where apparently her and the crew usually go to after a long night of dancing and drinking. She ordered the “disco fries” which were smothered in gravy, pretty good too might I add. Even though I wasn’t hungry, she convinced me to get something on the menu, and whenever I don’t know what to order, I always go with moralizer st

Open House was having an event , “You Had To Be There”. The objective was to  keep cell phones and cameras in your pocket and just enjoy yourself within the environment.  I thought that was some good incentive, but that didn’t stop others from clicking away anyway.  There was a girl who was sitting next to me, or I guess I should really say on top of me.  She insisted on sitting behind the actual seats, and in Indian style while at it. Her knee kept hitting me in the head, and I wasn’t too happy about 

I’ve been on a quest of “Decide to Be Kind”. Which point blank means, whenever you find yourself in a situation you don;t want to be in, or whenever you want to say something nasty to someone, you just say decide to be kind  instead. It’s been helping me stay more at ease with myself. It’s not always easy, but I think I’ve been doing pretty good.  I asked her if she could just be careful with her knee, and after the  third time she bumped into me. I felt myself just counting down and didn’t say anything at all…surprisingly.  She kinda got the hint and just stepped  down. Thank goodness. If I wasn’t on this Be Kind kick, I probably would have cursed her out. So hostile, I know.

After our drink, because that’s all we needed after being in there, it was undeniable that we needed something else than liquor to give us a boost of happiness. I took her to Il Labatorio del Gelato, probably my favorite gelato spot, at least for now.

Some time ago, I was on a date, and my fellow man friend, who is a big food enthusiast  introduced me, and I fell in love. With the gelato, not him!  We grabbed some samples,  not that it mattered much for me, because I always endup gettiing the same flavor, mascarpone. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, but that that’s a cheese.. Trust me when I say, delicious!

Back to Pizza Zoo

Pizza Zoo, oh, you’ve been fun. For those of you who don’t know what it is, picture a house party, with cool vibes, drinks, pizza and music blasting. It was amazing.

I haven’t seen MaryAnn in quite some time, you know, work and living our lives and all. So when  I saw that this event was happening again, I didn’t want to go with anyone else but her. I’ll admit, I’ve only been to one Pizza Zoo before, last year around April, and it’s no lie when they say, the company you keep makes it all worth while. I’m getting ready, pre-gaming with some wine, before Mary Ann pops up at my house. I’ve been hearing rumors about the rain, and I honestly wasn’t too worried about it. I was only hoping it would rain once I was already over there and not on my way. Dominicans answer their hair, am I right or am I right?  That didn’t stop the Twitter world though, suggestions from “we’ll just have a wet T-shirt contest!” were spiraling and I couldn’t help but laugh.I also noticed a lot of people were trying to find tickets at last minute, since all of the online tickets were sold out. I’m just glad I planned ahead. Hey, I’ve been carrying my printout ticket in my wallet for a week.

I was so excited. When we arrived it was everything I thought it would be and I was ready to dance. I’ve been to The Well, the space where the event was taking place, once before. It was nothing compared to the last. I was sitting at a bar in the quiet playing board games. This time, DJ was mixing it up and the outside area was getting filled up quickly. We ordered some Tiki punches and soaked it all in.I bumped into a lot of familiar faces, which was great. What was even better was all the positive vibes that was going around. Everyone was just trying to have a good time and you can tell by all the dancing, singing, drinking, mosh pits, and every being carrying around that was going on… that was happening.Pizza Zoo was supplying, you guessed it, pizza! Getting a slice was a little difficult though. I found myself next in front of the line around 3 times, and them running out each time. Hahhaa. . .no worries, that’s why you make friends. Kevin, a super cutie laughed at me, because apparently I was being too nice and didn’t want to tackle anyone, so I got a bite out of his. And later ended up getting me a slice as well. Thanks!

Everyone kept trying to get fed, and was pushing each other like crazy. It wasn’t that serious. It’s just a slice guys, we came here to dance anyway!

