It’s Pretty Obvious, I’m Not Irish

Who the hell drinks at 8am? This is how my conversation started with the bartender at Blarneys.

Fred invited me out for a drink, and though it’s pretty obvious that I’m not Irish I was willing to go have a little fun. I’ve been trying to restrict  my drinking lately, so I assured him that getting wasted was not on my agenda. I was actually hoping I would get to witness others in their belligerent state, so I can photograph them. Is that cold hearted?

I’ve actually never gone out on the bar crawls for St. Patrick’s Day, but I knew I was in for a treat. We met up around at 1pm, especially because I insisted that my liver couldn’t handle anything at 10am. So crazy. He came along with his niece, who is a complete sweetheart, she’s not much of a beer drinker and was the only one slurping on a green cocktail, while Fred and I downed a pitcher of colored beer.Unless it’s olive, I personally don’t own anything green, so getting ready was a bit of a struggle for me. Luckily enough, I found m y comfy flannel that I’ve had for years, and when I say years I mean years. I originally purchased it off the men’s section in a much too large size, because it looks so damn comfortable. I was right, it’s been pajamas and everything else in between. This time I decided to wear it around my waist, I lined my eyes with green eye liner and threw on a chunky green necklace I think I’ve worn once. While walking the streets to our next destination, the pavements are already getting crowded, almost everyone is participating, beads around their necks and funky hats in green. We noticed a pair of fellas all dressed up in almost Harajuku style*, they looked so damn cute!

We were all offered complimentary drinks at our next spot, and who doesn’t love anything that’s free… that’s my favorite number!

After another beer it was time for me to head over to the Bronx, I was getting messages for me to come back to the bar, but I’m not about that life anymore!


*I almost  busted my ass trying to snap a picture of these two!

Christmas Eve 2015

You know us latinos, Christmas is celebrated the day before.

Last year Christmas, Chris and I spent it at his aunt’s house in Jersey. This year we decided to keep it a bit local. Our initial plan was to just stay at his house, but I changed my mind fairly quickly, when I learned my abuela had been asking for me. I felt bad about telling Chris to drive all the way to Brooklyn, but I really wanted to stop by and see her, and since I was already going to be out there, I might as well stop by my brother’s as well.We started our night with a full feast at Chris’s momma’s house. The table was filled buffet style, pernil, rice, mac and cheese, I made some baked ziti and so many other things I can’t even recall right now, just know that it was good, and gone in about 2 minutes. I chugged my wine and was ready for round 2, change of environment that is.We pulled up to my parent’s house, who weren’t even home, and decided maybe it was for the best anyway. We were crunching time and maybe we should head to Brooklyn already anyway.

When I walked in, abuela looked so surprised, she had no idea I was coming. We exchanged hugs and I told her not to kill me, since I barely show up to visit anymore. She was just glad I was there.

I got to see some of my cousins, and all of their babies are getting big so fast.

Time to switch it up. Our arrival at my brother’s place was filled with open arms, and questions to why we got there so late. Every one had been drinking at it was time for us to catch up a bit.

My brother Luis has done a great job keeping up Christmas family style. Something that I always appreciate.

His style of his hosting reminds me so much when I used to be a kid. The little ones running around, counting down until 12am, so they could open their presents, while the adults caught about and spoke about grown up stuff until the clock stroke. Except this time I was on the other side, I’m the grown up telling the kids not to run in the house, and to behave or else Santa will know that they have misbehaved. Where has the time gone?

The kids bolted to the tree at 11:58pm, just waiting, watching, desperate to rip through packages. Way too cute.

I had a great time for Christmas Eve, I even got to meet my brand niece Khloe.

Ugh, She is absolutely adorable. Cutest chunky cheeks ever.

 How do you and your loved ones celebrate?


Jaqueline’s Bubbly

I don’t understand why I keep getting scheduled to work the shittiest hours. I came to work for a simple 4 hour shift, what a waste of my time, and whats worse, it cut my day in half, so I arrived at  5pm to leave at 9…boooo…

Best thing about today was, that I had my Nikki baby waiting for me to get home. It’s girl night, and she arrived with a bottle of Rose, named Jaqueline. So of course, we did what girls do best, sip and talk about boys. Yes, of course we catch up with work, school, and that other stuff, but let’s face it, sex is the most interesting topic of them all.

It didn’t take long for us to start squirming and getting all excited because our Paris trip has just been decided. And yes, this is going to be a group trip, most of us haven’t left the country so …. aaaaah, super excited!

Nikki and I started looking at places to rent out, and what we want to do, what we want to see. Ugh, there’s so much to plan, and even much  more to save. Right now, most of us have already purchased our one way ticket there, so let’s see how we’re getting back!

I looked through all of my empty shoe boxes to finally find what I was looking for. Nikki and I ended our night reminiscing on old high school photos. Laughing at skinny we are were, and what the hell were we thinking in wearing that.

What kills me, is that Nikki and I live so damn close to each other, we’re going to have more often, even if I have to drag her out of her house to do so. (love ya!)

Crippled Nipples for the Win

A girls night is always needed. You  know the deal, catch up on each other’s life, the juicy gossip, show each other love and with us, bonding over beer. I haven’t seen Kat as often as I’m used to, and I missed her so much. She’s been bragging non stop about a fellow coworker by the name of Kery, while I’ve been spending some time with Ashley. I swear, we’re not cheating on each other! hahaha. We figured, let’s invite the girls, and all get to know each other. It’s hard making girl friends as it is, so we were relieved when we all got along so great.

It was, oh, nice to finally meet you! I’ve heard so much about you!

We also had Trivia as an ice breaker, not to mention all the sliders we ate and beers and shots we took.

Did I mention this was on a Monday?

