Santo Domingo: Day 5: Drunken Basketball & Dumplings

The day was young, the bottles were full, and this was technically our last night on vacation, or at least we thought. All the cousins came over to abuela's house for a last hoorah. We started drinking early, and the guys started playing basketball. They were actually pretty good....while sober. The music was blasting, the … Continue reading Santo Domingo: Day 5: Drunken Basketball & Dumplings

Crippled Nipples for the Win

A girls night is always needed. You  know the deal, catch up on each other's life, the juicy gossip, show each other love and with us, bonding over beer. I haven't seen Kat as often as I'm used to, and I missed her so much. She's been bragging non stop about a fellow coworker by … Continue reading Crippled Nipples for the Win

Halloween 2014

Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, I love you so much! Cheers to my first Halloween party! Well technically, I told Chris it was his, since originally it was his plan to throw a party like he did last year, (See that post HERE)but after complications, we were all ready to make other plans, I really wasn't in … Continue reading Halloween 2014