All I know is I had a great time, and consider me there for the next one!love, m

Ps. Check out the video below, a whole bunch of random clips thrown together. lol

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Calm Before the Storm

Family: Oxtails & a Permit

Family, it’s taken a lot for us to get to this stage, and honestly, I’m loving every second of it. I don’t think we’ve as close as we are now, and that’s something to be truly grateful about. I’ve been trying my best to make a routine of spending family time, and dragging my siblings along for the ride. Not that they need much of a push now a days. We’re all busy, we all have lives to attend to, jobs to maintain, relationships that take over and friends to spend time with, I get it. Taking time out ouch week to spend time together has been good, really good. Not to mention, the way mami throws down in the kitchen. I haven’t had my mother’s rabo (oxtail) in a little over 4 years now, and today that was all going to change. I served myself 2 plates, packed one for lunch the next day, and even served a plate for Chris to eat later (who was at home sleeping, because all of the hard works he’s been doing, poor baby) This weekend my pops helped me take the plunge and I finally sat behind the wheel. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Wtf. But I finally got my learners permit and I’ve been itching on how to drive. I’m so scared. I don’t want to hurt anybody and feel like I’ll lose control of the car. At least my dad was a little patient, when it was time for Jula to teach me, she started screaming at me as soon as she sat in the car! She turned the music off, and was quick to tell me that if this was the road test, I would have failed already….I wanted to slap her.

I love my sister, but woman.. give me a break, it’s my first time driving. After my cruise around a couple of blocks I was proud of myself for the time being, it was time to head to the backyard.Kiki and Fernando just got back from their ride to Bear Mountain. They looked so exhausted. I’m guessing riding your motorcycle for long periods of time hurts. Jeremy was at his usual spot, on top of a roof somewhere watching everyone else drink and laugh, but at least I got to sneak in a dance with him. My baby, he’s getting so damn big!love, minxinx

Rocos Tacos for Jess

My boss Jess is now in a different location, but before settling in and her changing her business cards, we had to celebrate.

Rocos Tacos is known for their hundreds of tequila options, and we were just the girls to get some laughs in. Since my shift ended a little earlier than the other girls, I headed to Target on the hunt for a going away present that would be from all of us girls.

Originally, we were going to get her some office supplies, but all of her stuff is already all pink and girly.

I suggested we get her a picture frame since she’s such a huge fan of pictures and is always complaining that the frames in her office are ugly. I found a frame that was nice and white and opted into getting 2.

I rushed back to the office to pick up my huge bag and we roamed the the streets on our way to the restaurant a few moments later.

Everyone was excited, the menus were titled “Tequila Bible”, the decor was eye catching and everyone was hungry. I was stuffed since I had some Chipotle earlier, so my main focus was drinks. We ordered two huge pitchers of  passion fruit margaritas. Luckily for us our waitress was such a doll, especially when we complained there was no taste of liquor in our batch. She replaced the other and and brought out a shot to heighten the ones we were already slurping on.The food was great, as much as I didn’t want to eat, us girls are never shy about sharing. Siobhan had a huge ass plate that looked bigger than she was. Shalonda secretly ordered some shots for us to toast Jess’s big promotion, as always Damaris got emotional, and Jess was trying so hard not to cry.

I think it’s great how we all not just work together, but have become like a little family,

especially when there’s tequila involved!

Poconos 2015

I would sit here and type up all the stupidities that happened this weekend, but I think my fingerprints would rub off.

and if I could only use one word to describe this weekend, it would have to be”loud”.

My brother Kiki invited me to The Poconos, and since I have never been, I was so excited to drag Chris along with me. I had no idea what was in store for this trip, what we were doing, who was going to be there, nothing. I had an address and gps to guide me.