There were two rounds of Trivia, the first round we won with a total score of 22 our of 30… not bad!

There were questions about Batman, we couldn’t possibly get wrong, who design the “Crack is Wack” wall, of course I knew that one, questions about presidents and their death, Ashley got that one, questions about sports and animals, Kat and Kery took over for that one.. it was all team work, and we all ended up winning Heineken T-shirts!

For the 2nd round, we left Kat all alone while on a cig break. Poor Kat, when we got back her paper was empty, and we were all stressed trying to catch up. Luckily for us we came up with a great team name “Crippled Nipples” hahahhaa and ended up losing 9/30 but won a free lunch thanks to our dope ass name.

Cheers to more girly game nights!

kiss kiss

Katra for MaryAnn

MaryAnn is officially 25. Quarter century woman over here! According to her she’s been celebrating all week, so of course it was only fitting for me to spend some time with the birthday girl. MaryAnn is the sweetest soul known to mankind… ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but when it comes to me, she’s a bucket full of sugar. She was in the mood to go dancing, and who am I to say no?

After work, I was ready to get dressed and have some drinks. Chris as generous as he usually is, gave M her birthday drink with the quickness. She’s never had whiskey with ginger-ale, and after she fell in love with it, she had about 3 more… guess it was better than she expected! I on the other was getting drunk off of the music, I liked how all of the songs were top 40, but not from this year… so every tiem a song came on, I was like “aaaaaay!” Kevin (MaryAnn’s boo) and Darnell were the bets company, and it felt like the old days when we all used to work together at Armani Exchange about 2 years ago. Something that I was explaining to  Chris when he asked how we all knew each other. Time sure does go by quickly, and so much has happened in that huge gap. We’ve all gone through the roller coaster, and I’m so happy to say we continue to keep each other a part of the other’s lives, even if it’s not as often as we all wish we could.

Since I didn’t feel like carrying anything, and when I say anything, I mean nothing at all… I didn’t even bring a purse with me, talk about lazy! (Talk about a run on sentence actually!) I left my camera at home, only because it’s so huge and I think I’m gonna have to end up investing in something a little more portable. So for this night, my crappy cellphone pics it was.

MaryAnn, I adore you, continue being the beautiful soul that you are. I only wish you the best in all of your endeavors, and I hope I’ get the chance to be there to witness it all.

Love you!

Happy Birthday.

Hair of the Dog

FullSizeRender (1)FullSizeRender (1)It’s officially Marcela’s last night in NYC, and since most of the time she was here we were stuffing our faces and exploring, this night called for drinks. My Oli Oli O, came to join in on the fun, and instantly I was feeling better. My day didn’t start off that well, since I was in such a crappy mood because, well. some people just get on my last nerve! I won’t mention no names, but I get really bothered when others try to use you, and when you put them in their place, they get upset upset about it! I’m no puppet on a string, so my mood was basically “fuck off!”  Good thing I was on my way to get some drinks, and knowing me, I was already pre-gaming with a lot of wine while I got dressed. Marcela kept insisting she looked too “hoochie” while I kept telling her she didn’t. I’ve seen hoochie, and that my dear was not it. She looked like she just got out of work and was just getting  a beer after, Oli agreed. I wore  maxi dress that I ended up flipping and drapping into a shorter dress… and trust me the whole time I was getting dressed Marci kept pushing the fact that I was wearing a long dress, and I’m just like ” Can I just finished getting dressed woman!”

Hair of the Dog was my kind of bar, yes it was pretty damn packed, but you couldn’t beat those prices, I ordered a jameson and ginger ale for me and Marci, while Oli got a beer. Once we were finished, the screens where the baseball game was playing just shot up, and all of a sudden we finally see a menu. Whaaaaat, we can get pitchers!? 

Pitchers of Blue Moon it was. Plural.  After al that beer, I insisted on us going dancing, and that was just what I needed to get me happy again. Not to mention the fact that someone who met up with me was in big trouble, and was trying to make it up to me!

Six point beers, and more jameson. Marcela had booked a hotel so we can all drink some vodka and hang out all night. I knew I had work the next day, but since it was later on, I was like whateveeeer! 

Omg, that hotel room was too funny, not the physical hotel room, but you know… all the shit that was happening.

Drunken nights guys, drunken nights for the win.

The next day I was grateful I had no hangover, while someone suffered with one and even threw up a couple of times. Poor baby.

We all decided to go to my place after check out and take a much needed nap. Oh man, we were knocked out!

As soon as my alarm clock ran, it was time for me to be an adult again and get ready for work, while Marcela had to pack her bags and make sure she wasn’t late for her flight.

Once work was over, it was time for a glass of wine, until next time guys.

kiss kiss

Girly Crap

2minxinxI just finished cooking dinner. It was a long day, and I ask Katt: “Do you think Vodka goes with sprite?”

She just looks at me and asks “why?”

I chuckle, “what other possible reason, so I can drink it!”

She tells me she has girly drinks in the fridge, that we have yet to touch. Pulls out three bottles and asks me which one I want. Mind you, I’ve had all three, all delicious, but at an instant my first response is ” which one has the highest alcohol content?”

Katt just looks at me and laughs.

Nicki Minaj’s “Myx” has the highest alcohol level by 5.5%, but with it’s size, which was super tiny at 6 ounces… I ended up going with “Angry Orchard” .5% less, but 6 ounces bigger.

Who am I to complain, I know it’s not hard liquor or let alone my sweet beloved wine, but I would settle for anything.

Does that mean I have a problem?

On another note.. one of our phones just vibrated, and we both got excited and jumped it for it (girly stuff). We both ended up screaming “Dammit!” at the same time.

Don’t you hate when you’re not getting messages from the one person you want to hit you up?

The struggle!

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