Story of my Life. The End.

Story of my life.

The end.


Sleepover with Leeee

Let me officially introduce you to the awesome Leah, which you will get to know by Leeee. I have never formed a crazier and hilarious friendship with a coworker than I do with Leeee. So remember that face, bc even though you’ve seen it a couple of times before on this site. . .

You’re going to see more of it.

Leee hustled her way from work to ny house. We had plans to attend a mutual friend’s birthday party in Queens. I did  my deed by cooking and making sure our wine glasses were filled with Chardonnay while we blasted music and got ready.

Leeee, being Philipino, ( that’s what she blamed it on ) was worried about her dance skills, especially since we were going to be dancing to spanish music all night.

We ended up staying home, due to last minute mis communication of directions to the club. ( I have to admit, I was somewhat relieved we didn’t go. I had work the next morning and I’m not much of club go-er as I used to be ) We were tipsy off of wine, laughing the whole night and talking about boy drama. Yes, like teenagers! ( we’re too old for this lol )

Not to mention the dancing lesson, watching her move her hips… hilarious!

Excuse the cliche dirty mirror pic… and yes, that’s my room finally ( and may I add, sloooowly coming together after the move ). Who needs clubbing, people stepping on your new shoes and drunks spilling their drinks on you, when you have good food, wine, music and great company at home? Not I .

The Parlement Music Video Premier

The best friend Misha has been busting her ass for the past couple of  months working on her secret project, which I was sworn to secrecy.

Earlier on in the year I had posted an entry on a good friend , Sage ( You can see that post by clicking on his name ) and his talented ways with words.

Luke and Abstract are right there with him.

Misha, Sage, Luke and Abstract have known each other for about six years. So when the opportunity rises, different talents collide.

So without a further a due, here’s the final product.

Enjoy, I know I loved it…

( by the way, catch me really quick at 31 seconds )

I’m so proud of Misha and the guys…. all of you are going places, I can see it now.


Music Video by L.U.K.E Performing THE PARLEMENT Featuring Sage & Abstract.
Debut Mixtape: Breath of Fresh Air
Directed by: Misha Merino
Cinematography and Editing by: Derrick M. Clarke

L.U.K.E –
L.U.K.E – Twitter: @aLL_TrUeLuKe
L.U.K.E – Email:
Sage –
Sage – Twitter: @sagemental
Abstract –
Abstract – Twitter: @akaAbstract

Madame X for Kash

I made my way to Madame X a hole in the wall bar/lounge that I never knew existed in West Houston St. I arrived early, when I could have sworn I was going to be there late.

I walked in, the birthday girl nowhere in sight and not a familiar face. I noticed Corey, a close friend of Tanya at the bar and headed over, he already had a drink in his hand.

Small talk which didn’t last long, Kash arrived about 5 minutes later with everyone behind her. The party was moved upstairs with red dim lighting everywhere. Right next to the window and a little higher level. We had the best seat in the seat, we could see the whole floor.

Kash dressed in red and blue with gold cuff in each hand resembled a modern Wonderwoman look alike. Beautiful. I looked around and it seemed ( yet I wasn’t surprised ) that Chevy and I were the only dressed up in comic attire. Chevy made her red dress and two colored stockings work as Harley Quinn.
I was actually pretty happy with the dj’s selection in music. I can be such a picky bitch when it comes the music, it’s a make it or break it situation. So I was pretty happy when i saw he mixed it up from hip hop, r&b, reggae to merengue and salsa.

Tension escalated the night when one of the girls ( Girl No.1 ) who will remain un-named decided to act up over some internet drama and a scene was starting to form. I’m actually very impressed by the way ‘Girl No.2 ‘ reacted. Very classy and mature. There was no screaming in her part and she acted like an adult. As it should be, I can’t say the same for ‘Girl No.1’.

I’m glad the whole scenario didn’t get out of hand and Kash’s night wasn’t ruined. It didn’t take long for a bottle of red wine to be served and get everyone dancing.

I had a wonderful night and was glad I got to see so many old friends and make new ones.

Kash, I wish you all the best in life. Stay beautiful, driven and talented. To many I would say. the world has so much to offer you, but in this case YOU have so much to offer the world. happy Birthday.
If you would like to follow and view some of Kash, Tanya, TKL whichever one you prefer to call her, visit her here.