Sixteen, that’s how many of us there was in total. I walked into the house and introduced myself to the faces I didn’t recognize and gave huge hugs to the one I did. I have known these people for so long, around 8 years if I had to guess. I almost never hang out with them anymore, because I no longer live in my mother’s house, and barely find myself over in that direction. My brother Kiki and all of them are almost family, they do everything together.
The place was so pretty and spacious. As soon as I saw how many of us there was, I figured we would all be crashing on the floor, but I soon realized how wrong I was.

3 floors, 6 rooms, 2 bathrooms, pool table, and a ping pong table. I think we were set.

As soon as we picked a room and dropped our bags, we had plenty of choices when it came to drinks. Everyone had already started and it was up to us to catch up.

The drinking games started, beer pong, Never have I ever, flip cup, spin the shot glass, absolutely anything that was playable, was turned into a drinking game.

We danced to absolutely everything, some even stripped while wearing a panda hat (I know), one couldn’t stop twerking, some threw up, karaoke was sang, pool was played, bets were made. One of us dyed their baldie hot pink (coug cough Kiki) and was being called Dennis Rodman all night.Jhonny grilled some burgers and hotdogs for dinner, while I came prepared with a baked ziti for everyone to destroy. Mission accomplished.

Jemaly made us breakfast, and for those who were hung over, they barely chewed with how good that food was,

On on the itinerary was ATV’s. Everyone was excited. I was willing to go and see everyone act up (and crash) but decided to not ride. It was way too cold for me to even handle, and since Chris and I recently rode in Santo Domingo we opted out and headed to a hometown bar that was right next door…a bar with crappy flat wine, but the best coconut shrimp in orange sauce. Yum! Night two of drinking was more extreme than the first, We were singing along to Usher songs, like we were all heartbroken, Oh help us.

Taking turns napping, since who needs sleep anyway? So whenever someone new woke up, you heard the whole house cheer and shots were immediately poured so they could play catch up.

Hanging out with my brother was amazing, since I feel like we don’t hang out as much as we should. I felt a little bad because the whole time I was there I kept called him Kiki, which is a childhood nickname (his name is Christian) so everyone started making fun of him, calling him Kiki most of the trip. Sorry boo!After check out time, the festivities didn’t end there. We headed off to a tiny diner, where we took over the entire place. Latino New Yorkers, you know we were loud, I felt so bad for everyone else around us, but hey, they got a huge tip to make up for it.

We headed up the road to go zip lining, but found out it was closed due to the season, so decided to go snow tubing instead and I don’t regret it one bit.

It was so much fun! We were all racing each other, competitive to the max. Us girls took advantage and let the men do all the work while we just sat there with our feet up enjoying the ride.
This was a great mini getaway and i’m so glad I came. Not only did I get to bond with my brother, but also with long time friends I hope I get to see more of. Thank you so much everyone, I better see you guys next time…hmmmm.. I’m thinking maybe some waterparks somewhere? hahaha*The drunken mess in this cabin, there are no words, so stay tuned for the video.

Blockheads & A View

Hey guys!

So check it, I had dinner with one of my awesome friends who I barely get to see and this won’t be the last time you guys see him. Can you guys believe I have never been to Blockheads before? I know I know, it’s like soooo over rated ….oh well, too bad!

I had their raspberry margarita..ok, it wasn’t just one, while Randy ordered something called a “bulldog” with Patron that was awesome!

I ordered chicken quesadillas that were hella-bomb!
After laughing up a storm, and stuffing our faces, ok face..since someone didn’t touch his food..(cough cough..Randy) we decided to go for a walk and roamed into one of Randy’s  favorite spots with a beautiful view.

This rooftop spot was super cold, luckily for us they provided us with snuggies, and before settling down in our spots to catch up we grabbed some more drinks and soaked up both the liquor and the gorgeous view of the Empire State Building. You know that scene in Bruce Almighty, where he drags the moon closer and it looks really big…Thats how that building looked to me. Sweet!
That cold was getting to me and we headed downstairs for a warmer seat… check out the quick video of our night, Bye Guys!